Best Call of Duty Mobile Hacks Scripts and Cheat Codes

Updated on March 17, 2022

Scripts and Cheats for Call of Duty: Mobile: The Ultimate Guide
Shubham Maurya posted this on February 24, 2021.

Call of Duty Mobile Fast Scope Hack

There are 11 finest possible hacks, scripts, and cheat codes that a hacker might use to cheat in the game of Call of Duty Mobile. In this article, we’ve outlined all of the CoD mobile cheat codes, hacks, and scripts, as well as their implications, and why you should never hack CoD mobile.

Players in Call of Duty mobile face hackers more often than in other battlefield multiplayer games. Hackers in CoD mobile use a variety of great hacks, cheat codes, and scripts to get an unfair advantage in the game.

To be clear, ShoutMeBack does not advocate hacking or any other form of unlawful activity. Before continuing, please notice this. The article makes no mention of hacks or mod apks. It’s basically a list of all the available Call of Duty mobile hacks and cheat codes.

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Hacks & Cheats for Call of Duty: Mobile
Hacks, Cheat Codes, and Scripts for Call of Duty Mobile
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Scripts and Cheat Codes for Call of Duty Mobile List
Despite the fact that there are more than 28 hack scripts available, we’ve chosen to highlight only the most effective ones here. Some of the most popular CoD mobile hacks and scripts that every hacker utilises on a regular basis are listed below.

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Method 1: Boost Your Speed
With the Speed hack, players can move at a rate that is double or even treble the standard speed they normally move. Players that use speed hacks have a far more difficult time knocking you out.

Because speed hack is so easily observable, the only thing you can do is report these people so that the anti-cheat detection system can catch them and permanently ban them from the game.

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a) Aimbot b)
The hacker’s bullets will hit the opponent even if they are not in the hacker’s crosshair range when using the aimbot hack. The aimbot script will automatically lock other players as their target victims and begin firing at them as soon as the other players are in the hackers’ view. Using an aimbot hack in CoD mobile makes it impossible to defeat a hacking player.

Hacking the wall
Players hiding behind trees or walls are no match for the wallhack script in Call of Duty: Mobile. The shots fired by the players (hackers) in this hack will pass through things and damage the opponents even if they are hiding behind any items..

Many hackers employ a devastating combinational hack that combines aimbot with the wallhack to easily eliminate all of the players in a match. In the end, it’s rather easy to tell whether a player is using wallhack or not; if you get knocked out while sheltering behind an obstruction, just report the enemy’s players as wallhackers.

4) Extrasensory perception (ESP) (Radar Hack)
ESP hacks for CoD mobile make it simple for criminals to track down the exact location of their targets. ESP hacks are available in CoD mobile in two ways.

Both the Location and the Radar hacks provide the hackers access to information about the location of all players, their names, their weapons, and their health, as well as information about the location of all weapons, vehicles, and other accessories.

High Jump
The high jump hack, as its name suggests, allows players in Call of Duty: Mobile to jump far farther than they can normally. Because other players can see them utilising the high jump hack and report them, hackers are reluctant to take advantage of this easy way to go to the upper floors of buildings.


(number six) The Mystic Potion (Auto Headshot)
Auto Headshot (Magic Bullet) is a popular hack among CoD mobile hackers. Using this hack, you can knock any player over the long-range with just two bullets, making the headshot even more devastating.

It is possible to tell if an opponent is hacking if they use the magic bullet hack. Visit their profile by entering their game id. As soon as you notice that a player’s headshot percentage is greater than 25%, you should immediately report them for utilising hacks to achieve such an unnaturally high percentage.

7) There is absolutely no recoil.
Have you ever seen a gamer shoot at you and not miss a single shot? In Call of Duty: Mobile, recoil is a major problem for every weapon type, particularly machine guns.

The crosshair remains stationary during the firing of rounds, allowing hackers to effortlessly take out any enemy from a long distance. If you’re a spectator and you see a player employing a No Recoil hack, you’ll immediately know.

8) Aeronautical Crafts
A hacker may employ the hacking of flying vehicles for amusement only. Hackers use a script to allow them to fly their vehicles in CoD mobile, which is the target of this attack. The hacker only utilises the flying vehicle hack sometimes because it will be apparent to other players.

Ingenious Use of Long Disposables
As a result of the long throwable exploit, hackers are able to throw grenades and Molotov cocktails a long distance. For a long-distance throw, normal players like me and you will need to acquire the proper angle, however hackers using this hack can toss throwables at you from any angle and they will explode near you, no matter where you are. Hackers are less likely to use it.

10) Short Range
The Fast Scope hack makes it easier for the hackers to quickly scope out the weapons. Using this Fast Scope hack, a hacker may swiftly scope in and with the combo of the aimbot hack, this is a devastating combination to employ for a hacker to eliminate all other players in the match.

Because fast scoping may be practised in Practice or TDM matches, it is difficult to detect the Fast Scope hack. The Fast Scope hack, on the other hand, is used by hackers who don’t care about learning the Fast Scope talent in a legitimate way.

Eleven) Quick Reload (No Reload)
When a hacker uses the Fast Reload or No Reload hacks, they can load their weapons in less than a second, or they can use a higher version of the Fast Reload hack that doesn’t require reloading. You don’t even have to reload your weapon to start shooting at the bad guys.

For those of us who are familiar with the concept of reloading, it’s easy to tell whether someone is using the Fast Reload or No Reload hack, as all weapons need to be replenished from time to time.

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