Updated on March 17, 2022

This is the greatest loadout for the Fennec SMG in multiplayer mode of COD Mobile Season 9.

In COD Mobile Season 9, the new weapon meta is making a huge impact. SMGs are without a doubt the greatest weapon class in the game at the moment, particularly in multiplayer mode.

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Players are anxious to find out which SMG is best for Season 9 ranked mode in COD Mobile.
The Fennec is now the most overpowered weapon in the game, despite the fact that some players favour QQ9 or MSMC. A suitable loadout for the Fennec is essential, as the weapon is currently the greatest option for close-range combat.

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Fastest SMG in game presently has a fire rate of 111 rounds per minute. This means that the weapon can be difficult to control in-game.


In order to control the high-recoil and keep the Fennec on target, players will need to design a loadout.


The Fennec’s primary objective is to control recoil. As a result, it is recommended that players choose a build that has a low recoil and is easy to handle at close range.


Season 9’s greatest Fennec attachments include:


Suppressor Monolithic for the Muzzle

OWC Laser Tactical – Laser

Ammunition: Mag A Ext.

Granulated Grip Tape – Operator Foregrip Rear Grip – Underbarrel

The attachments can also be swapped out to suit individual preferences. For example, employing the RTC Steady Stock or the No Stock will alter the weapon’s accuracy and mobility.


Underbarrel and rear grips can be used together to greatly enhance overall control.


Reducing Fennec’s recoil is the goal, although enhancing its ADS and HIP fire accuracy are also desired.

An overpowering Fennec can be unleashed by players in lobbies with the right loadout. The biggest feature of this weapon is its ability to move about the battlefield.


Here are a few Perk combinations that can help players get the most out of their Fennec and get an advantage over the competition:


Flak Jacket-Vulture – High Warrant

Flexibility, quickness, alertness, and portability are all characteristics of agility.

The Fennec in COD Mobile is a lurker’s best friend because to its rapid rate of fire and tremendous damage output. The Fennec is a sure-fire approach to take out any opponent you come up against by flanking them.


Players can easily earn a few collateral kills if they are caught off guard. It’s harder to get the hang of the Fennec’s spray pattern compared to other SMGs.


It also has a rather short ammo clip, which is similar. As a result, players will need to improve their precision to make up for the lost ammunition.


Helpful Hints and Advice
Season 9 of COD Mobile sees the Fennec retain its position as the best SMG in the game. The Akimbo Perk for the Fennec is considered a bad idea by the community because it reduces the weapon’s genuine capability.

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