COD Mobile Free Accounts ID and Passwords Get free CP

Updated on March 17, 2022

How COD Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile is my Secret yet Simple Method for obtaining COD Mobile IDs and Passwords using Facebook and Gmail. I’m using a Free Account.

We’re back with yet another free account for you guys. Call of Duty Mobile, often known as COD Mobile, is a high-quality multiplayer battle royale game for mobile devices, and the list of free accounts that we are going to give can be used for login.

As part of the COD Mobile login process, you’ll need to use either a Facebook or Google account to log in, and only one account can be made on each of these IDs. To make things even easier, the accounts we’ll be sharing are linked to popular social media platforms like Facebook and Google.

As we all know, CP is quite expensive to purchase, but these free accounts come pre-loaded with free CP or COD Points that can be used to purchase numerous skins and even a royal pass.

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Free Account Bonuses for COD Mobile
The matchmaking will be filled with noobs and bots if you play with one of the provided accounts, but you can earn free cp and a high-level account by using the ones that have been provided. A high-level account is all that is required if you are an experienced player and most of the previous accounts have already been taken. With these accounts, you’ll be eligible for a variety of perks.

Free High Level COD Mobile Accounts are available here!
Up to 160 CP are yours for the taking
Free Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Mobile

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Some of the expensive skins are available on these free accounts.
Many COD mobile accounts have some stunning emotes to choose from.
Even if you’re a male player who prefers to use a female character, you can still find one that’s attractive to both of you.
Unless you break the terms and conditions of these accounts, you won’t be banned.
COD Mobile’s Free Account Passwords for Gmail
You can easily log in to COD Mobile through Gmail, therefore we’ve put up a list of gmails (and passwords) that you can use to gain the login to your game and all the accounts have been manually established and are functional, so don’t waste any time and give it a go! We are constantly updating the list of accounts that no longer work or have changed their passwords. If you don’t have the confirmation phone number, don’t try to change the password.

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COD Mobile Gmail and Password List

COD Mobile Gmails Passwords
[email protected] codmobile-son10
[email protected] codmobile779c1
[email protected] codyandex3w1
[email protected] grow042445cod
[email protected] huh2281cod
[email protected] codmpcc519492
[email protected] cod-boogie66
[email protected] codmrgan27
[email protected] nomore45cod
[email protected] codah770



COD Mobile’s Free Account Login IDs and passwords for Facebook
So that you don’t waste any time, we’ve also included a list of Facebook IDs and passwords that you can use to log in to your game Call of Duty Mobile. It’s a typical method of logging in, so don’t waste any time checking out the IDs and passwords listed below. There are also many free COD Mobile account generators, but this technique of obtaining an account is banned. As a result, we strongly advise against using any unethical means to obtain a free account, and the methods listed below are perfectly legal.

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