COD: Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes

Updated on March 17, 2022


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Here are the Season 8 update’s patch notes!

What’s in the Season 8 patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile? Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile is officially online, and the official patch notes have been issued by the developer.

COD: Mobile’s second anniversary is celebrated with a new season that includes new game modes, a new battle royale area, and even a few Modern Warfare-inspired weaponry.

Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile will see the return of the fan favourite Alcatraz map. Season 8 of Call of Duty: Mobile is out, and we’re here to show you how you can do whatever you want with it. However, before we go into the patch notes, why not check out our AK-47 and AK117 loadout guides?

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Season 8 Battle Pass for COD: Mobile
Like Captain Price, Alias, Velikan, and of course, the legendary General Shephard, the S8 Battle Pass is full of iconic Call of Duty characters. New functional stuff, such as the Lightning Strike Scorestreak and R9-0 shotgun, can be obtained by using the pass. The following table summarises the most important BP items and the tiers at which you can obtain them.

Access to Battle Passes for Free

Roadside Assistance – Tired Mechanic (tier 1)
It’s impossible to defragment Chicom (tier 4)
Lightning Strike — a new score streak (tier 14)
Introducing the R9-0, a new weapon (tier 21)
Broken Road – Scout (tier 26)
Rugged Unbreakable Suitcase RUS-79U (tier 31)
Trap for bears using charms (tier 38)
Bang! That Was a Calling Card! (tier 46)

Battle Royale Updates for COD: Mobile Season 8
If you’ve been playing Battle Royale after the recent update, you’ll notice that a lot has changed. As a general rule, these modifications are meant to help keep the Battle Royale experience new and up to date.

Classes, health, vehicle balancing, customizations, weapon looting, backpacks, and a slew of other features have all undergone significant revisions. Even though we won’t be able to cover everything in the patch notes, here’s a quick rundown of what’s new:

Rally Car, a Brand-New Vehicle
A new health system has been implemented that includes Armor, which increases a character’s HP by a certain percentage.
New and old things can be used to repair both Armor and Health.
Wingsuit-wielding foes are now marked on the map with a compass-like indicator.
Weapons no longer have the previous Color-coded quality.
As of this point, weapons are supposed to be found and improved from their original state.
The most common way to improve a weapon’s performance is to use one of its three mod slots.
Improved the HUD while driving automobiles.
The distance a slide travels will now vary based on the slope and speed of the moving vehicle.
Changes and tweaks to several aspects of the vehicle.

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