CoD Mobile best guns in each category

Updated on March 17, 2022

CoD Mobile best guns in each category

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CoD Mobile’s finest weapons
CoD Mobile’s most powerful weapons, as well as their substitutes.

The greatest guns in Call of Duty: Mobile have been compiled for your convenience. There are five key gun categories, and we’ve highlighted the top alternatives in each of them in this comprehensive list

There have been some significant changes to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 4, and if you are a fan, you are probably aware of them. the weapons and equipment underwent numerous modifications as a result of this.

In the midst of combat, you may discover a lack of damage from formerly effective weapons, or you may find that some weapons have undergone significant modifications in their stats.

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Do you know what kinds of guns you can use in Call of Duty: Mobile?
Weapons are broken down into several categories in most FPS games. We’ll take a look at each of them and identify the best weapons for use in combat.

a weapon of war
Rifles with Sniper Modifications
Guns that aren’t heavy machine guns.
Weapons that fire submachine bullets.

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The best guns in each category can be found here.
The finest weaponry for the battlefield in Call of Duty: Mobile are determined by the player’s abilities and preferences, as each weapon functions and deals damage in a unique way. It’s for this reason that we strongly advise you to define your favourite playing style before making a weapon selection. Fortunately, regardless of your playstyle, we have a broad list of weaponry from each category that you can choose from when the going gets tough.

CoD Mobile’s best assault rifle is the AK-47.
The AK-47 has been the greatest automatic assault rifle since Season 1. High penetrating damage makes this rifle ideal for the game’s frequent mid- to close-range fighting.
Most effective weaponry in Call of Duty: Mobile: AK-47
With no scope or red-dot sight included, the rifle is ready to use out of the box As a result, you may have to scavenge the immediate region to locate one. An AK-47, on the other hand, may guarantee a kill with only a few headshots if you are excellent at aiming. As a whole, it is the best assault rifle with a high burst damage and good recoil.

LK-24 is an alternative.
Because of its great damage and low recoil, it may be a viable alternative to the AK-47. If you’re a beginner, this is a great option. All of the available attachments are compatible with the weapon.

This is the best sniper rifle on the market right now.
The Locus bolt-action rifle has been well praised since its release in the Season 2 update for its superb accuracy and one-shot kill damage. Yes, if the target gets shot in the head, torso, and chest, the gun’s damage is truly incredible.

Locus, on the other hand, requires a high level of accuracy from its users due to the weapon’s limited damage area. In order to inflict harm on the adversary, ensure that you have excellent targeting, or you will simply miss the target and give away your location.

MK2 Carbine is an option as a backup.
One of the better options for Locus. The bullets have great damage but require only medium precision for a kill. The main drawback to this weapon is that it’s not always easy to get your hands on one.

RPD’s Picks for the Best Light Machine Guns
Without any additional gear, this is the only LMG with a burst of power like none other. There have been no major changes to RPD’s powers or stats since Season 1’s introduction of the LMG.

RPD’s ammo is one of its best features. You’ll never run out of it, because it’s all over the place. The magazine also stores 100 rounds of ammunition, so even if you’re not a professional shot, you’ll be able to rule the battlefield with just this rifle.

QQ9 is an alternative.
For a brief length of time, it can serve as a substitute. The QQ9’s high rate of fire and quick reloading distinguish it as a respectable weapon.

A list of the best sub-machine guns in Call of Duty: Mobile.
Even though it has a large magazine, this weapon is more like an SMG than an LMG in terms of mobility. The first thing you’ll notice about it is that it can be used in a hip-fire mode at lesser distances, which is new in S1.

A mobile display of the PPsh-41 assault rifle by COD
Additionally, this weapon has a massive magazine drum and an excellent rate of freefire at the cost of horizontal recoil. Mods can help you with this, but you’ll have to get used to them. Aside from that, reloading the large magazine is a time-consuming process. For the time being, this is the finest gun in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Fennec is an alternative.
Despite the fact that the gun’s stability was reduced a few months ago, it is still an excellent support weapon. Specific attachments can be used to augment T damage even further.

Optimal Shotgun – Echo
Shotguns aren’t for you? We’ll talk about the advantages of this one later. For its self-reloading capabilities and great damage output, the Echo is currently the best shotgun in Call of Duty Mobile.

Echo in CODM
The use of several attachments can reduce the amount of recoil. If the gun is pointed towards the head, it will kill the target with one shot, and if it catches the target elsewhere, it will take away more than half of the target’s HP. In a 1v1 battle, the Echo can be an effective weapon for getting the upper hand. It’s one of the greatest rifles in COD Mobile based on these facts.

KRM-262 is an alternative.
KRM-262, a new close-combat weapon introduced in Season 3, has been praised for its explosive damage and can be used effectively as the primary weapon. In addition, it is the only shotgun capable of long-distance warfare.

CoD: Mobile’s current top weapons are all listed here. To stay up with the ever-changing meta, keep checking back to see if any new guns have been added to the list.

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