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Great news for dragon city game lovers. Now you can play the modded version of this game on your android devices. The Dragon city mod APK for android is available for download. for downloading you can click here.

Dragon City Mod APK for Android:

APK versions are only supported by android devices as developers used C and C++ language for developing this app. So if you are an android user you are the lucky one. Downloading this game will be easy for you but you also have to keep in mind the minimum system requirements for enjoying this modified unlimited version game on your handset.

AppDragon City Mod apk
Release Date 29 January 2020
Version Updated
Compatibility Android 4.0.3 or above
Updated On 1 day ago
Developer Social Support
Size 132 MB
Rating - 4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Install 100,000,000+
Category Simulation
What’s New
Fascinating graphics

Dragon City Mod Apk FOR ANDROID

Minimum System Requirements:

The minimum system requirements for playing this mod APK file on your android devices are the following.

  • You must have an Android version of 4.0.3. or above.
  • Moreover, for installing this game you also need to activate the option of installing from unknown sources. You can find this option in the application settings of your handset.

Just download the version by clicking the link and install it on your devices. Download it without any hesitation as we guarantee that this version is 100% free from viruses and malware.

Dragon City Mod APK for IOS:

Installing dragon city mod APK on your iOS devices will be challenging because this version is only available for android and you will face difficulty for installing the android version on your iOS devices. But if you are willing to overcome the obstacle and you are crazy for this new modded version then here is the system requirements and procedure for installing.

Minimum System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements for running this APK version on iOS are the following.

  • You must have an iPhone 5S or the latest version.
  • Cydia store and iAndroid must be installed on your device.
  • You must have the latest version of iOS on your handset.
  • You must have to activate the third party installation on your iDevices.

For playing this game you have to install the Cydia store through which you can install the iAndroid app on your iPhone. After installing iAndroid you will get the android UI which will help you to install the APK version of this game on your Apple device.

The detail on iAndroid and Cydia store is available on the previous blog. for reading this in detail kindly click here.

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Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Gems:

With the help of the dragon city mod apk version, you can enjoy the unlimited version of gems. Who said money can’t buy happiness. Without gems, your game’s progress will be limited. To remove all the anxiety and anger of the players, now the developers give you the happiness of unlimited gems. You can use these gems to buy anything for your dragon. You can unlock the premium features and abilities for your dragon. So it is evident now that with these tons of gems you can buy your happiness.

Dragon City Mod APK Cheat:

The modded APK version is not just limited to the unlimited gems. You will get this app full of hacks and cheats. some of them are elaborated below.

1.      Unlock Dragons:

With this modded version you will get 1000+ unique dragons. Get a new dragon type through breeding. you don’t have to wait for weeks for unlocking the new dragons. now you can get all the dragons unlocked in this moded APK version. Therefore, download this modified version on your handset and build your dragon city and army. you can also change the skin of your dragons.

2.      Limitless Gold and Gems:

Dragon city mod APK for android has unlimited gold and gems. So now you can buy special features and the ability of your dragon easily. Access premium missions and empower your dragons with unlimited strength. You can also buy food for your dragon and a place for building your own dragon city.

3.      Unlimited Food:

Feeding your dragons will not be the problem anymore. now you will have tons of food for your lovely dragon army. You can also access the greenhouse facility with the help of which you can grow unlimited food for your dragons. Therefore, with unlimited food, you can grow your dragon in a day and can check its ability on the battlefield.

4.      Unlimited Missions:

In the default version of the dragon city, you have to complete the game step by step but now you will get all the missions unlocked. enjoy this unlimited mission version with your friends. You will also get the unlocked advanced features in dragon city mod APK. By installing this version, you can build your own Guardian Dragon Tower and you can also access the Ancient World.

5.      Unlimited Experience:

For unlocking new features and gaining experience you also need to win the battle. Which is very difficult in the default version. with the help of this modded version now you will get the unlimited experience. Now it will be easy for you to beat any dragon master. you will also get the double reward after winning the battle.

The APK modded version of this game is recommended to every one of those who are facing difficulty in reaching their goal through the default version. Play smart and save your time by downloading this modded version.

Dragon City Mod:

Dragon city mod is the modified version of dragon city. we discuss in detail the type of mods that developers can use in the games you can read about it here.

This version is not officially launched by the original developers but it is made by other players and fans. In dragon city mod you will enjoy the tons of gold, dragons, food, and experience. This game is currently only available in APK version therefore you cannot play this game on Facebook.

Dragon city mod APK:

By summing up we can say that dragon city mod APK is worth downloading. You can play dragon city mod by downloading and installing the APK file on your handset. Installing this app easy on both computers and the android version. The iPhone users may face little difficulty installing but don’t lose hope.

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