Updated on March 17, 2022

Early adopters of Call of Duty: Mobile may recall that the massively successful mobile game debuted with a zombies mode taken from the Black Ops series. Only one map was available at the time, and more were expected, however in March 2020, the zombies mode was abruptly deleted from the game.

“The mode just didn’t meet the level of quality that we seek,” the devs said at the time, but there was no news on when or if we’d be able to slaughter hordes of zombies on our cellphones again.

That has changed, and we now know that zombies will return to Call of Duty: Mobile in 2021, though not in the traditional wave-based form we expected. Instead, zombies will return in a variant called Undead Siege in the Battle Royale mode, albeit we don’t know much about this impending update.

Call of Duty: Mobile Undead Siege


To keep you up to date on the Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies update, we’ve compiled everything we know thus far.

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When will the zombies from Call of Duty: Mobile make a comeback?

Undead Siege was given a rough ‘2021’ release window when it was first revealed in July 2021 – that’s quite a long time. However, other fans believe the mode will be released alongside Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile.

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The game’s sixth season – not the sixth season, mind you – will premiere on July 30.

However, the early promotion for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 makes no mention of a new zombies mode, and some fans believe Undead Siege may arrive later. Season 7 of the game would begin in late September, encompassing the Halloween season, which would be a wonderful fit for the mode’s thematic fit.

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What can we expect from Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies?

Undead Siege, as previously said, isn’t the wave-based Call of Duty zombies you’re used to; instead, it employs the Battle Royale battlefield.


You’re dumped onto the map in squads and must survive five ‘nights’ as a team in Undead Siege, though it’s unclear how long that translates to in real-life time. Each night, as you can guess, brings more difficult hordes of adversaries.


You enter the game with one of your unique loadouts from multiplayer mode, but you’ll need to scavenge for equipment and tools to stay alive.


Because you must construct walls and turrets to fortify a base in Undead Siege, it features characteristics of tower defence games.


The mechanics of this side of the mode aren’t entirely evident, so we’re anticipating a steep learning curve when trying it out for the first time.


Will Call of Duty: Mobile’s ‘classic’ zombies mode return?

There’s no news on whether the Call of Duty zombies mode, which is based on waves, will return. However, there is optimism.


According to social media comments, fans anticipate that the Undead Siege mode is a preview to the traditional mode returning in a later season, possibly towards the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022.

The single zombies map in Call of Duty: Mobile was Shi No Numa, a Japanese swamp that was one of the original maps from Call of Duty: World at War. The first ever zombies map (also from World at War), Nacht Der Untoten, was also developed for the mobile game, however it was only playable for a short period.

The original batch of maps for Call of Duty: Mobile, which includes the aforementioned two, Verruckt and Der Reise, appeared to be in the works at the time. However, it’s worth noting that early alphas of Call of Duty: Mobile revealed a very early zombies game.


Early betas of the game allowed you to play short, several-minute-long missions based on the Green Run area from Black Ops 2 (many zombies maps were all based on this same larger map – don’t worry, it’s confusing).


The fact that the Green Run objectives were abandoned demonstrates that the creators are aware of fans’ fondness for traditional zombie action, and the fact that work on new classic levels was certainly underway demonstrates that the groundwork has already been laid.


Finally, the game’s Player Profile displays your zombies numbers, including how many matches you’ve played, your ranking, and your overall damage output in zombies, which would be strange if the mode were to be abolished or replaced with Undead Siege.


All evidence suggests that Call of Duty: Mobile has the potential to bring zombies back in a big manner. However, this is merely supposition, and even if accurate, classic zombies may not return for a long time. So, for the time being, take everything with a grain of salt.

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