Updated on March 17, 2022

Assault rifles are the most common type of weapon in the game, in case you didn’t know. Additionally, the attachments and loadout of a weapon can be modified to suit a variety of purposes.

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The tiers are described here.
Assault rifles in the “S-Tier” class in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 still hold their own against lower-tier weapons even without the ideal loadout. There’s no way to go wrong here.
A-Tier: A-Tier assault rifles can compete with S-Tier assault rifles if equipped with the appropriate attachments and loaded properly for your playstyle.
As long as you’ve got the right loadout, these ARs can still be deemed average.
In the C-Tier, weapons can only be used in specified scenarios or for specific playstyles. Your loadout must be ideal to complete the task.
This is the lowest tier of play. The other assault weapons on this list would be a better choice for you.

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List of AR ranks
In COD Mobile Season 11, there are a total of 20 assault weaponry to choose from. There were only four weapon balancing modifications in the current gameplay patch, none of which affected assault rifles. All assault rifles have been classified best to worst based on their performance in the game’s meta.

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Type 25 M13 AS-VAL DR-H LK24 are S-tier ARs
In COD Mobile Season 10, the Type 25 received a slew of improvements, including reduced recoil, increased rate of fire, and increased damage to the abdomen, all of which combined to make it a terrifying weapon to use in close quarters.

Assault rifles won’t see any changes in balance this season, thus the Type 25 will remain a formidable addition to your collection. An equally lethal mid-range assault rifle, the M13 has little recoil, a high rate of fire, and a great amount of damage done to the head and body with each shot.

Swordfish KN44 AK-117 AK-47
Don’t be fooled into thinking these weapons aren’t capable and lethal. The Swordfish, KN44, AK-117, and Man-O-War all belong in the S-tier, despite their A-tier status. These weapons are incredibly powerful and are capable of vaporising their opponents.

ARs in the lower tiers:

MK2 CR-56 Peacekeeper ASM-10 HVK-30
It’s no surprise that these weapons have gone out of favour with the rise of Type 25, M13, and AS VAL in popularity. With the correct attachments, some weapons, such as the Peacekeeper MK2, can be considerably more powerful than they already are.

C-tier ARs include the AK-47, BK-57, HBRa3, ICR-1, and HBRa3.
C-tier weapons, like those in the B-tier, have largely fallen out of favour this season in favour of more robust and broken weaponry, such as the Type 25 or M13. To compete with S-tier or A-tier weaponry this season, these weapons may require the ideal loadout.

FR.556 M4 M16 is a lower-tier assault rifle option.
In Season 11 of COD Mobile, these weapons should be avoided. Despite the fact that they aren’t completely worthless, there are many superior options available this season.

Assault Rifles in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 have now been graded from best to worst. If you don’t like our rankings, you’re out of luck; we don’t care.

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