Can Genesect beat Mewtwo?

Without a large group of Genesect, Mewtwo would be nearly impossible to defeat. The films show that it takes at least four or five for them to have any chance against the psychic Pokémon. Unfortunately this means if we ever had one in real life they’d probably just find more ways around our best efforts and keep causing trouble until someone could get enough of their kind together again

Will Burn Drive Genesect be shiny?

The Shiny version of Genesect’s Burn Drive is not available during the Unova event in Pokémon Go. This will definitely disappoint some members, as this shiny splash was a highly anticipated feature for many players.

Is Red Genesect a shiny?

In the sixteenth Pokémon movie, a Shiny Genesect is the main antagonist and has awakened from its slumber.

Is there a shiny Genesect?

In a move that is sure to shock all Pokémon trainers, Shiny Genesect has been released into the wild. Trainers are limited by time and will need an effective team of Unova region Pokémon before they face this tough opponent during their week-long battle event!

Can you 2 man Genesect?

With Genesect’s great attack stat, it will be easy to duo with the right counters. Since you’ll probably need 2-3 high level trainers for a successful raid though, make sure your friends are ready!

What is Genesect good for?

Genesect is a Bug and Steel type Pokemon with high offensive stats, relatively poor bulk, and has a spammy moveset. Compared to Scizor who also sports the same types but higher defensive stats on average Genesect’s advantage lies in its charge move which deals more damage whereas Scizor features the faster steel-type fast attack giving it better DPS throughout all stages of battle.

What is the best drive for Genesect?

Though Techno Blast may be more versatile, Genesect’s burn drive makes it a better choice. For the current Pokemon GO raid bosses, use Techno Blast with Burn Drive or Shock Drive for maximum effectiveness.

What CP is Genesect?

Three thousand three hundred fifty-three.

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How do you fight Genesect?

Using Fire Pokemon is the best way to counter Reshiram, as it has two abilities which can be super effective against those Pokemon: Turboblaze and Teravolt. Heatran also poses a challenge with its Flame Body ability that will burn your attackers when you attack them. Chandelure’s Flash Fire helps him absorb fire type moves and strengthens his own attacks, so keep an eye out for that too!

Can you beat Genesect with 4 people?

Tired of losing to Genesect? You can beat it with just two elite trainers and their top powered-up counters. For those that cannot guarantee this, three or four are best bet for the win.

What Pokemon is Genesect good against?

Genesect is a Bug- and Steel type Pokémon. It has access to powerful moves like Techno Blast, which looks as if it’s straight out of an 80’s sci-fi movie with its neon colors and laser beams. Genesect isn’t just any old bug though—it can be one tough opponent! Since it was introduced in 2012 for the fifth generation games, players have been trying to figure out how well they fare against this cybernetic insect monster (which happens to counter several popular fire types).

Which is better scizor or Genesect?

Genesect can be a scout/special sweeper/late game cleaner, while Scizor is more of an offensive and defensive pivot.

All three share the same typing but do different things so it’s hard to compare them. Genesect can be a scout / special sweeper / late-game cleaner , while Scizor’s most common use is as an effective revenge killer ; on top of this, he also acts as support for his team with moves such as U-turn .

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