Updated on March 17, 2022

As the first COD Mobile season in 2022 approaches, we now have a better idea of what to expect from the impending Season 1 update.

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January is the best time to inject new content into the game, and COD Mobile’s creators have a lot of it planned this month.
There are two new multiplayer levels, one of which is a mobile-optimized version of the renowned Hacienda map from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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However, Season 1 will also have a number of new maps. This is the perfect moment for a Chinese-themed map, Chinese Nuketown, as the Lunar New Year approaches!
The Kilo 141 assault rifle and the PPSh-41 submachine pistol are two new additions.

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A tactical grenade and new modes, as well as quality of life enhancements and weapon balance adjustments are just some of the additions that will be made available in CoD: Mobile Season 1!

Check out what’s new in the section below!

MULTIPLAYER: Hacienda, a new map, has been released. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Hacienda Map is now playable on mobile devices!

Even though it appears to be a tranquil lake from the outside, the vineyard garden’s foes lurk just beneath the surface.

It’s critical to plan ahead of time!

Chinese Nuketown – a new map Wishing you a happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

– Chinese Nuketown’s red lanterns and antique oriental structures make it a great destination to visit during this time of year.

– Have fun, and don’t forget to stay for the nighttime fireworks display!

An entirely new Tactical Grenade, Storm Ball, is designed to obstruct the enemy’s line of sight.

– Enemies inside the barrier are unable to regain their health.

Two New Game Modes:

– To win, you’ll need more gold coins!

– Develop a plan with your team to spread out, discover gold coins in the vault, and buy combat gear to defeat the opposing team!

2) Search and Destroy Payouts

– Ranked Multiplayer will feature Payout Search for a limited period of time.

– Use the game’s most lethal weapon to take out your opponents!

3) The Red Envelope Kill Is Definitely Happening

– Red Envelope Kill Confirmed for the holidays! – Join the 10v10 combat!

You never know what you’re going to find inside the red envelope.

First season in 2022 of cod mobile Hacienda
Chinese Nuketown has been introduced to the game as a special Lunar New Year’s gift! (Photo: Activision)
Tunisia has been added to the map. Changes to the wine cellar skylight now let players toss various objects through it.

A new feature has been added that allows attachments to be retained when a design is replaced.

For the MVP’s kill cam, we’ve improved the quality.

– When an orbiting laser line is specified, the map now has a zoom option.

– MQ-27 Dragonfire and Hawk X3 reduced screen freezes and frame drops.

– Adjusted the amount of weapon experience obtained to account for multiplayer advancement.

– The M13’s acceleration has been matched to the speed at which the weapon is running.

A new feature has been added to BATTLE ROYALE: 30 seconds after abandoning attachments, players cannot acquire attachments of the same kind or any rank for the duration of that time.

In the event of a weak network, gamers are less likely to have an unsuccessful experience.

Expansion of the advanced attachments display for the audience.

Improved sound effects when the player is in a wild area.

– A new text message appears when a player exits Battle Royale, informing them of the changes.

alterations to gameplay
Modifications to the Sniper Challenge Mode

Only the MW11 will be included in the mod’s pistol arsenal.

Custom sniper weapons and gear have been updated with the latest research and recommendations.

It’ll show you the designer’s suggested custom sniper rifle if you don’t already have one in your rucksack.

Warfare mode now enables spectator mode, a brand-new feature.

The Blackout map’s structure has been tweaked to improve gameplay and performance.

– Snow and ice zones have been added to Blackout. –

Weapons of the future have arrived.
One of the fully automatic assault rifles with longer optics to improve the headshot effect is the Kilo 141 (Kilo for short).

An average rate of fire, moderate damage output, and a drum magazine that can be converted.

Submachine gun PPSh-41 uses a drum magazine with a low level of precision.

– Use the advantage of non-targeted fire to charge the attacker!

Exclusive weapon inspection is now available for certain mythological weapons.

Combat performance improvement through training and research
Addition of many sorts of muzzle firing smoke effects, with a smoke effect for each muzzle attachment.

In addition, a muzzle heat dissipation smoke effect has been added, and the smoke occurs after more than 10 consecutive shots of the same weapon.

The handling of weapons has been improved thanks to a recent upgrade.

Model for grenade throwing behaviour was adjusted.

– Enhancements to the photorealistic effects of the site.

Gun shaking performance when shifting non-targeted fire and aiming has been improved in this update.

The weekly clan credit reward ratio has been increased, and character shard awards can now be obtained by joining a team with a clan member and competing in a node competition.

Players who have joined the clan for the first time are allowed to participate in the competition for that week.

However, clans with less than the required number of active players may join, but their node score will be lowered.

– Increase the number of clan members to avoid a ban.

Updates on ranked matches:
Rank Points and extra information can be obtained under “Ranked Rewards” when a lone player meets a four-person queue that has been entered as a team.

In the Ranked Lobby, you can find more information about the new season reset regulations for the top 5000 players.

A new rarity level has been introduced this season: Legendary, which denotes that a player’s calling card is extremely rare.

Mismatched squad compositions during matchmaking have been reduced.

– There is a significant decrease in the likelihood of finding other teams with the same number of players.

There will be an increase in the matchmaking scope at the start of the season to address the lack of top-ranked players.

When playing alone, you’ll be paired with those of a similar or lower ranking than yourself.

In Team Deathmatch/Forefront Rank Bonuses, relative individual performance is more important than the outcome of the match.

The loadout can be altered while the queue is running, which is an additional update to the system.

It’s possible to change the normal state and fire sensitivity of the gyroscope individually.

It is possible to customise the scope precision for both the red dot sight and the holographic sight.

Controls for jumping and climbing motions have been updated to include more advanced possibilities.

– Pressing the jump button will no longer instantly mount and ascend the player.

Players can now avoid mistakenly tapping the jump button during combat by shifting the jump button upwards.

If you don’t want the default Medicine option for Battle Royale HP items to prohibit item replacement in shortcut keys from being used, you can disable it.

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