Updated on March 17, 2022

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Losing a client’s trust can be a major headache. The loss of a gaming account, regardless of whether it is on a mobile device or a computer or console, can be devastating to a player who has invested time and effort into the game. Sometimes it’s the developer’s fault, and other times it’s the player’s own fault that causes it. As a result, Call of Duty Mobile users are encountering the same issue more and more frequently. As a result, if you’ve lost your COD Mobile account, we’ll tell you how to get it back. We’ll also talk about ways to keep your accounts safe.

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How can I keep my Call of Duty Mobile account safe?
First-time players have the option of signing in with their social media accounts (Facebook or Google Play) or using the game’s Guest mode. Unaware of this, a large number of players choose to check in as “Guest.” This is their first major blunder. If the game data is erased or the game is reinstalled using the guest login, the user will lose all of their progress. The old account will be lost forever, as a result. Regardless of what they do, they will never be able to make any progress. Make sure you use either a Facebook or Google Play login to protect your progress before anything else. The player’s data will be saved if he or she reinstalls the game. And they’ll be able to log in to their old account as well.

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How can I regain access to my Call of Duty Mobile account?
It is possible that gamers’ account information is lost even when using a Facebook or Google Play login. It’s not right, but don’t freak out. Activision customer service must be contacted if this occurs. After confirming that the individual requesting data recovery is the rightful owner, the support team will start with the recovery. That’s why players need to show confirmation of their identities. Anyone who has been unable to access their COD Mobile account despite using a Facebook or Google Play login can click on the icon below to get in touch with customer service.
Even if you did nothing wrong and yet lost your account, you’ll probably get it back.. So just be patient and let the support team to get your account information.

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