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Dragon City Gameplay
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If you are having a problem with Dragon City Gameplay we are here to help you out with all the gameplay techniques and information. It’s not the bad thing, playing such games may look difficult for the beginners. let’s move towards the gameplay and things that you can do in this game.

Dragon City Gameplay

Dragon City Gameplay

Here is the complete walkthrough of dragon city gameplay for understanding, this, open the dragon city version in your handset and understand it step by step. Once we will do with this original version you need to install the modified version that we will discuss later in detail.

  • Once you open the dragon city mod apk a welcome popup will appear in which Deus which is a dragon master gives you some virtual tour of the game. understand and listen to this old man carefully.
  • Alright, now you have to buy a dragon because this game is all about dragon so visit the shop and buy the dragon. for this, you will get different options like dragons, habitats, buildings, food, and so on. For getting dragons, click on the habitats option and then click on the hatchery. Woohoo! you got your first dragon. congratulations your dragon city hack.
  • Now you need to feed your dragon. feed it according to the instructions of that old man. For growing your dragon, you need to buy some food but you can also grow your own food for this first you have to build the food farm. So follow the instruction and buy your food farm. It sounds like a safe investment. The dragons transform step by step. This game makes it realistic it starts from the egg then the baby then the teen dragon and after that, you will get the adult dragon.
  • Now when your dragon becomes mature its time to find a partner for him/her to get a new variety of unique dragons. So get your favorite dragon by breeding. But wait. before you start breeding understand that there are lots of dragons in this game and each dragon falls in a different category, the few categories are Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metal, Dark, Light, and so on. Besides these categories, there are also some exclusive breeding categories through which you will get exclusive dragons like Thor Dragon, Great White Dragon, and so on. You will understand all these things once you start playing the game.
  • So far so good. The other thing that you can try is to win the battle. each battle arena has different requirements. therefore, you have to be at a certain level for playing those battles. As previously mentioned dragons have different categories and each category has different strengths and features. Therefore, if your enemy and you have the same category dragon then the battle would be fun. After winning the battle you will get gems, gold, and some unique dragons.

That’s it, you have to go through these things each day to unlock a new mission and dragons each day.

Dragon City Mod APK for Android

Dragon City Mod APK:

From the above gameplay, you understand how much time, money, and effort this game required for Dragon City Mod Apk. Therefore, to facilitate the player many developers work on this game and brought the unofficial version of this game. which is called dragon city mod. This modified version is only available for android users therefore you will get the APK file format for installing this gaming app in your android devices.

With this android modified version of the game, you will get, unlimited gems, a ton of food, a huge experience level, and exclusive features. You can boost up the dragon breeding section by giving gems and can play the game without waiting.

This gaming version also unlocked all the missions and 100+ dragons. so you don’t have to wait for reaching on a certain level to play the battle. Now battle with unlimited experience and beat the dragon master.

Dragon City Mod APK Latest Version:

The dragon city mod APK latest version mode is 9.14 some are claiming it to be version 9.15 because in this version you can enjoy all the free features.

On google play store you will get the dragon city with version 9.14.1. The size of this game would be 109 Mb. And this app also had a built-in purchase feature in which you have to pay for the premium features.

That’s why dragon city mod APK latest version is in the market. and it is called the 9.15 version but technically it’s just a modified version of the original dragon city file 9.14 version. Moreover, the file size of the modified version is also low. it is 103 MB in size and you will get all the premium featured unlocked.

Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Gems:

One of the things that catch a lot of public attention is Dragon city mod apk unlimited gems and therefore this modified version is very famous.  In the default version of this game, you need to pay for each thing. you have to pay in gems and gold if you want to speed up the time, to unlock new features you have to pay for that too.

Not only that, for buying food for your dragon, for unlocking new features, and for buying a new place you have to pay in gems or gold. This is the biggest huddle in the happiness of gamers. It costs so much time that you will feed up and can smash your phone on the floor. But don’t worry! with this modified version your phone is safe.

You will get unlimited gems and you can spend is anywhere like a millionaire. If you face any difficulty just pay in gems and you will overcome it. In the previous version, the players were in the control but now you control the game.

Dragon City Mod APK Android:

As mentioned earlier this dragon city mod apk android game is only for APK therefore for installing this game on your android handset you need to check the following system requirements.

  • You must have a good internet connection for downloading and installing this game on your handset.
  • If your handset has less than 4.0.3 android version, then this game will not run on it. therefore, it is better to upgrade your handset.
  • For installing check enough space requirements on your handset and check the unknown source installation also.

Although this game is specifically for android users you can still download it on other devices also.

Dragon city mod apk

Dragon City Mod APK 9.14:

Dragon city mod APK9.14 version or 9.15 are the same versions, therefore, it is advised that don’t get confused with these terminologies. We discuss in detail in above headings.

Dragon City Mod APK 2020 Download:

The crux of the above discussion is simple which is download now this dragon city mod APK 2020 version on your handset and enjoy. So what are you waiting for click here to download.

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