Best Guns In Cod Mobile: Every Season 2 Weapon Ranked

Updated on March 17, 2022

In COD Mobile Season 2 2022, the best gun is
The following are the top ten best guns in Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 2022:


Season 2 2022 COD Mobile Best Guns - zilliongamer
141 kilos



Holger is 26 years old.


25th kind

Q33 DL




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Only the greatest firearms, such as the Kilo 141, CBR4, Hoger 26, and DL Q33, are used in high-rank matches in Call of Duty Mobile. Why do you think that is?


JAK-12 is number ten on the list.

Best Attachments, Perks, and Skins for COD Mobile JAK-12
The JAK-12 is the finest shotgun in COD Mobile; it was just debuted in Season 2 and has the ability to start a new meta.
The JAK-12 has a high rate of fire and, with the  correct attachment, may kill an attacker in two shots at close range.

PKM (Property Knowledge Management)

The PKM LMG is ranked 9th in Season 2 2022.
PKM – Red Nose Revenge is a CODM skin.
The PKM is a high-capacity light machine gun with excellent recoil control, rapid fire rate, and high damage output for close, medium, and long range warfare.

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SVD is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

SVD Stats, Attachment, and Skin for COD Mobile – zilliongamer
The SVD, a semi-auto sniper rifle with excellent accuracy and stability when shooting at mid to long range targets, is ranked eighth in Season 2.

The SVD is a superb sniper to utilise because it can take out a target with just one or two shots at any range and has excellent mobility when moving about the map.

DL Q33, 7.

Doomed Chorus skin for COD Mobile DL Q33 – zilliongamer
DL Q33 is the best sniper in COD Mobile; this sniper is extremely powerful and can hit the target at any range while shooting at the upper torso area.

It also has a high level of precision and a short time frame, making it ideal for long kill streak attempts.

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25. Type 6

Cindersmoke – COD Mobile Type 25 – zilliongamer

Despite a nerf for this season, the Type 25 is still one of the greatest Assault rifles to utilise; the nerf affects recoil, damage range, and reload time.

PPSh-41 is number five.

zilliongamer’s Call of Duty Mobile PPSh-41 SMG Guide

PPSh-41 is an excellent close-range weapon with a fast fire rate and high damage. This weapon may quickly destroy the target.

The PPSh-41 has a moderate recoil that takes some getting used to, and the accuracy is good after 10 metres.

4. Holger (age 26)

zilliongamer’s COD Mobile Weapon guide: Holger 26

The Holger 26 is the finest LMG in COD Mobile, with a headshot rating of 37 and a body shot rating of 31 at a range of 20 metres.

The Holger 26 has a short time to kill, low recoil control, and a quick fire rate, making it ideal for long-range fighting.

CBR4 is the third option.

Stats, Attachment, and Skin for COD Mobile CBR4 – zilliongamer

The CBR4 is the best SMG in COD Mobile, with high damage and a rapid firing rate that allows you to kill your victim quickly.

The recoil is also relatively low, making it simple to use for long periods of time while shooting at a close to mid-range target.

M13 is number two.

When it comes to close-range fighting, the M13 is the greatest assault weapon in COD Mobile. – Call of Duty Mobile M13

The M13 has a high headshot multiplier and a fast firing rate, so if you land one headshot and three body shots, you can kill an enemy in a matter of seconds.

The M13’s recoil is fairly low and easy to control, therefore fighting at medium to long ranges is not a problem for this weapon.

1. 141 kilos

When it comes to mid-range fighting, the Kilo 141 is the greatest assault weapon in COD Mobile.

In Call of Duty Mobile, go to the Kilo 141 Assault Rifle guide.

In mid range, the Kilo 141 is difficult to beat, especially following Season 2 changes to the gun that increase the pistol’s stability when shooting.

The recoil on the Kilo 141 has also been improved, making the rifle even easier to use than before.

Explanation of Weapon Tiers

To denote the weapon’s overall performance, we utilise letters like “SS, S, A, B, C, D”:

SS: Meta-weapons.

S: The best non-meta weapons.

A: Fun guns to play with.

B: Good firearms that function well.

C: Overall, good firearms.

D: Guns with good performance.

Overall, SS guns are the best way to ascend the Series 1 2022 rated ladder, but you can also use the outer meta weapons if you just want to have fun.



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