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Every gamer measures success differently, but having five Call of Duty titles on the list of the top 30 best-selling games in history is a testament to the enormous fan base behind the series. With each new Call of Duty game, the series continues to attract new fans while still retaining a strong following of longtime fans.

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Despite the fact that the franchise’s transfer to mobile platforms could be deemed late compared to other titles like PUBG and Fortnite, it didn’t hinder CoD from launching into the market with full-force. Because TiMi Studios and Tencent Games have previously created shooter games for mobile platforms, they were able to create a classic Call of Duty experience.

If you’ve ever played a CoD game, you’ll be right at home with CoD: Mobile. Both the movement and the gunplay were fluid and consistent. When it comes to CoD: Mobile, long-time CoD gamers won’t have any trouble adapting, and most of them will want to play the game to its fullest potential.

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In order to stay one step ahead of your opponents in Call of Duty: Mobile, fine-tuning your settings is essential. With a quicker frame rate and better sensitivity settings, you can react faster than anybody else in your lobby.

However, you may always make your own tweaks to the following options to further improve your gameplay experience in multiplayer and battle royale. Check over the range to see if there are any adjustments you can make that better suit your style of play.

Check out these CoD: Mobile settings for an easier ascent up the ranks.

CoD: Mobile’s greatest control settings

Despite the fact that many novice CoD: Mobile players will choose for the simple control mode, it’s best to switch to advanced mode and experiment with the mentioned weapon kinds.

If you’re not sure where to begin, the following configuration is based on ParkerTheSlayer, NoahFromYoutube, and Blaezi, all of whom have extensive experience in the game.

Put a checkbox next to Custom in the advanced mode to customise even more.

Assault weapons: ADS
Weapons of Mass Destruction (ADS)
Shotguns are hip.
In close-quarters combat, shotguns are the primary weapon of choice. Because you’ll be at point-blank ranges with your opponents when you pull your shotgun, aiming down sights will be less than optimal.
LMGs: Anti-Aircraft Devices
Rifles for close-quarters combat: ADS
In the case of pistols, ADS
CoD Mobile Aim Assist’s optimum basic settings are as follows:. On
While removing aim assist in PUBG Mobile makes it more difficult to take out teams, in Call of Duty: Mobile, the opposite is true. With practise, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this feature rather than disabling it. Make sure you’re always on target with your shots in CoD: Mobile’s aim help.
Run Quickly: On Fixed R-Fire (from prone position). Fixed Virtual Joystick display position: On BTN
The shotgun’s r-fire button can be released to hipfire: Off
Dispose of Grenade Quickly:
Fast grenade tossing may seem great at first, but enabling it will prevent you from fine-tuning your throw.
On a fixed joystick, the joystick’s auto-sprint is on. Off
Fixed perspective is achieved by pressing the Right Fire button. Off\sADS: ADS can be accessed by pressing the ADS button.
The left fire button is displayed: On.
Right-handed players can benefit from having a second fire button on their screen to better react to their opponents.
The following is a slide that you can use when running. While sprinting, tap crouch.
Sprinting is a way of life for me: (Sensitivity: 65)
The default mode of running will spare you from having to press an additional button or drag your move-pad any further. If you prefer to play Search and Destroy, you may want to disable this feature to avoid having to pay attention to your steps near the end of a round.
On the gyroscope
The gyroscope won’t be utilised by most gamers because of the frenetic nature of each round. Battle Royale bouts are when the gyroscope reveals its full potential. If your phone does not have a gyroscope, this setting may be deactivated by default.
Focal Length of Camera: 75
A broader field of view is possible when the field of view is set to its maximum value.
Firearms aim: Disable the “Reset Firearms Aim” option.
CoD Mobile’s optimal audio and graphics settings.
Graphics: Poor quality
The primary reason most gamers prefer to keep their graphics quality at a low is that it’s the only way to unlock the maximum frame rate on some devices. It is possible to explore with higher graphics settings if you are able to play at the maximum frame rate without experiencing any performance concerns.
The maximum frame rate is set at
The smoothest gameplay is guaranteed by using the maximum frame rate.
Aperture: f/2.0
Withered: No
Shadows that appear in real time:
Turning off real-time shadows may be a good idea if you spend most of your time playing in multiplayer. Even though you’ll lose a few frames, you’ll be able to see your foes through their shadows. Thus, it will be much simpler to see other campers without having to walk directly in front of them.
There’s a ragdoll on the loose.
Adding ragdoll physics to death animations makes them a little more interesting, but it’s a lot of work.
A/A is turned off.
In games, anti-aliasing aims to soften the sharp edges of most objects, but it consumes much too much system resources for the end result to be worth it.
BR Dynamic is the primary graphic design mode.
The Dynamic mode provides a wider choice of colours, but this is largely a matter of personal taste. This improves long-distance detection of opponents a little easier.
To get the most out of the CoD Mobile Rotation mode, choose these sensitivity settings. a set rate of movement
Keep this at fixed so you can become used to the sensitivity levels in general. In multiplayer scenarios, accelerating settings might make it substantially more difficult to control your aim.
Switching the sensitivity of the camera: While ADS is being opened, make a switch.
Custom sensitivity settings:
94 dB is the typical sensitivity.
the sensitivity of ADS is 145.
The sensitivity of a tactical scope is 160.
Aiming accuracy at 65 yards with a sniper scope
Tactical range: 100 yards
60 m with a 4x tactical scope
40 x 6
tactical scope at 8x magnification: thirty

The degree to which a gyroscope is sensitive

ADS sensitivity is 75 compared to the standard sensitivity of 140.
57 dB sensitivity for tactical scopes
Shooter scope: 59 dB.
a total of 65 x 3
45 m with a 4x tactical scope
25 m with a 6x tactical scope
Tactical scope at 8x: fifteen

Your phone/tablet screen protector can alter the sensitivity level of your device, so keep that in mind. If you haven’t already, we recommend giving them a whirl before getting right into a regular match.

CoD: Mobile’s optimal HUD/control layout

A good starting point for most players, the basic control layout can be improved upon to suit individual preferences. The HUD modification panel allows you to increase the size of the trigger button.

If you don’t know where to begin, you could want to have a look at the HUDs of professional players to see what they value most. Blaezi, a professional CoD: Mobile player, uses these settings.

A screenshot taken from the Tencent app.

Blaezi prefers a clean HUD and lowers the opacity levels of most elements in order to maximise screen space. He will be able to see more clearly and quickly because of the lack of buttons on his screen.

All of these game settings can be tweaked to your advantage, but there are a number of other tweaks you may make to your system. Almost all competitive mobile gamers own a pair of gaming earbuds. You’ll be able to hear more clearly because of the high-quality audio they offer. Your teammates will be able to hear you clearly thanks to the microphones of gaming earbuds’ superb sound quality.

As an alternative, consider getting a controller deck for your phone or purchasing some thumb sleeves to limit the amount of smearing.

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