Call of Duty Mobile Ranking System Explained

Updated on March 17, 2022

COD - Mobile Ranking System

For this article, we’ll look at the COD Mobile ranking system, including how you get each rank, how to make tier modifications, what occurs after a season’s end and a reset, and, if time permits, every rank in Call of Duty Mobile.

PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile are the two most popular Battle Royale games on the mobile platform. With regards to becoming the most talked about and well-known person on the planet. A powerful opponent to PUBG Mobile, the game was released in 2019 and has been a strong competitor. In spite of the fact that they belong to the same genre, each of these games is unique in terms of everything from the visuals to the controls to the features and mechanics down to the many weapons and gear you may use and collect.

Of this article, we’ll focus mostly on competitive modes in the game, such as ranked mode and Battle Royale. A lot of work and attention to detail are required before you can begin to move up ranks and not be relegated to the lower tiers at the season’s conclusion. To learn everything you need to know about Call of Duty: Mobile, check out our in-depth guides. Each of these modes has its own unique combination of challenges and rewards. We’ll go over each of them in detail one at a time.


However, there is one item worth addressing, even if it doesn’t apply to you. Multiplayer Rank is typically preferred by Call of Duty: Mobile gamers over the Battle Royale rank due of the shorter match lengths. Only six rank tiers are available in the multiplayer modes.


We’ve put together this primer to help you get the hang of it all so you can move forward with confidence. It’s better to play Call of Duty: Mobile on PC using a Keyboard and Mouse.

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How the Rankings Work:

In this section, we’ll cover the basics of the Ranking System and offer some pointers for speeding up the process.

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Ranked Mode Tiers:

All multiplayer games, including other battle royale titles, include a feature known as Rank Tiers or Rank’s Grouping. Similar to Call of Duty: Mobile, each Tier is further subdivided into three subcategories. Legendary Tier uses a points system for its divisions, although this is not the case. There are more chances for you to join one of the top COD mobile gamers in the world the higher your rank is.


More than 6501 points required to reach this level
4501 to 6501 points – Master Tier
Levels 3001–4500 of the Profession
elite category: pts between 2001 and 3000
Between 1001 and 2000 points is considered a veteran level.
Rookie Tier – 0 to 1000 points per game.

The Rookie I rank is the initial rank you get when you start playing multiplayer mode. Because the points between subdivisions are so close, you can keep grinding matches until you reach the Elite Tier soon.


If you want to rise in the ranks of COD mobile, you’ll have to play ranked games solely; multiplayer games only earn you combat points.

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Rankings for COD Mobile in the COD Rankings

There are five sub-Ranks for each of the ranks listed below, each with their own prerequisites and Tier awards, as we previously said.


It’s the lowest tier in Call of Duty: Mobile, and it contains five levels, much like all the other tiers except Legendary. The presents are provided at the end of each season at designated points on each level. In both variants, the Rookie team is made up of less experienced individuals and a small number of bots.

Rank Points Season Rewards
Rookie I 1-200 Skin 1 Unit Weapon XP Card
Rookie II 201-400 Skin MW11-Star Camo Season Reward 1 Unit Weapon XP Card
Rookie III 401-600 1 Unit Double Weapon XP Card, 1 Unit Weapon XP Card
Rookie IV 601-800 1 Unit Double Weapon XP Card, 1 Unit Weapon XP Card
Rookie V 801-1000 1 Unit Double Weapon XP Card, 1 Unit Weapon XP Card



Veteran Rank is available to players who have reached Rookie V and have accrued at least 1000 Rookie points. Players who reach this rank have a thorough understanding of each map, the advantages it offers, and the appropriate attachments to maximise their performance. Additionally, there are five degrees of the Veteran Rank, each one offering a unique set of benefits. In this Rank, you’ll discover a few newbies.


Rank Points Season Rewards
Veteran I 1001-1200  Knife-Star Camo, 2 Unit Weapon XP Card
Veteran II 1201-1400  3 Unit Weapon XP Card
Veteran III 1401-1600 3 Unit Weapon XP Card
Veteran IV 1601-1800 3 Unit Weapon XP Card
Veteran V 1801-2000  4 Unit Weapon XP Card


Elite is the next rank, when players are believed to be getting better at CoD Mobile. Elite Rank is made up of COD Mobile players who are at least competent. In this rank, you’ll face stiff competition from those with similar abilities. At this level, there are no bots.

Rank Points Season Rewards
Elite I 2001-2200 Semtex-Start Camo, 4 Unit Weapon XP Card
Elite II 2201-2400 4 Unit Weapon XP Card
Elite III 2401-2600 4 Unit Weapon XP Card
Elite IV 2601-2800 5 Unit Weapon XP Card
Elite V 2801-3000 5 Unit Weapon XP Card
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