COD Mobile: How to get special symbols for stylish names

Updated on March 17, 2022


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Players would have to use a rename card to change their name in COD Mobile


Many mobile gamers have turned to Call of Duty: Mobile since its introduction in October of this year as a battle royale option. Despite the game’s very brief lifespan, it has already surpassed 100 downloads on Google Play.

Creating a COD Mobile account necessitates players to provide their IGN. Many players, on the other hand, want to personalise their accounts by changing their usernames and adding symbols.

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What are the best methods for obtaining unique COD symbols? IGNs for mobile devices
Special symbols cannot be found on standard mobile keyboards, therefore players must turn to third-party websites like,, and Here’s how they can receive these symbols from the websites where they’re sold:

The first step is to open one of these websites.
Symbols of a wide variety will emerge on the screen in the second step. Find the one you’re looking for by scrolling around. By clicking on the symbol, you can copy it to your clipboard.

Paste it on your IGN to make it more fashionable.

It should be mentioned that in order to change one’s name in COD Mobile, one must utilise a rename card. In the game store, they can buy the rename card for 1000 Credits (200 CP) or more.

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After purchasing the card, here’s how you can use it.

For starters, open COD Mobile and select “Inventory,” which can be found at the very bottom of your screen.

The second step is the opening of the inventory. Once you’ve selected the Rename card, click on the Use button to apply it. You will be prompted to enter the new IGN in a dialogue window. Using the ‘Change’ button, type in the new name. Your name will be changed as soon as possible.

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