Designer City MOD APK 1.81 (Unlimited Money/Gold) Download

Updated on June 23, 2022

Designer City Information
Popular on the Google Play market, Designer City lets you design your own city from the ground up.

In the game, you must begin by creating your town from the ground up, and you must eventually transform it into a major metropolis.

Everything in your communities, including buildings and land, will be under your complete control.

The more people move to your city, the more quickly it expands.

If you want to attract a large number of people, you need to provide them with facilities that are superior to those in other cities.

Pollution-free settings are some of the most important amenities for the community’s residents.

To date, the game has amassed more than a million downloads from Google Play, placing it high on the list of top-rated city-building games.

Designer City MOD APK has been requested by many of its players who want to play the game with all of its features, including limitless money and gold, thus we’ve created it.


Whether it’s a heaven or a hell, it’s all up to you to make it happen.

Begin by erecting important structures like hospitals and other facilities. Organize recreational facilities like parks, clubs, and shopping malls for people to visit.

Help company owners establish sectors and create jobs for those who have migrated there. Tourists should be able to view replicas of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower.


Once the building work is complete and visitors begin to arrive, your city will begin to grow.

Your next task is to take control of your city’s administration and resolve issues on your own. Invest in healthcare and education to reduce pollution levels.

Help individuals find work by establishing factories, and keep them content by generating additional income.


After you’ve built your city, you’ll need to run it as efficiently as possible.

Ask your residents what additional services they need, and then implement them. You can add a river, a hill, or whatever else you can imagine to your city.


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