COD Mobile: Best SKS loadout for Battle Royale

Updated on March 17, 2022

The stats of the base version of the SKS Meteoric in Season 8 (Image via COD Mobile)

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Battle Royale mode in the COD Mobile Battle Royale is at a fever pitch due to a well-received new Blackout level. In addition, COD Mobile is hosting the BR Worlds Invitational, a $100,000 competition for professional and content creators to compete for on the map.

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Season 8 introduced a new battle royale meta to the game. The meta changed from AK-47s and SMGs to SKSs and other snipers in the second anniversary season.

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IFerg and Sonho put on an impressive display with SKS at the EU Brawl Worlds competition, amassing 56 kills with two SKS.

Overwatch Season 8’s best SKS loadout and overview The SKS’s accuracy and high damage-per-shot make it a dangerous weapon at any range. With two shots, the SKS can take down a target in the mid-range. With a tactical scope, players will be able to land upper-body and headshots that will significantly shorten the time-to-kill at longer ranges.

Players may swiftly spam the weapon’s base form, which deals 60 damage and fires at a pace of 42. However, gunsmiths can alter each stat. Players have all the tools they need to create a unique character.

The weapon’s accuracy, control, and range will all be improved with the following loadout. Ironsight is an option for players that are more comfortable playing without an optic. Additionally, a tactical scope could be a good choice.

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