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Archero is a free mobile game for both android and ios in which the player has to go through multiple stages to defeat evil and every area has a specific boss that you would have to defeat to proceed to higher level. Player has to dodge the enemy’s attack and the only way to attack is standing at one place.

There are also tons of weapon for you to choose and play with and with the talents that you can buy and upgrade as you wish to make your character more powerful. The more upgraded you are the higher damage you will do to the enemies and the more you can go further up in the stages.

The bad thing about this game is that it has a lot of ads in it that you have to watch after every single match. You also have a limited amount of energy that takes a lot of time to recharge back so you can continue your adventure that most of the time hinds your progress if you’re really low on it.


Archero Mod Apk


Archero is a game in which you move around the map of every level with the thumb pad icon on the bottom of the screen evading monsters and hurdles while killing monsters and dodging their attacks as you attack on them. But as you dodge their attacks it also restricts you from attacking them as you need to be still to attack them.

You need to let go of the thump pad icon so your character can attack the monsters and kill them. This is fun yet also thrilling as you don’t know if you will be able to dodge the attack of the monsters in time which makes this game so much fun.

Archero Mod Apk
Archero Mod Apk

Level system

This game has a unique feature which is called the level feature. You have to defeat all the monsters in the room to proceed to the next level that means killing all the monsters without dying and as you defeat them there is also a chance that they will attack you while you’re attacking them. Go through each level surviving and killing monsters and at every 10 levels there is a boss that you have to beat. The last room of each level has a unique boss that fits the terrain of the level.

Several Weapons

Archero has a variety of weapons that you can choose and buy from. Each weapon has a unique feature and a unique ability that you can use it on your character whether its high damage or faster speed. You can unlock the weapons either by playing the game so the monsters drop the weapons or you can purchase them from the coins and gems that you earn by playing the levels and stages.

Hit and Run System

This game has a unique way of playing it called the hit and run method. What you basically do is that you stop in your path as you’re moving so that your character can start hitting the enemies and at the same time you have to be ready to move from the area to dodge the enemy’s attack. This not only increases the capacity of thinking from your mind on where to move next but also improves your impulses on stuff and lets you take decisions faster in real life.

Hero Skills

There are several hero skills in this game that give you a variety of buffs and perks in them once you unlock them. The skills are said to give you aid in your combat and movement in the game which includes an increase of your maximum Hp, Attacking speed, Increasing the range of attacks and many more along with them some are passive and some are buffs. The passive one gives you more damage and more speed in your attacks which are a super good thing if you’re stuck killing a monster that is on a really hard difficulty. With these passives you can increase the chance of killing the monster. The skills can also be upgraded once they are unlocked using the coins in the game and gems.


Archero has a currency to buy the premium items and which is also used to refill your energy and lets you continue your game if you have died on a level without losing progress. Sadly this currency is hard to obtain and cost real money to buy. You can try to earn this currency by defeating the monsters and hope they drop it but that’s also super hard as even if they drop the gem its only gona be one of the gem and you would need a mindless hour of farming for it. You can also get the gems by watching ads daily and getting them but both of these takes a relatively long time to achieve.


There are also gold coins in the archero that act as a normal currency in it. These are relevantly easier to get then earning the gems as these are usually drop by monsters when you kill them. Each stages has monsters that drop the gold coins but you cannot pick them up until you complete the stage and kill all the monsters in that room. This also makes it easier and hard to get at the same time because if you die in the room by the last monster you won’t get a single coin. These coins are used to upgrade several character skills and weapons for your adventure so the more coins you have the more it will be easier for you to get stronger as well as killing monsters and proceeding in the levels of the game.

What is mod

Gamers are usually aware of the mod version. It is a modified version that has many unlimited features. The mod version is an unofficial version of any application. Mod or modified version is also called Mod version. Developers have developed the modified version for the fun purpose. In addition to this, there are a lot of people who loves to play the hacked version, as it has more unlimited features

What is apk

Windows users are aware of the exe format. It is an executable format that can install on the operating system. Similarly, android is also an operating system for smartphones. The executable file for android phones has an extension of apk. You cannot install apk directly on your personal computer or IOS phones. They are meant for android phones only.

Archero Mod Apk
Archero Mod Apk

Archero Mod Apk

Archero Mod Apk provides you with all the premium features of the game. The weapons the damage and everything will be unique and powerful that you will enjoy for sure, this includes Max health or unlimited Hp along with upgraded weapons that you can choose from and all the talents that your character has. You can select any ability you want and use that to its fullest without having to worry about your health. You also get so much energy that you can use from all for free without buying a single thing in it as the normal one costs you money for the premium abilities.


As we know that the gems are hard to obtain in this game so this is where this Archero Mod Apk comes. This mod has unlimited amount of gems that you can use on anything you want whether it’s on the item that you want to buy or if you want to continue your game, Even if you want to upgrade your abilities these gems are what’s used to do it. So it’s going be a wonderful thing if you have a lot of these gems in your stack to use whenever you want without having to worry about them running out and can use them to your heart content.



As we know that archero has a limited amount of energy that you use to play and it cost 2 energy bars every time you start a match so you can only play soo much as the energy lets you. The energy also takes a lot of time to recharge in this game which also limits your gameplay in the game that you have to use the energy wisely. You can’t just barge in the game trying to get on every monster face and waste energy. This is also fixed in Archero Mod Apk which has unlimited energy in it now you can play with your normal pace without having to worry about managing the energy that would’ve restricted your movement in the game. The energy is set to never run out in this and you can just go in the game and out as much time as you want and play for as long as you need to without having to recharge any energy.

God Mod

Archero Mod Apk has a unique feature that will let you not take any damage and even if you get damage it will be zero. This unique feature lets you cross any area that you want without having to worry about any damage and you can proceed to the level that you want easily without any kind of trouble.

The mod also has a high damage output along with the zero damage to yourself mod so you can one shot any enemy you want and at the same time not get a single damage from any attacks that they do. But in my personal opinion this mod will kill your fun for the game and after a while you will get bored of it that you are killing monsters with one shot and they are not even doing a single thing to your character.


Archero Mod Apk also has a lot of new monsters in it that will be facing you in every new level as you precede the prior level you will be faced with some new monsters that will have more unique abilities on them. Some move faster and attack you faster whereas some are slow but has higher attacks and some are standing in one place with a lot of hp that are really hard to bring down. So you would have to get your weapons and skills high up if you want to beat them and proceed to the next level. This not only make game interesting but also a challenge for players to test their skills on how they can dodge their attacks and kill the monsters without dying and winning the stages.

Unlimited Money

As we know about the gold coins that are obtained by killing monsters and as a reward for clearing stages and levels. They can be used to upgrade your weapon and skills along with the abilities that you can use in the game and during the game to level up your current weapon skills that cannot be upgraded outside of the game.

The cost for upgrading the weapon skills during the game can be high so we bring you this Archero Mod Apk where you can have unlimited coins and they will never end so you can just purchase any weapon and upgrade your ability outside in the main menu and in the game you can buy any kind of skill upgrade that you like right from the start and start killing monsters with everything you got. What are you waiting for download the mod right now and start enjoying all the crazy stuff that it have.


Archero has a lot of weapons that you can choose and play from that not only makes it interesting but also unique as with different weapons you have a different style of attacking and different timing of attacking. The weapons can increase your range or the area that you hit on and some even are super-fast compare to the rest if you like to attack faster and save yourself.

There are different variety of them that you can choose from as you like with different rarity on them so you can have a legendary rarity weapon and that is going to be the most powerful weapon as in damage and the ability of the same genre of the weapon.

The higher-grade weapons are super hard to get as you have to mostly upgrade them yourself which cost a lot of money and time and that’s when the Archero Mod Apk comes in. This mod not only has all the weapons unlocked right from the start but also all the grades of the weapons so you can just go in the game right from the start with the strongest weapon there is in the game whichever you like whether it’s a bow and arrow, shurikens, scythe, etc.

Everyone has a different preference on the weapons and they can choose what suits them completely without having any trouble. Download the mod now and get all the weapons right from the start that you wish to choose and play from.

Download and install Archero mod apk

The downloading process of this game is pretty simple. You simply need to visit the website and click on the downloading link. The Archero mod apk file will be downloaded in your smartphone. After that you just need to visit to file manager and click on the file. However, before installing archero mod apk file you need to uninstall the previously installed archero game.

In addition to this, you also need to allow third-party and installation from an unknown source from the setting menu. Once you have done this, simply install the application. You can play and enjoy the premium mod features of this game.

How to play Archero mod apk on a personal computer

This game is primarily for android phones. Although, there are certain ways that you can play this game on the computer. You cannot directly install apk format file on your computer. Before installing archero mod apk, you need to download and install an emulator. Once of the best-recommended emulator is Blue Stack. You can get its downloading link from Google. Once the emulator is installed on your computer, now you need to follow the aforementioned steps to install archero mod apk on the emulator. You can enjoy the complete experience by playing it on widescreen.

Archero mod apk for IOS devices

Well, it is not possible to install apk file on the IOS devices. However, if you can manage to jailbreak your iPhone, you can install apk installer. After that you can play Archero mod apk on the ios devices as well.


  1. What is the difference between simple and mod version of the application?

Well, simple version is developed by the company, whereas, modified version is developed unofficially by some developers. There are many features in modified version such as unlimited gems, unlimited gold, and unlimited health. These kinds of features are unavailable in the simple version.

  1. Can I play mod version on personal computer?

Well, you cannot install mod version directly on your personal computer. You need to get emulator, before installing the modified version of any application. One of the best emulator is Blue Stack

  1. Is it safe to use modified version?

Yes, it is totally safe to use modified version of the game.

  1. What are the pre-requisites of installing mod version on your android phones?

You need to allow the third-part and installation from unknown source. In addition to this, if you have already installed the real version, you need to remove it first before installing the modified version. Some modified versions also require rooting the device before installation

  1. Do I need to root my android phone before installing Archero mod apk?

Well, one of the best things in this modified version is that you don’t need to root your smartphone before installing it. You can install as it just be allowing the installation from an unknown source which is present in the menu section.

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