COD Mobile Mythic Weapons: How to Get? All You Need to Know

Updated on March 17, 2022

Due to their rarity, Mythic Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile are extremely difficult to come by. If you want to get your hands on Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile, you’ll need to open Mythic Drop Crates. These weapons include some of the strongest visual effects and coolest weapon models in the game, so anyone who sees them will be intimidated. Even if these Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile were to be made available in other ways, it’s not yet evident. Check out the details on these stunning weaponry right here.

COD Mobile: How to Get Mythic Weapons
One of the most sought-after and rarest types of weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile is the fabled weapon. Mythic Drop Crates, which are only accessible for a limited time, are the only way to get these things. Purchasing these crates from the in-game shop will raise the price each time you do so, but the price will be reset after the tenth purchase.

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When you open a drop crates, you’ll find Mythic Weapons.

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The initial cost of a Mythic Drop box is 20 COD Points, however this rises to 3,500 CP after the tenth draw. The possibilities of obtaining the Mythic weapon in Call of Duty: Mobile increase in tandem with the game’s pricing, therefore players have a better chance of obtaining the Mythic weapon.

Each Mythic Weapon draw costs a certain amount of money;


First Draw: 20 CP

50 CP for the 2nd Draw

80 CP for the 3rd Draw

150 CP for the 4th Draw

280 CP for the 5th Draw

450 CP for the 6th Draw

700 CP is the prize for the seventh draw.

One thousand CP for the eighth drawing

1,800 CP for the 9th Draw

3500 CP for the 10th draw

Players are guaranteed to get the Mythic Weapon from the drop box on the 10th draw.

The COD Mobile Mythic Weapons List.

COD Mobile’s Mythic Weapons have been listed below.

CoD: Mobile’s very first Mythic Weapon deals with ascension and godlike qualities. The Fennec SMG’s weapon blueprint may be found here.


Mythic Drop: Magma Eruption – January 2021.

The Peacekeeper MK2 Assault Rifle is the subject of this Mythic Weapon blueprint. The plot revolves around a mysterious meteorite that gives weapons and operators amazing powers.

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