Avast Cleanup Pro v6.0.0 APK + MOD (All Unlocked/Extra)

Updated on March 9, 2022

Avast Cleanup is a program that helps you get rid of all the junk on your phone and make it run faster. You can use this service without even connecting to internet, so if you’re out in public places like

libraries or coffee shops where there aren’t always access points available – don’t worry! All files will be removed from memory after 15 minutes automatically anyway due to its smart feature called Super Sweep which cleans up temporary Internet caches too

Batteries can drain quickly from your mobile device if you have a series of junk files and apps running in the background.

With Avast Cleanup, it’ll help clean up trash by automatically scanning for unnecessary applications that might be using more power than they should while optimizing images on or allocates full information about what’s going wrong with just one screen glance!


Avast Cleanup is the ultimate application for removing all traces of pesky junk files. Along with its outstanding features, now you can use this latest version to automatically move any content on your mobile device – including applications and even saved games!

What’s more? All those bytes previously cluttering up valuable storage space will be sent straight into our secure cloud system where they’ll stay until their usefulness has run out or something better comes along (or both).

Avast®’s newest app called “Cleaner” offers an attractive solution towards freeing up additional room available within phones due t

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Your computer is constantly bombarded with junk data that you don’t need and can hurt your memory. The Avast Cleanup Junk Cleaner will analyze each bit of the garbage in order to identify it, then destroy those specific pieces instead!

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Speeding up an application’s performance is always a concern because almost no application can help you solve this problem.

However, with the batch stop feature of Avast Cleanup all worries come to nothing and users will experience flawless speed like that on baby skin in every touch!

The software helps stop many different background tasks running at once for your device to improve its overall functionality which ultimately leads into smoother gameplay or other processes such as downloading videos from YouTube without interruption
In order words: “No matter what kind of mischief these applications got themselves involved in while we weren’t looking – if there were multiple windows open happening simultaneously throughout it

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Cleaning with avast is the main task, so not only junk files like old photos or videos can get past it.

Specifically your data that you haven’t used in a long time is considered unnecessary; collections of thumbnail images from the library also might be superfluous… But all those things are cleaned up by cleaning redundant and unused application package (APK) files which will help extend memory life significantly!


The Data System is a key component of your phone’s functionality.

It tracks how much power you’re using and helps save on battery life by monitoring what apps are running, where they send messages or upload data to while in use – all with the goal being more efficient juice for when it matters most!

However sometimes things happen which can impact these statistics like device vibration knocking off Drift Hours (a measure of uptime) because there was an unplanned interruption during transport without enough protection against electromagnetic interference;

afterwards this will affect performance since every action requires time spent executing commands from software interrupts back into memory before response times become instantaneous again). To prevent this damage happening over time we recommend installing either Anther OS version 6


The world of cleaning and optimizing images is one that has been perfected by this app. It features the advanced image optimization, which allows you to choose between original or optimized views for more honest comparisons on your phone’s screen.

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