Call of Duty Mobile Female Characters

Updated on March 17, 2022

In the last several Call of Duty Mobile games, there have been more female characters as the franchise has made an effort to be more inclusive. On the official website, Activision does not advertise any female operators, instead relying on the allegedly big guns of the Call of Duty franchise, all of whom are men. It’s also possible that female gamers might like the opportunity to play as a female soldier. Call of Duty Mobile has a number of female characters.

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How can I acquire female characters in Call of Duty: Mobile?
Yes, that’s the quick answer. Yes, but they aren’t yours to take, so you’ll have to look elsewhere. The only female operator in Call of Duty Mobile is currently locked behind a paywall and requires you to purchase her from the store. The Battery Soldier Crate, which may or may not contain the character Erin “Battery” Baker, is the closest thing to her.

It’s a matter of chance if you get the thing you’re hoping for in this type of crate. Battery can be found in two boxes, while another player reports it took him 15 attempts. However, one unfortunate gamer claims that he has opened around 50 crates and still hasn’t received the female character’s skin.

Even though Battery is the only female character in the game at the moment, this won’t be the case for long. Seraph is expected to be the next female character to join the Call of Duty Mobile cast. He “Seraph” Zhen-Zhen is a well-known figure from the Black Ops series, having appeared in both Black Ops 3 and 4.

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Call of Duty Mobile’s current lineup currently stands at:

Price, John
As far as I know, David Mason is the only
Theodore “Alex” Mason
“Ghost” Simon Riley
Merrick, Thomas
Mactavish, John “Soap”
I’ll call you “Battery,” Erin Baker.
He goes by the name “Seraph.” The Zhen-Zhens of the world (coming soon)

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Call of Duty Mobile Character Skin Sliver


codm characters - Battery - Pow Bam Zap

codm characters - Zero - Flocked

codm characters - Vagr Modir - Whisper of Winter

codm characters - Seraph - Lykoi

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