Updated on March 17, 2022

In addition to new weaponry, COD Mobile introduces a slew of improvements to existing weapons each season. Because of this, the ranked mode of the game is now more competitive than it was previously.

In COD Mobile, players must balance their loadouts between speed, precision, and stability, as well as operator skills, because they are made before the match begins.

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In COD Mobile rated matches, what are the three best loadouts?

First, there was Holger 26

In the last few months, the Holger 26 light machine gun (LMG) was added to the game. However, COD players may switch between AR and LMG modes, making the weapon one of the best rifles on the market.


Holger 26 is a weapon that may be used in a variety of situations, from close quarters to long range. A look at its best loadout is shown below:

OWC Laser-Tactical: Lasers

Components: YKM Battle Stock

Strike the Foregrip with the Underbarrel.

Bullets: Double-Stack Carbine Mag of the Holger-26k

Back Grip: Grip Tape Granulated

In the same way that VAL

This weapon has appeared in COD Mobile several times before and has received a few upgrades. For short- and medium-range combat, this weapon’s four shots are more than enough to take out an attacker.

Its recoil, though, is difficult to handle in long-range battles, but it can be overcome with practise.

Barrel: MIP 200mm Mid-Range Barrel

OWC Skeleton Stock – Available for immediate purchase.

OWC Laser-Tactical: Lasers

Merc Foregrip is hidden beneath the barrel.

A 30 Round Magazine of Ammunition

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3) AK 117.

Since the inception of COD Mobile, the AK 117 has been a mainstay. Previously, in ranked mode, players would use this weapon to obtain nukes.

In terms of performance, those that have the AK 117 in their loadouts have an edge over the rest because of its low recoil, good range, and good fire rate.

OWC Marksman Barrel.

Has no need for any kind of inventory

OWC Laser-Tactical: Lasers

Strike the Foregrip with the Underbarrel.

40-Round Extended Magazine of Ammunition.

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