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What are the best free skins in Call of Duty Mobile?

New F2P game Call of Duty®: Mobile brings together all the maps, weaponry, and characters from the Call of Duty® series into the definitive first-person action experience on mobile. An all-new Call of Duty®: Mobile title that brings together the best of our beloved Call of Duty®: Black Ops and Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare characters and weapons in a single epic gaming experience. It’s a completely new, stand-alone mobile title.

COD Mobile Free Skins Seraph - Special Metal

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This game’s core is built on the idea of playing with others in a multiplayer setting. Play your favourite game modes with your pals on well-known maps. Is it possible to play a team battle on Nuketown? That’s what I mean. Is Crash on the Front Line? That’s fine, too. And that’s only the beginning. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on the latest news. You don’t have to leave home to experience the exhilarating action of Call of Duty®. Take on your friends in head-to-head battles on mobile-optimized versions of fan favourite maps like Nuketown and Crash in a variety of game styles. And what’s even better? Playing and updating the game is completely free.


This is a great first-person shooter on the mobile platform, including both an MP and BR mode. Fans of Battle Royale games on mobile or any other platform know that skins are vital. Not because you want to be the best, but because each character’s skin has a unique tale to tell. Skins that rock are something we all aspire to!


In most cases, the skins on CoD mobile are based on iconic Call of Duty characters. That reminds me of Ghost, right? Please read this article for instructions on how to obtain or obtain appealing skins for your Call of Duty mobile device.


Here are some pointers on how to obtain these skins:

Before we get into the skins, we’ll give you a few pointers on how to get started.


First, here’s a little advice:

You can get free skins by participating in an event or watching a live stream of a competition and getting rewards! If you’d like to watch the CoD mobile broadcast, all you have to do is click on the button at the top of the page.


You’ll need to spend several hours watching the stream to earn all of the available free gifts. These skins characters, Battle Royale parachutes and skins of weapons, and many other goods are available to you as a result of this method (lucky charms, business cards, etc.) However, you should watch out for the streaming player in the CoD mobile app recording your login time. You’ll be able to access your skins’ prizes in your app’s mailbox.


Tips 2 and 3:

The easy tasks are there for the taking! The more you play, the more you will be rewarded for it. If you want to succeed in Call of Duty: Mobile, you have to train hard.



Almost all of the free skins in COD Mobile may be obtained through the game’s regular incentives. To receive prizes, you must log in every day. As a general rule, their skin is level 24.


Tips 4 and 5:

Additionally, you can purchase it with the credits you earn while playing the game. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay with real money. You can also get one or two skins from the events that are mentioned. Keep an eye on these happenings and enjoy the game.


All of the skins you can obtain for free

Each season has a varied quantity of free skins to choose from. The competition is held once or twice a year. There are also a number of prominent events in the game. When a side quest’s objectives are met, a unique character skin will be unlocked for the player.


The Call of Duty Mobile credit store is updated with each new season. In addition, the credit shop is updated twice a season. At the start of the season and at the halfway point of the year To acquire the new skins, all gamers must first save up some in-game credits and then go to the credit store.


As newcomers to the enormous world of Call of Duty mobile, we sincerely hope that this guide is helpful to you. I wish you all the best in your gaming endeavours!


Here, we’ll discuss the most popular free skins and how to obtain them. After that, we’ll talk about some of the freebies that some of you may not be able to receive, but they’re still free and can be obtained. The championship skins are not included in this guide, despite the fact that they are some of the most eye-catching in-game cosmetics. Let’s get started with what you have at hand.


Sacred Metal Seraph:

Season 4’s Seraph – Precious Metal is one of the most popular skins, and can be considered one of the greatest skins overall. What is the procedure for obtaining this skin? Play Battle Royale and get the Master III Rank to unlock this skin. Climbing the Tiers and completing the Grinds necessary to reach Mater III may appear overwhelming to players who don’t regularly play the game. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get to Master III.


Special Metal skins for COD Mobile Seraph are available for free.


Rather than aiming for the highest number of kills, go for survival every time. Attempt to survive as long as possible. If you’re having trouble finishing in the top five or three, try to stay out of fights.



It’s possible to purchase the Vasquez skin via the Credit Store, which doesn’t require you to pay real money, with credits. The cost of this skin is $6,000. Despite its flaws, this skin is still an excellent option. We like the F2P version of this skin because it seems more like a military-themed skin, rather than a showy one. To buy this skin, you’ll need to log in or participate in a battle pass and complete your daily tasks.


Bulldogs of the United States:

If you play enough days or simply login every day to receive the benefits you receive on day 24, you can earn the 30-Day calendar login event skin. So, even if you’re pressed for time, be sure to sign in at least once per day. American Bulldog is the name of this skin. However, the American Bulldog is a decent skin.


Russian mercenary – Iron Hunter:

The Russian Mercenary – Iron Hunter, which can be yours if you work hard enough, is the next seasonal reward. At least it’s free. To earn this skin, you’ll need to play three Battle Royale matches in the BR Mastermind challenges. Second, you’ll need to slaughter ten Diner enemies. You can’t earn this skin unless you get some kills at the Diner, so be sure to go there and get some.

Prior to this discussion, there were a lot of skins you could easily get your hands on without any effort.

Aurora is the fifth Merc 5 vehicle.

To get this one, you’ll need to complete your daily tasks. This skin is free, but you can’t be sure you’ll obtain it because it’s hidden behind a Gacha. Merc 5 – Aurora is the name of this skin. As long as you’re doing your dailies anyhow, you’ll be rewarded with a skin as a bonus.


Snowblind – Nomad:

The Nomad – Snowblind skin is also available from the crates described above. Dog Tag Duty is a special event that grants players access to Nomad. Don’t leave a single person behind! Dog tags can be collected, brought to objectives, and rewarded.” These skins are yours if you accomplish the given goals. To earn this skin, you may have to put in a lot of time during this event. Play 15 games, and win at least six of them. Then, acquire 200 Dog tags.



You must play BR and Ranked Multiplayer again in order to get the next award, which is found in Ranked rewards. Crates are given to you as you rise through the ranks. Once you reach the Master and Pro 4 levels, Soldier skins can be obtained from crates that include Soldiers but are not included in the standard crates. It is possible to obtain five of these crates at this rank.

In Ranked multiplayer, you’ll receive an additional five crates. As a result, be sure to work on your Multiplayer Rankings! There are a total of ten free crates as a result. One of these crates has the skin known as “Zero,” which is extremely rare, with a 1% chance of dropping during the current season. At most, there are about three or four distinct colours and patterns to choose from.

Droplets – Battery:

Another of these skins, Battery – Droplets, can be obtained in the same manner. Battery is another one of those rare ones with low drops but at least higher than Zero, Battery has a 4% chance of dropping.


Let’s see what more we can do to get these free skins in the next round of rotational events. The first two are a breeze, but the third is a bit of a challenge.

Spec Ops 1: Burial Ground

Spec-Ops Burial Grounds is a free skin for COD Mobile.

Let’s have a look at how to download Spec Ops 1 – Burial Ground for free using these three methods. The Counter Intelligence mode’s Events page has a skin for this character. To win, you must collect soldiers and open locations on the event map, with each area offering a unique set of prizes.


As such, if you wish to obtain the Spec-ops skin as quickly as possible, you should go right for the problem areas and attack them one by one. After clearing the section in the middle of the map, at the bottom, you will be rewarded with the skin. In order to earn the Spec-ops skin, you simply need to open three territories.


Ray of the Manta:

Free Skins for COD Mobile The Manta Ray


Players may also earn their hands on free epic character skins in Season 5 of Call of Duty Mobile by participating in the current championship. The Manta Ray epic character skin was given out at the start of the championships.

You can get a Merc five-character skin of the championship theme for free in Stage 2. This skin is available to players that play 30 rated matches with their team in the championship to get it.

At 44, the KN 44:

If you want to acquire the new free CoD mobile skin, which is both golden and epic, you must participate in an event. Event tab, “Steamroller Rifle” section, “Seasonal” skin for KN 44 is available. If you want it for free, you’ll need to fulfil the following tasks:


Using any assault rifle with the necessary equipment, kill 30 foes.
With an assault rifle, take out 20 foes.
The assault rifle and four accessories can take out 30 opponents.
With any assault weapon outfitted with optics and four additional accessories, you can kill 30 foes.

Deep Snow: Terrance Brooks

Conclusions on Free Skins for COD Mobile

The Terrance Brooks – Deep Snow skin is the next one we get for free, but it requires a lot of grinding. To earn this skin, you must complete all of the map’s 21 territories.



Some of the skins featured in this tutorial can be obtained without paying real money, but you will have to work for some of them. Most of the skins on Call of Duty: Mobile refer to iconic Call of Duty characters, which is why they are so popular and well-liked by the community at large. Collecting and flaunting these skins is half the pleasure. We hope you’ll be able to get your hands on all the skins you want.

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