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Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode allows up to 100 people to compete on a single huge map for 20 minutes. Weapons and items are used by players to help them defeat the opposing side while also ensuring their own survival. In this mode, the most important thing is to be able to restrain yourself and concentrate on your strategy. One slip-up in a shootout can have disastrous consequences, and you’ll be dead before you realise it. In order to avoid this, it’s usually a good idea to keep some advice in mind. As a result, we’ve put together this list of COD Mobile Battle Royale tips and tactics to help you get the most out of your experience and win more games. First and foremost, we want you to understand that these COD Mobile battle royale tips and tricks are not presented in any particular order and that each one is essential to your success in the game.

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COD Mobile Battle Royale tips

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Battle Royale tips and tricks for COD Mobile.

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First and foremost, know your territory inside and out.

If you’re going to win a COD Mobile match, you’ll need to know every single spot on the ISOLATED map you’re dropping onto. The more you play, the more you’ll be able to remember this. Map research ahead of time can help you and your teammates survive and win the games.

In every match, communication is essential.

However, this only applies if you’re playing with others in a group, and you’ll hear this advice a lot in online games. However, at times even the top players appear to have a hard time working together and prefer to go it alone. Keep in mind that your team relies on you to be there so that you can watch out for each other.

Your team’s chances of winning are greatly reduced if each member has his or her own personal goals in mind. Using voice chat or the fast text chat is the most obvious method, but even tagging adversaries, firearms, vests, and the location you’re heading to can make all the difference.

Even if you have a large amount of adrenaline/first aid/hemostatics, it’s advisable to distribute it amongst your squad members so that everyone may effectively remove adversaries without having to worry about their own health or the health of their fellow teammates being reduced.

4. Always alter the HUD to suit your particular style of play.
If you’re in a gunfight, the last thing you want to do is accidentally press the snowboard button instead of the trigger. The key is to arrange the buttons in such a way that nothing blocks anything else. As long as you have a good HUD, you’ll be able to see and move better, as well as land the initial shot.

There are numerous variables that must be taken into consideration when making a rough HUD, so don’t be afraid to play around with it and see what works best for your own personal preferences. Intense gunfights can be made tolerable by using an effective HUD.

Matches can be broken down into three levels of preparation.
The three stages of preparation are for the beginning, middle, and end of the game. Get the greatest weaponry you can and stock up on ammo, grenades, and health supplies during the early stages of the game. Get better vests, adrenaline and personalised loadouts by going further throughout the mid-game time.

Preparing for a last showdown with the opponent players who have fought their way to the final few circles is the focus of the end-game. Maintaining good health and having the greatest weapons available are important, but so is staying hyper-aware.

Having a Custom Loadout is Essential
When building your Battle Royale loadout, you’ll need to choose the best firearms in the game and then wait for an airdrop to drop them. These battle royale tips and strategies for Call of Duty: Mobile are updated seasonally and can be found on our COD Mobile Guns Tier List. This will keep you up to speed on the most recent facts for each gun, allowing you to make an informed decision about which one to purchase.

As a result, it is imperative that you choose the correct weapon for your airdrop. You should have at least one SMG and/or Assault Rifle to augment any shotguns or snipers that you may want to use. However, what works in Multiplayer may not work in Battle Royale when it comes to custom loadouts.

7. The only way to live is not to get into a fight every time you get into a fight.
If you’re not well-prepared, you may have to back off and leave a fight. With a snowboard or a fast car, this can be done easily. You can return to finish the job once you’ve recovered and are ready to battle again. It’s not a good idea to get involved in a gunfight with a large group of people while you’re alone.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for it, you may wind up winning and having a memorable and dramatic experience. In order to make the right choice, you must weigh your opponent’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as your own position.

Avoid getting into the water or staying in cars with a poor health rating.
Swimming puts you in a very precarious position. You can only use your hips to fire, making you vulnerable to ground foes. In addition, if the vehicle you’re in has low health, you could be in jeopardy. When it comes to getting knocked out in the first few rounds, it doesn’t take long at all.

9. Always keep moving, occasionally covering yourself with a cloth.
Without a secure place, you’ll have to keep moving or hide behind cover at some point in order to survive. In order to avoid being shot by snipers and other persons who are close enough, you must move erratically or hide in a safe place.

You can usually tell whether a sniper is nearby by the sound of their rifle’s cough. If you’re in a close-quarters or mid-range battle, moving around to avoid being shot can be beneficial. As a result, the most dangerous thing you can do is to go prone with no protection.

Choosing a class is an important decision.
Several classes are available at the start of the game in Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Royale mode. Medic or airborne can provide support or a defence option like the Transform Shield or an offensive option like the K9 Unit or aerial attack. The class you choose is based on your personal preferences and can make or break a gunfight.
It’s also possible to confuse or panic your opponents with the perfect class. The best approach to discover which lessons work best for you is to try out a variety of them. New classes are regularly offered. However, you should always have a backup choice in case one of your teammates ends up selecting the class you want before you do.

Choosing your mods intelligently is a good rule of thumb to keep in mind.
Choosing the appropriate mods is just as crucial as choosing the right guns and class. The following is a list of the mods that can be found as ground loot, along with a brief explanation and which types of weapons they are best suited to. The more rare a mod is, the better it is, much like a rifle is better than a less rare one. Here is a list of all the mods currently available in the game.

Longshot Mods: Extend the range of your weapon (Snipers, ARs, SMGs, Shotguns)
Reduce reload times and ammunition capacity by using Extend Mods (Snipers, ARs, SMG, Shotguns)
By decreasing the dispersal of bullets, dense fire mods improve accuracy (ARs and SMGs)
Gunfire sounds are muffled, and the position of gunfire on the mini-map is obscured. (Snipers)
Modifications to the stabiliser reduce recoil and increase flinch stability, allowing you to keep your rounds on target even when being hit. (Arsenal and SMGs)
To temporarily speed up mobility after leaving ADS mode, use the Runner Mod. Snipers, ARs, and SMGs
Increases ammunition capacity and reduces reload time like Extend Mods. The ammo in the magazine is also flushed out by this procedure. (Arsenal and SMGs)

QRF Mods: Improves the accuracy of a weapon while shooting at an adversary (ARs and SMGs)

Push your adversaries to give them a hard time in the ring.
Getting your opponent into the position you want them to be in is a good method to win a gunfight. They’ll panic and make blunders if you push them too hard and don’t let them back out. Tunnel vision may be a great asset when you’re under a lot of stress or strain, so take advantage of it. These tactics can be accomplished with the support of your colleagues, or even a K9 unit, which can distract them.

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