Updated on March 17, 2022

The battle royale mode in Call of Duty Mobile works just as you’d expect. Dropped onto the map, you must forage for loot and battle other players, while avoiding the fall of gas as the safe zone diminishes. The match is over when the last player or team is left standing.

First-person perspective (FPP) and third-person perspective (TPP) modes are available in Call of Duty Mobile’s battle royale game (Third-Person Perspective). When playing a battle royale, you have the option of playing in first- or third-person perspective. Players in TTP/FPP are divided into two groups based on their preferred camera mode.

Match preference menu


After that, you can decide how big of a team you want to field for the match. Battle Royale can be played in a solo queue, a duet, or a four-person team.

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Maps for the Battle of the Hundreds

New locales and settings from both the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series may be found on the Isolated map, which serves as the primary battle royale battlefield. The Blackout map from Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode was also included in Season 8. At this point, you can select one of the two maps.

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How to Recover

Prior to the release of Call of Duty Mobile, the game’s battle royale system relied on bandages and med kits for healing, similar like Black Ops 4. The healing system, on the other hand, has been improved as part of the Season 8 update for Call of Duty Mobile. You are no longer able to heal yourself by scavenging for medical supplies. In Call of Duty: Warzone, health will now regenerate at the same pace as healing. If you want to heal before resuming a combat, all you have to do is take cover in gunfights.

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Systems for Protective Coverage

Armor plates can also be used to bolster your operator. Armor plate health does not replenish the same way as regular health. The armour metre can only be replenished by scavenging for armour plates. The armour system in Call of Duty Mobile has three degrees of protection: There are three armour types: Armor Repair, which offers 50 armour points, Advanced Armor Repair, which provides 150 armour points, and Kinetic Armor Overcharger, which provides an additional 50 armour points for a total of 200 armour points.


Resurrect and redistribute

The death of a shootout doesn’t always signify the end of a conflict in a duo or a squad. Getting knocked out of the game is as easy as having a teammate interact with your body to get you back up and running. Despite being knocked out, enemies can still inflict damage on you, and if you absorb too much, you’ll die and have to be re-deployed.


Your teammate’s blue dog tags can be located where they died, and you must pick them up to resurrect them. Click the “Revive” option next to the teammate’s name after you have the tags you need. Your deceased buddy will be brought back to life and sent on the next revival flight. Teams are redeployed on “revival flights” that come at regular intervals. You’ll be notified by the announcer whenever a new flight is scheduled to arrive.

The menu for the Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile began in 2019 without the ability to create custom loadouts, but the Gunsmith feature added this option in 2021. Custom loadouts can be created in the same way that the multiplayer Gunsmith functionality can be tailored. Custom loadouts are possible at five different locations on the menu in Battle Royale mode.


Starting your battle royale engagements with ground loot is still a necessity, but you can also get your personalised loadouts from randomly dropped airdrops. You and your teammates can get this. When airdrops are on their way, you’ll hear an announcement from the announcer and see red smoke on the map to indicate where they’ve landed. You will be able to choose from one of your custom loadouts if you get an airdrop. Here’s our walkthrough for getting into and using the Gunsmith.


Classes in a Battle Royale

When playing in battle royale mode, you have the option to select one of 15 different classes to utilise. Each class has a unique benefit that can be used both actively and passively on the field of battle. Many of the top classes are free to take, however some of the ones that were added in subsequent seasons are locked and require a payment in order to use. But don’t worry: You won’t have to spend a penny on this. Call of Duty Mobile’s cash system is called Credits, and it is distinct from the COD Points that can be purchased in any other Call of Duty title. In order to gain credits, you must play the game, complete challenges, or participate in special events. Some classes can only be purchased after a long period of play, but eventually you will have earned enough points to do so.


You can choose from a wide variety of classes, but some are more advantageous than others. However, we’ve put together a list of our favourite classes, which we hope will help you make an informed decision.


Scouts are a group of young men and women

Sights of hostile positions on the mini-map are detected by a dart fired by the Sensor Dart.

Stupidity class

Summon dogs that attack just units in their immediate vicinity.


Canine Obliterator: This passive skill reduces your dog’s tracking range by 15 metres.

Medic school

You and your allies are constantly healed by a medical station that may be placed anywhere in the battlefield.


Reduces the time needed to heal and bring back knocked down allies by 25% with the passive ability: Medic

Class of ninjas

In order to use the Grapple Hook active ability, you must shoot a grapple hook at the target.

Dead Silence is a passive ability that grants the ability to move silently within 12 metres of an adversary.

A class that defends itself.

Attacks nearby enemies with a flashbang effect when you activate your active ability, Transform Shield.

Reinforced – Reduces all damage by 25% except from gunfire when used as a passive ability.

Class of mechanics

It is possible to activate an EMP drone that continuously interferes with hostiles.

Engineer’s passive ability grants enhanced vision, making hostile vehicles, traps, and equipment visible from a distance of up to 80 metres.

Class “Tricksters”

Use two holographic decoys and a massive speed boost to confound your foes with Psychosis, your active ability.

An enemy’s footsteps can be heard more clearly with a greater range of hearing thanks to the “Alert” ability.

Class of ‘Airborne’

Wingsuit gliding can be activated by deploying a catapult that launches your team into the air.

When wearing a wingsuit, this passive ability reduces your drop speed.

The Trap Master lesson

A high-voltage current line can be routed through an electric trip wire. Enemies will incur damage and their movement speed will be slowed as they pass through.

Territorial Effect: Allies in the immediate vicinity benefit from faster movement and skill recharging thanks to this passive ability.

Mystical creatures of the night class

Active Camo – Become nearly undetectable for a brief period of time.
In a stealthy condition, the passive ability “Voidwalker” boosts movement speed.

The Smoke Bomber class.

Attack: Cluster Smoke Grenade, slows down foes in the area it covers.
Allows you to see all of your foes in the midst of a cloud of smog. As a result of taking damage, your running speed is increased.

The hacker’s school

Ice Pick: Prevents surrounding foes from employing gadgets by obscuring their mini-maps.
The mini-radar map’s will not be affected by interference or detected by the enemy.

Classification of individuals with re-fitting skills

Armor Pack: Place armour packs that you and your teammates can pick up. Bullet damage can be reduced by each layer, except the head.

Passive: Greaser – Increases your armour and vehicle’s durability by repairing it over time.

Class of desperado

Place a protected turret that provides endless ammunition for the duration of its active ability, Shield Turret.

When you’re downed, you can use a pistol to fight for your life. You are revived if you make a kill while in this state.

Detection and surveillance

When activated, a cluster air strike can be launched to a selected region by the user.

Fly Swatter is a passive skill that slows and enhances the reloading speed of a rocket launcher.

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