AVG Cleaner v5.7.2 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

When it comes to optimizing your smartphone, the app you should use is AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner. With many valuable functions designed for capacity and battery life as well as RAM Boost in just one single application this will be sure help get all of those things working at their optimal levels!

The app designed to help you optimize your device is AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster. The functions include capacity optimization and more in a single application that can be said will work for all smartphones users!


Many people are familiar with the term “capacity,” but what does it really mean?

When you have a full phone and need to delete some files from your computer in order for space limitations or because they’re just taking up too much room on there.

But another way that this can apply is if we speak about how many of us own more than one device; say our phone alongside an tablet as well – which all require storage while being used simultaneously at times! With these services coming out every day now offering their own versions (like Facebook Messenger), issues like permanent data overload become more prevalent than ever before- where users will often find themselves unable

The cleaner is an easy way to clean up your device. Just one tap will get rid of any unwanted stuff on the phone, like photos or videos you no longer need and apps that are taking up too much space with their settings hidden in obscure corners – bringing more storage for what matters most: yourself!

The app’s go-to mode lets users quickly locate these pesky items so they can be removed without hassle from time within just seconds; leaving behind only pristine homescreen walls free’of anything but valuable information such as texts messages, contacts names etcetera

Though the process can be daunting, having a few minutes to consider which images you want in your phone is worth it. A photo cleanup application will help speed up this task and free up memory space on your device for more important things like videos or music files!


The app’s cleaner is designed to help you clean up your device. You will find content and file storage sources, like APK files that are not used often but can be a pain in the neck if left on there for too long! That’s why we created this tool; so users don’t forget about them or have unused data cluttering up space within their smartphone.

If you want to optimize storage, have a look at the apps on your phone that are not in use. If this sounds like something for which AVG Cleaner would be useful—just tap them and they’ll disappear!

It’s easy: just open up the application when it starts getting cluttered with unused programs (or turn off auto-start). The best part is how easily removable those applications can get these days thanks to its intuitive interface; so consider whether or not some of these could make their way back into rotation again soon enough!.


In today’s world, it is important to have a smooth experience and optimize performance with every single action you take. This means checking if there are any background applications running that might be slowing down your device or wasting memory before using certain features of AVG Cleaner for quick cleanup in just 3 steps- turn off all unwanted services from Settings > Apps & Features

You will be able to enjoy a seamless experience with never before seen apps because they’re running in the background. The software takes care of what’s important, and you can focus on your day without worrying about performance or battery life being occupied by unnecessary programs installed after installation has completed.


One way to save your battery for the day is by stopping apps from running in the background. Once you’ve done this, not only will it use less power than if they were allowed to run without limits; but also because doing so won’t cause an overload on our devices or drain their life too quickly – which would make us worry more about when we might need a charge!

AVG Cleaner is the ultimate app for saving your battery life!

It provides profiles tailored to individual use cases, such as “low power” and more. You can optimize settings based on how you’re using them–for example if you usually just browse from time-to-time but want an application that will last longer when driving we have a setting perfect for those needs too!!

The benefits don’t stop there though; AVG also includes several other helpful features in its suite of tools: easyramerics analysis (which tells us what apps drain our devices most), uninstalled file search feature soymilk rating system… well basically everything any user could ask from this



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