Updated on March 17, 2022

A great deal of the inspiration for COD Mobile comes from the rich history of Call of Duty and its many memorable moments and locations. As a result of Tencent Games’ collaboration, the COD Mobile Battle Royale map Isolated can now be in your hands.

Maps from previous games are mixed up with new ones to discover on this enormous one. This map tour will take you around the world from west to east. In addition, we’ll provide you advice on where to find treasure and other supplies.

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A map of the pier

Map of the Pier in-game
The Pier is located on the island’s north shore. COD Mobile: Battle Royale’s beach village, where a ship or two is anchored on a regular basis in the game.

An even smaller island with a single home is located north of the Pier if you want to take a dip in the water. On Isolated, isolation is defined by this location, which is far from any of the main areas, therefore anyone who lands here may be on their own with a fair amount of loot.

Make sure you pack a boat for your trip to this tiny island. From here, it’s a long swim to get back to the main island. Regardless of where a soldier is stationed — on land, sea, or air — the collapse is the same for everyone.

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One can find many potential loot sources in the many residential areas. Tactical Rafts are a typical mode of transportation on the sea. In the easternmost trio of houses, there may even be a helicopter nearby.

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a map of the nuclear wasteland

The Nuketown Map can be found in the game:
Located off the main Isolated map in COD Mobile: Battle Royale, Nuketown is Black Ops’ greatest jewel.

On Isolated, the original Nuketown is located in the larger neighbourhood outside the main Cul-de-Sac, but the original Green and Yellow houses might still be good sites to set up a strong defence.

Explore the small island, keeping an eye out for signs of collapse in Nuketown and Pier. The best course of action is to locate a Patrol Boat if the safe spot is on Isolated’s main island. Otherwise, there are two major bridges that cross the water, one of which connects us to our next significant location.

The Map of the Docks

Map of the Docks
It’s only a short walk from the island’s northernmost bridge to the Dock if we cross it. The Multiplayer map’s design may be seen here. Somewhere among the containers is a shipment from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
The intense close-quarters combat in Shipment is legendary among veteran Multiplayer players.

Shipment on Isolated’s Dock area, with its container set, can also be a venue for quick skirmishes and include some vital things for survival. In order to keep watch over this part of the map, you can climb up on top of these and other containers.

Diagram of the Pipeline

During the game: Pipeline’s map
Two enormous warehouses stand out in an abandoned railyard just southeast of the Dock, which is ripe for looting.

The Modern Warfare multiplayer map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the inspiration for this area in COD Mobile Battle Royale.

The high catwalks of the southern huge warehouse, as well as the pipes outdoors, can be dangerous places for adversaries to lurk. When wishing to engage in a long-distance battle, this may be the best place to do it, while those searching for a close-quarters conflict may be better served by the nearby buildings and warehouse.

Anatomy of a Property

Map of the Estate in the game
On Isolated, the multi-million-dollar safehouse can be seen in all its opulent, yet understated, splendour.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s Loose Ends Multiplayer Map was based on this location in the previous game.

Even if you don’t see anyone from the shadows, you should keep an eye out for all the loot that could be hidden in this area.

At a higher altitude than most, those who are on top can see down on their foes as they make their way inside their safehouse. So, if you wish to keep the Estate secure, placing Deployable Shields at the Estate’s multiple entry points might be a good idea.

A map of a forest.

Map of the Forest
For the first time in the Call of Duty world, a new place has been introduced in Isolated: The Forest.

This Forest is a desolate wasteland because of the hot and arid temperature that comes from the south. Additionally, the area is situated in a valley, which is characterised by sparse vegetation and rocky outcrops to the north and east of the site.

Shootouts and drive-by attacks are common in this area because there is only one main road cutting through the middle of the wasteland.

There are a few buildings to explore and loot in this area that, on sometimes, contain powerful items. Although loot can be obtained within, if there isn’t much going on outside, these residences could quickly become warzones.

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