COD Mobile Controller Not Working Fix – COD Controller Connection Issues

Updated on March 17, 2022

The 10th season of Call of Duty Mobile is arrived. If you’re looking for the greatest weapons this season, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide. However, a long-standing issue with COD Mobile has resurfaced following the most recent patch, with many players complaining that their controller no longer works. Our COD Mobile Controller Not Working Fix – COD Controller Connection Troubles guide can help you if you are also experiencing connection issues with your controller.

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Fixing Call of Duty Mobile Controller Issues – Controller Connection Problems
You can try a number of things to remedy this. Before we begin, we should note out that, like with most fixes that rely on the player, these may no longer work after the next update is released for some reason. The developers are the only ones who can fully resolve issues like these on their end. To get this out of the way, let’s have a look at your options. It’s acceptable if you wish to improve your accuracy in COD Mobile by using an Xbox or PlayStation controller. A simple Bluetooth connection between the controller and your mobile device should do the trick.

If your controller isn’t working, the first thing you can do is exit multiplayer and reenter it. This is a tried-and-true method. You can also access your mobile device’s settings to see if that helps. Then click on the Accessibility tab and then Installed Services to finish your configuration. Select to Speak shortcut can be disabled here. After that, restart COD Mobile and see if it fixes the problem. It is also possible to restart your mobile device if the other options fail.

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The first step is to exit the game mode.
As a starting point, let’s see if this helps. This has worked for some gamers, according to those who have tried it. The only way to find out if your controller is working again is to exit multiplayer and then rejoin.

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Control-issues: Disabling “Select to Speak”


If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to go into your Android or iOS device’s settings and disable the “Select to Speak” shortcut in the Accessibility Tab under Installed Services.

If you can’t find this option in your device’s settings, you may want to try searching for it there. As soon as “Select to Speak” is switched off, close COD Mobile and relaunch it to test if your controller works.

3. Restart your device after double-checking applications.
Restarting your device is an option if the other two options fail. The reason for this is that some apps on mobile require your permission to do certain things, and you may unintentionally grant an app permission to disable or enable something in your device’s settings that could be the cause of your controller not working.

Check your device for any sensitive app that has asked you for access you don’t often provide, and then disable all permissions from the app before restarting your device..

Get a New Controller in Step 4
When all else fails, the only option left is to buy a new controller. The Bluetooth-enabled PS4 or Xbox 360 controller is ideal for playing Call of Duty: Mobile, but any new controller will do.

Because the developers designed it to work with the PlayStation and Xbox controllers alone, certain bluetooth controllers, like Pega mobile controllers, will not work with COD Mobile. You should instead use the more advanced Bluetooth controllers.

There you have it! We’ve covered all the ways you may cure your controller not functioning difficulties in Call of Duty: Mobile, and we hope that this article has been both useful and helpful.

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