Call of Duty Mobile Review – As good as it gets

Updated on March 17, 2022


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It’s always a challenge to bring a multiplayer shooter game to handheld devices. When our favourite console game makes the jump to mobile, we’re all a little nervous. No one was holding out much hope for Call of Duty Mobile after Call of Duty Declassified on vita failed terribly. The smartphone version of Call of Duty is everything what we’ve been looking for, and more.

The Call of Duty mobile marketing campaign was a massive success. COD mobile’s trailers were bright, lively, and thematic, unlike the dark and serious trailers of the Call of Duty series.

This isn’t just a smartphone version of Call of Duty. This instead is a new take on the Call of Duty franchise for mobile devices. Call of Duty’s classic maps, weaponry, and modes are included in a smartphone version of the game.

Simon Riley provides a thorough tutorial at the beginning of the game (Ghost). Despite the fact that experienced Call of Duty players may find this tutorial tedious and time consuming, it provides newcomers with all the necessary information.

The controls are simple to comprehend, but it will take some time to gain a handle on them.. Controls for movement and targeting are separated by a left/right split. You can change your gear by pressing a button on the top right of the screen as you proceed.

The game’s online multiplayer features a standard first-person shooting experience. It creates a level playing field for all parties involved. You are matched with opponents of a similar level to your own.

A 100-soldier great battlefield is used for battle royales. There are three options for playing: solo, in a two-man team, or in a four-soldier team. A single weapon is all the soldiers have when they land on the battlefield via plane. To progress through the arena, the player must first reach and then upgrade their equipment at various points. Throughout the course of the game, the available safe havens on the map are gradually being reduced in size.

Call of Duty: Mobile has a lot going for it.
There are 38 maps in all on the COD mobile sets. From Modern Warfare, Vanguard, Warzone, and Black Ops it has a vast variety of modes and places New settings, weaponry, and outfits are included in COD mobile, in addition to the series’ well-known themes.

There is a trade-off between the quality of the graphics and the variety of hardware that can run it. Graphics have been simplified from their PC and console counterparts to some extent. However, not only gaming phones but virtually all mobile devices can play the game.

For a free-to-play smartphone game, it packs a powerful punch in terms of content. The answer is a resounding “yes.” Like all other free-to-play games, this one features in-app purchases, but they’re not intrusive. If you want to win, you have to pay for it.

Cosmetics, weapons, attachments, and even gear can be purchased with real money. However, if you put in a few hours of playtime, you could get there. To top it all off, you can only access these advantages if you’ve mastered the game to a certain degree of proficiency. In a nutshell, the microtransaction mechanism is well balanced.

The Battle Royale mode on the mobile version of Call of Duty is the game’s crowning achievement. Once you’ve passed the seventh level, the battle royale will become available to you. The beginning of the film is really impressive. An excellent Call of Duty experience may be had in the 25-minute combat.

Despite the fact that playing with a controller is still the best way to experience COD mobile, the controls are solid. The mobile interface’s controls are thoughtfully designed. However, Bluetooth connectivity has also been included by the developers. You can play with ease by connecting your controller to your smartphone.

On a handheld, COD mobile is the greatest it’s ever been for the franchise. It’s a well-executed amalgamation of every Call of Duty game ever made. Indeed, it provides a full-featured COD experience on the mobile device.

Call of Duty: Mobile’s flaws
With your fingers covering the screen, there are a total of 20 buttons on the screen. As a result, the user experience becomes clogged.

Users and accuracy are negatively impacted by the control layout. There is a noticeable difference in the responsiveness of touch controls and console controllers. Sniper rifles, in particular, experience a lag as a result of this.

Battle Royale is not a good fit for mobile devices because of the timing. On mobile phones, high-level bouts take a long time to play.

It takes up a lot of space to play COD mobile. Due to the additional downloads needed to run the game correctly, it takes an excruciatingly long time for it to begin.

High-speed internet connectivity is a must at all times. Slow internet results in a network fault.

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Call of Duty: Mobile: Suggestions for Enhancement
The developers have listened to the community’s suggestions for enhancements. There have been a number of important changes since its introduction.

Player complaints about the game’s fan-favorite zombie modes necessitated a restart.

The game didn’t have Bluetooth connectivity at first. Additionally, this issue was fixed in the most recent upgrades.

Since the game’s release, the controls and accuracy balance have greatly improved. The game is ready to go after a few more tweaks to the touch controllers and the screen clutter.

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