Updated on March 17, 2022

We’ve ranked the top weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 to help you make the most of the latest update.

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Call of Duty Mobile Season 11: The Best Weapons to Use Right Now

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Every time a new patch goes live, the balance of various weapons is altered. A number of weapons have been nerfed, while others have seen an increase in their damage output. As a result, a few of the game’s meta weapons will be altered.

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Even though Season 11 has yet to go live, we can already tell which weapons are more powerful than others because of the number of modifications it has received.

Some weapons are better than others in the game, and you should use them more often than others.

However, there are some weapons that you should be employing more frequently than others in the game.

Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile’s Top Five Weapons
For the duration of a season, players in the Call of Duty series tend to employ the same weapons. Due to the fact that some guns suit the meta while others don’t, this is the reason why.

There have been upgrades to the CBR4, Kilo Bolt-Action, and the HS0405 this year. A future update will very certainly enhance the CBR4 and make it a top five weapon. Right now, only the two recently nerfed shotguns feel powerful.

The following are the most popular weapons in the current season of Call of Duty Mobile:

Chopper is number five (Light Machine Gun)

Holger 4 is an MK2 carbine (Marksman Rifle)

It’s the Holger 26 in the MK-2 Carbine 3. (Light Machine Gun)

AS Val is the pilot for Chopper 2. (Assault Rifle)

The Man-O-War As A Valuable 1 (Assault Rifle)

There’s no change in that regard; the Man-O-War remains the best weapon in the game, and has been for a few seasons at this point. If you’re going to use this weapon, make sure it’s one of the ones you use the most.

The gaming community is hopeful that this weapon will be nerfed further so that other weapons in Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 are more usable.

However, even though these weapons are the most powerful in the game, it’s still a good idea to play around with the rest of the weapons and rank them up, as they may become even more powerful in the future.

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