Avast Antivirus Premium v6.42.0 APK + MOD (PRO Unlocked)

It is said that users have always been attacked by malware via mobile devices, PCs and laptops. The reason why they were vulnerable was because there’s no security on these machines; however applications such as antivirus can help protect your device from cybercrime attacks if you install them correctly!

To protect your device, it’s important to use an antivirus application that will work on any platform. One such example of this is Avast Antivirus which comes with features for all types and levels of users from beginner level up through advanced levels in security needs

– It has a wide variety or detection methods: anti-rootkits, heuristic detections; multiples databases scanning engine giving you optimal protection against new threats as soon they appear -Have special tools like Spyware Helpdesk so if something goes wrong there are instructions how fix the issue quickly

Protect against viruses & other types of malware

Avast Antivirus is the perfect application for anyone who wants to be safe on their computer. The best part about it? You can remove any folder or file that has been infected with malware without being asked,

so if anything goes wrong in your browsing session and a virus pops up out of nowhere- don’t worry! With just one click there’s kill switch protection which will stop all processes related to said threat while also giving users full control over what they want done – whether its removing completely from device (like deleting cookies) repairing files individually etc.. Avast even offers free online scans every day at 3pm EST

“Avast Antivirus” is a premium antivirus application with an innovative built-in virus scanning feature. Not only does it protect your device, but also helps you clean up any malware that may have been downloaded before installing the program so as not to alter its performance or harm user experience in anyway!


Avast Antivirus is a versatile application with many features that will protect users from viruses, such as VPN and Photo vault. It also has App-Lock for extra security when you need it most; Junk Cleaner to clear out all the unwanted files on your device in one go (you’ll be surprised by what gets stored in there); Anti Theft which helps detect and block any attempted thefts while providing peace of mind! And lastly… Ava’s useful “Junk Files Removal Tool” – just click > install < done!.

The free version comes packed full of great tools too like “Avast Cloud Storage”, where user’s important photos are backed up automatically

This app is designed to help protect your device with regular accounts, but the premium account unlocks some exciting features. All of “Avast Antivirus” features are used for a safer and healthier internet experience for you as well!

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner has so many benefits for your device. It can help clean up all the unwanted files and folders, reduce storage space on you phone or computer, give back some of that hard drive real estate!

Junk cleaner is a useful app with an easy-to use scan feature which will show what needs deleting from within its own program in order to free up more room inside users’ devices — this includes both memory as well as physical disk capacity freed by getting rid these unnecessary items out into other folders where they belong instead (like recycle bin).

The power behind Junk Eraser lies not just through removing clutter but also purging temporary internet archives too

“Avast Antivirus” protects you from malware and other cyber threats with its scan feature. This innovative way of scanning will not only list redundant files, but it also detects malicious folders for users to deal along side them in order protect themselves against any bad activities on the Internet.”

Sum up

Avast Antivirus is one of the best applications that everyone has to install on their devices. It offers protection against virusses, malware and other dangers with its many attractive features such as preventing users’ information from being disclosed or warns them about visiting malicious websites before they do so!

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