COD Mobile: How to unlock and equip the Katana weapon for free

Updated on March 17, 2022

COD Mobile Katana


You may get your hands on a brand new weapon called the Katana in COD Mobile’s sixth season, “The Heat.” An Operator Skill called Katana cuts and dices the enemy in one fell swoop. In order to have a full view of the environment, the player must switch to third-person mode. Attack your adversaries from all sides with your newfound peripheral vision. Here, we’ll look at how to get your hands on this deadly melee weapon in Call of Duty Mobile and how to best utilise it in your team’s arsenal.

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With regard to COD Mobile’s Katana weapon
Killing an enemy with one strike is possible with the Katana. As a close-range operator, you’ll need to be near to your target to get the most out of the Katana blade. The following are all of the weapon’s characteristics:

Damage is estimated at $200.
The rate of fire is 10 and the accuracy is 70 percent.
Mobility: 90 mph
0 to 10
Control is set at 70.

When approaching an enemy, close the distance by making use of environment components, distractions from your teammates, or tactical equipment. Make sure you’re within striking distance of the Katana before launching an attack.

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in COD Mobile Sharpened Skills event, unlock the Katana weapon.
New Sharpened Skills featured challenge will conclude on August 29, 2021, and players will be able to obtain the Katana in Season 6. In addition to the featured challenges, players can also receive a variety of additional incentives. To get the Katana weapon for your loadout, you must accomplish a series of tasks in this challenge. In this event, there are a number of milestones at which rewards can be accrued. Milestone points will be awarded after completing each assignment, which will allow you to unlock the weapon.

5 Multiplayer matches = 10 Milestone points

15 Milestone points for killing five adversaries using melee weapons. –
25 Milestone points for killing 10 foes using melee weapons.
You get 15 Milestone points for using the Shadow Blade operator skill five times in Multiplayer matches.
The Shadow Blade operator skill awards 20 milestone points for killing 20 opponents in multiplayer games.
20 Milestone points are earned for dealing 6000 damage in multiplayer matches.
To earn 15 Milestone points and the Backstabber Medal in multiplayer games, you must win five consecutive games.
Kill 20 opponents while using the perk “Lightweight” with the perk “Dead Silence”: Ten points of significance

20 Milestone points for winning five multiplayer matches.
Keep in mind, however, that not all of the objectives must be achieved in order to gain access to Katana. You must earn a total of 140 milestone points before you can use Katana. When it comes to completing the event in the smallest amount of time feasible, you can organise and prioritise your responsibilities accordingly. The following are the incentives you’ll receive when you reach each of these milestones:

a total of 150 Credits after completing 60 milestones
Twenty of the 70 milestones have been reached. XP Cards for Epic Weapons
Milestone number 80: The HS2126-Guarana
Milestones: Backpack 1-Mosaic – 120 points
The 140th and final milestone: Katana

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COD Mobile: How to use Katana in your loadout
Once the Katana has been unlocked, gamers will want to try it out, so they’ll need to equip it first. In both Multiplayer and Battle Royale modes, melee weapons can be used. Let’s start by putting it on in multiplayer first.

From the game’s main menu, select Loadout at the bottom of the screen.
Finally, you’ll see your loadout on the screen. Melee can be found in the supplementary weapons section. After the knives, the Katana will be presented and you can then Quick Equip it.
Return to the main menu and select Battle Royale from the drop-down menu to equip it. Again, you’ll find a melee choice in your loadout at the bottom of the page, near the class section. The Katana may be equipped by just swiping until you see it.

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