Updated on March 17, 2022

BlueStacks 5 and Call of Duty: Mobile

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Everything you need to know about playing Call of Duty: Mobile on BlueStacks 5 can be found here.

BlueStacks 5 running Call of Duty: Mobile
Take your Call of Duty: Mobile experience to the next level with BlueStacks 5, the quickest version yet. Enable the recommended parameters to make your gameplay even more fluid, and then play “Multiplayer” at 120 FPS while customising your key controls with only a few clicks. Become the MVP right now! There’s no stopping you.

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A whole new world will open up when recommended settings are enabled, making the game run at its peak performance. To learn more, click on the link provided.


With a few mouse clicks, you can tweak an existing control scheme or build your own unique key mappings to slay your opponents in-game. You can get started by clicking on the link provided above.


If you can’t get enough of playing your favourite game at 60 frames per second, try playing it at 120 frames per second and you’ll be amazed. For further information, click on the link above.


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