Dragon City Mod APK FAQs

Updated on March 10, 2022

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Dragon City Mod APK FAQs

Are you looking for some answers regarding the Dragon City Mod APK, but don’t know where to start? This post might help.
We’ve compiled all of our knowledge about this subject into an easy-to-read FAQ list with helpful information like what does “dragon” mean in game terms (it’s actually not related at all), how players can unlock new dragons/items by leveling up or purchasing them through real money bundles called Jewels!


1.Is Dragon City Free?

Yes, Dragon City is Free to download and for playing.

Although you have to pay for unlocking some premium features in the game.

Is Dragon City Free? Well, it depends on how you look at things.

For a limited time only and while supplies last, players can download the game from an offer page for less than ten dollars in-app purchases!
A new app called “Dragon City” has been making its rounds across social media lately because of two features within this particular release: 1) It’s completely free to play with no ads popping up during gameplay or events; 2).

You get more coins if your purchase through there instead(/ freemecentgratis/?_ga=2.203835848897486%26%23r3431100032010480 ).

There isn’t any requirement needed either meaning anyone who downloads

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2.What is the best dragon in Dragon City?

The Origin dragon is the best and strongest dragon in the dragon city right now.

The best dragon in Dragon City is found at the top of Mount Sinjaura.

They say that anyone who can defeat one, should be able to reach rank V on their journey through The Land Of Dragons map!

The most powerful creature you will meet throughout your time spent exploring this game world are dragons; they come in many different shapes and sizes but all share some traits which make them so strong: firstly having breath attacks (which deal damage) as well as other abilities like flight or fiery poops- nice touch there guys).

But I’m sure no matter what kind you land yourself with if any adventurers were smart enough then surely outsmarting such beasts would require more strategy than just “run”.

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3.Can you get Dragon City on the computer?

Yes, you can Play dragon city on your Laptop or PC.


But for enjoying the dragon city moded version on your PC you have to download the Android Emulator software like BlueStacks first.

Can you get Dragon City on your computer? Technically, the answer is yes.
It’s not easy or cheap though; in order to play with others online there are some requirements that need fulfilled before downloading anything including an application like iTunes Gift Cards which can be used for purchasing games/apparel etc…

following these steps:

4.Is Monster legends better than Dragon City?

Monster legends and Dragon city both are different games.

Dragon city is all about dragons while monster legends include different other Pokémon.

But if we talk about fighting style in both games then monster legends have a better style.

Are you a fan of Monster Legends or Dragon City? The two are considered to be some of the best free games on our list.
I’ve been playing for about three months now, and have loved every second! It has great graphics that make it feel like I’m actually there with my favorite characters from shows or movies.

You can also upgrade your character’s appearance if desired which makes them look even more fabulous than before!. As far as gameplay goes- its outstanding; so muchesselaborate skill trees offer plenty challenges without being too hard.

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5.How do you get Dragon City mods on Android?

For enjoying dragon city mods on android you have to download the modded APK version of this game on your device

In order to get mods for your favorite game on Android, you’ll need a few things: A Macbook or PC with the iOs operating system and an active internet connection.

You can download Dragon City from Apple’s App Store or Google Play store if it isn’t already there- just search “Dragon city” in one of those stores! Once everything has been installed properly follow these steps: Go into settings then go down until find security where tap ‘ Elevation Mode’

6.Is Dragon City offline?

Yes, you can play dragon city offline.

but for fighting battles and getting some updated features you need an internet connection.

IsDragon City actually offline?
A few people have asked me this and I’m not sure why.

All of my friends in-game say that they’ve seen it on their screen, but then when we compare screens everyone says theirs looks different than what yours shows up as! What could be happening here…

7.What is the latest version of Dragon City?

The latest official version of dragon city is version 9.14.1

What’s new in the latest version of Dragon City?
A few months ago, we released a major update that overhauled many aspects and features.

You can now discover more than just dragons on your treasure hunts! The quest system has been completely reworked with single-use successors giving way to permanent ones so you don’t have any pesky glitches when it comes time for an upgrade again soon; level Caps were also increased by tenfold– all this

coupled with some bug fixes here and there means players will be able explore every inch without feeling like their experience is being limited because they’re not yet strong enough

8.How do you update Dragon City?

If you download dragon city from google play or apple store then your dragon city app will automatically update whenever the updates come.

In order to update Dragon City, you will need the latest Android or iOS operating system installed on your device.

You can also use Facebook’s new app called “Home” that was just released in February 2019 – it allows players from all over globe connect with one another while exploring their virtual neighborhoods!


9.How do you get free gems on Dragon City?

For getting free gems in dragon city you have to visit dcitylive.com.

After entering your user name, press the start generator button.

Complete the offer and restart your dragon city app and you will get the free gems and gold.

The best way to get free gems on Dragon City is by leveling up.

If your account isn’t level 20 yet, you can join a friend’s game or go through quests in chats where there are often rewards for completing tasks like collecting items and delivering them back at their designated locations within the app using coins that were rewarded when other players donated money towards charity events hosted periodically throughout different regions of this virtual world built just outside our own city limits!

Players also have access during certain hours each day where they gain double points which eventually turns into extra swathes once scaled upward giving one full days worth while logging

10.How do you get gems in Dragon City 2021?

For getting unlimited gems in Dragon city 2021 you have to download the modded apk version of dragon city.

So, how do you get gems in Dragon City 2021? Well there are three different ways to go about it.

First off is by completing missions for the dragon’s shrine; these can be found all throughout town and will give any player who collaborates their reward at hand: either cash or items depending on what was requested of them when first sent out as well other rewards like rare minerals! Second option would be through winning battles against stronger opponents which requires players not only train but also find good

partners too so they don’t lose everything during battle – even if things seem hopeless try something new just might work out afterall third way involves receiving gifts from dragons themselves such as eggs containing baby onesies (awesome!), magical spells etcetera

11.Is Monster Legends an offline game?

Just like Dragon City, Monster Legends can be played offline but for updating features and PvP battles you need an internet connection.

Monster Legends is an online game that can be played anytime, anywhere.

It has hundreds of thousands (or even millions!) of players all over the world who love to battle it out in towns and dungeons together
The UI for battling monsters in Monster Legend features beautifully designed maps with intuitive controls; plus there’s plenty else going on behind-the-scenes too!

12.How do you fight Ur Dragon offline?

For playing Ur-Dragon offline. Open the menu and click on the option.

form there you can change the gameplay connectivity to offline.

It’s said that the only way to kill a dragon for good is with fire.

You can’t really fight it, so instead you’ll need weapons such as swords or axes and then just hack away at its scales until eventually there won’t be anything left but ash!

The best way I’ve heard about taking down Ur-Dragons offline was when someone told me: “Just find yourself some sharp objects like knives or even broken glass – preferably both if possible,” they continued “and keep whaling on them until all hell breaks loose.”

Sounds bad though right? Wrong; this worked in my favor because by doing these things around him outside of combat

13.Will DragonVale continue?

You can still play DragonVale but it cannot get any update now because the developer of the game Backflip Studios is closed.

Will the game continue?
The world of DragonVale has an uncertain future, but there is some hope for those who love dragons.

Matt Hall (CEO) revealed on Twitter that they are currently working hard to find “creative solutions” so players can keep exploring their Virtual Reality worlds and jungles with friends even after releasing new content ends in 2020! So what could this mean—potentially more islands or perhaps expanding into

different genres like first-person shooter video games where you battle elusive foe through breathtaking environments via motion controllers instead of playing against them head-on as before

14.Where is the 250 gems in Dragon City?

The 250 gems in Dragon city are randomly hidden in an Island named Ragnarok.

The 250 gems are hidden all around the city.

Some may be easier to find than others, but they’re there waiting for you!
You’ll need a lot of patience and some sharp eyesight because these treasures don’t show themselves up on every corner- though not as rarely as people think–but if your looking hard enough then it won’t take long before one got ya stuck in its claws (metaphorically speaking).

So keep searching through those streets until finally something catches onto whatcha after: GEMS!!

15.How do you get gems fast on Dragon City?

For getting gems fast in dragon city. visit dcitylive.

com, enter your user name and press start generator. After completing the offer, you will get the free gems.

You can use gems to buy coins and other items on Dragon City.
When you’re ready to start your adventure, just head over the in-game store with some spare change from all those hours spent farming Fishbones or Elixir Collectibles! It’s easy: follow this link for more information about getting started with our free game downloading service today – http://dragoncityapp2uwin…

16.How do you get friends on Dragon City?

For inviting your friends on Dragon City click on the menu in the app and select social icon click invite. from there you can invite your friends on Facebook to play the game with you.

How do you get more friends on Dragon City?
You can find and recruit new players by inviting them! Invites are available at any time for a friend request.

You will also earn coins when they accept so there’s no need of worrying about giving away your hard-earned gems if someone doesn’t want it or has already used all their invites this round – just be sure not let that happen again because we’re counting those points too!

To complete an invite, simply tap “accept” from within the app (or select Accept Contact From Caller If Valid) then enter some details including: identifies(first/last), phone number where messages should go to reach out player); location id (#100

17.What is Dragon City username?

In Dragon City Username is the specific name that you use while playing your game.

Each player has a unique user id and user name.

A Dragon City username is similar to a Facebook or Twitter name. You must choose your own, and then put together all the information that goes into it like what you would want on an identity card (first/given middle initial) as well as any memorable phrases people might say about how cool they think someone with this username can be!
The person who created their account should make sure not only does his password protect access but also expires after some time so he has no worries when logging off late at night; otherwise elseyone could

find themselves logged-out without knowing why – probably due just shy of losing everything in its entirety because there was no safeguard set up against such things happening again

18.How do you get free food on Dragon City?

For getting free food in dragon city you need to install the dragon city modded version apk in your device

You’ll need to complete quests or raid battles in order for your character’s skills and power level increase.

There are also various rewards that can be obtained by leveling up, purchasing items with gold coins earned through play time, fishing at the seaside pool near town hall–find some friends who want an adventure!

19.How do you get free diamonds on Dragonvale?

For getting free diamonds in Dragonvale you can invite your friends in a play and they can send you some free diamonds as a gift.

In order to get a free diamond, you need the Dragon Ball Sleeping Princess Certification.

In this mode you will be battling against other dragon tamers and their dragons as well as sleeping princesses from all over the world who have been kidnapped by enemies looking for treasure inside them!

This bundle can only be completed if your entire party has at least one member with high enough levels so it gets pretty difficult even though they take up no real health or stamina consumption but make sure not too doze off because an enemy might steal any jewels left unprotected while everyone is out cold after using healing items before each battle which means losing some Earned Value Points (EEP).

How about applying that knowledge into something useful?

20.What is the best legendary monster in monster legends?

VoltaiK is the best legendary monster in monster legends.

it has an ability to defeat the whole team.

What’s the best legendary monster in Monster Legends?
A game that has been around for quite some time, but never gets old.

It features amazing graphics and gameplay with great social networking integration if you’re looking to make new friends or just hang out at home alone while playing video games on your iPhone! There are tons of different monsters players can choose from when they start up their adventure through this world full’of danger like fire breathing dragons; zombies ready kill any human being who crosses its path (or even someone else’s); giant

mechanical golems programmed by an evil scientist named Magnanimous Muffler working towards destroying humanity using machine’); etcetera

21.Who made monster legends?

Monster Legends is developed and published by social point. the same developer who produces dragon city.

The first monster legends are said to have been told in ancient times.

Who made them?
It’s an intriguing question that many people have explored over time, but you can find some answers if your curiosity gets the better of you! The earliest examples come from around 3rd millenium BC during China’s Spring & Autumn Period when stories about Huangdi (later renamed as “Horned Man” or Dongjia) were recorded.

These tales depicted him with scales all over his body which ranged anywhere between greenish yellow and brown without any definite pattern – much like what we know today for crocodiles .

And just like these creatures though there was another side: one where he could transform into human form too so nobody would think badly against those

22.What is the max level of dragons in Dragon City?

Dragon City has a max level of 150.

The developers may increase the level if they launch any new update.

The maximum level of dragons in Dragon City is 100, however players are only able to create their own dragon.
A player can choose from three different colors for their free dragon that they will receive after creating an account on the game’s website or through Facebook integration with Google+ sign-in profile credentials (given it has been shared).

Since leveling up requires 150 hours worth of playtime per character class combination — fighter/mage duo being one such example–it might take quite a few months before you’re ready reach max proficiency as well!

23.How much food does it take to get a dragon to level 20 Dragon City?

For bringing your dragon to level 20 you need 93,820 of total food.

To get your dragon to level 20, you’ll need at least 10 pounds of food.

You might not think that it’s possible but just one more feeding can do the trick! Learning how much each type dish is worth in Dragon City will help with planning on what types should be saved for later levels when gold isn’t as easy come by or if prices change dramatically due out natural disasters like volcanic ash clouds disrupting trade routes.

24.How do you sell things on Dragon City?

In dragon city, you can sell habitat, dragons, farms, food etc.

You can use shops for selling your things in Dragon city.

There’s a variety of ways to earn coins in Dragon City, and you can use them all on whatever method suits your needs.

The best way is through quests – these take time but offer guaranteed rewards when completed successfully! For quicker progress with less risk involved there are Slot Quests where players gamble their slot energy for prizes such as rare items or even crafting materials needed at higher levels; Spend Promotion offers an opportunity at purchasing Packs filled with useful things like seeds which

might help speed up cultivation times (though they cost pretty penny); while Daily Deals give bonuses each day without having any chance whatsoever that anything inside will be worth what was paid upfront: Three days’ Worth Pack costs 1500 instead 500 if bought individually).

25.How do you breed a blue moon dragon in DragonVale?

Select cold dragon and lightning dragon for getting Blue Moon dragon in DragonVale.

It’s not easy to breed a blue moon dragon in DragonVale.

To do so, you need the “blue” egg and an evolved red or green pendant that is at least level 10 with experience points equal ten times its base value (e1010-10).

You then have to install both of these items into your incubator machine for 20 minutes while it processes 24 hours worth data from all species containing this critter including but not limitedguly those found on Pangea Island such as

ChrysaorTonicChaserZalasThisValueIsNotKnownWolfOfTheDeepWaterStriderVeilBladeStingRay VexclawSwordsmanYetiLionRedwoodsCaveDiggerKillerG

26.How do you enter cheat codes on DragonVale?

You cannot enter cheat codes on DragonVale, although, you can cheat gems and gold from different websites.

The best way to enter a cheat code on DragonVale is by opening the settings menu.

First, head over to your player’s home screen and tap “Settings.”

From there select Cheats from the navigation drawer at top right corner of page as shown below:

In order for cheats outside of game console versions such as Playstation 4 or Xbox One work correctly it requires that they’re enabled through system-wide configuration before launching gameplay software first time setup process begins loading screens once done enable all desired options then return back here

27.How do I get Wyrmlad?

To get Wyrmlad, you have to go through Wyrmlad challenge. In this challenge, you have to collect 5 swords, helmets, Skull, Gloves, and boots.

After that, you have to win the battle to get Wyrmlad.

There are many ways to get your hands on this exclusive gear.

You can purchase it using Valor or Glory, trade them in at the Collection Items vendor, complete certain quests and bounties assigned by zone leaders for loot containing Wyrmlad item codes which you can then use during game play through any

character’s inventory slots – but be aware that only one person per server may own each type of weapon/armor piece so act fast if there is something specific about these pieces you want!

28.How do you breed a legendary monster in monster legends?

To breed the legendary monsters in the monster legends all information is present on the application. You can download the application and read all the combinations for legendary monsters

In order to breed a legendary monster in Monster Legends, you have two options: either purchase the specific egg from an antagonist for 100 gems or wait until they are released and spin them using lucky charms.
The first way requires investing money while the latter only requires time though both methods offer varying risks depending on your luckiness when it comes down this part!

29.What is Monster job portal?

It is a job portal that helps people to find jobs easily in a stress-free environment.

Monster is a job portal that connects you to more than one million jobs.

All your queries are answered by our team of experts and the best part is, we don’t charge any fee for using this service! You can search through thousands of opportunities based on location as well as requirements like qualifications or experience level etc.,

so there’s nothing standing between yourself an exciting new career opportunity anymore 🙂 So what are waiting for? Start exploring today at www…

30.How do you get unlocked monster legends?

To unlock the monster legends go to the website (smmsky.co) after that search monster legends in the search bar.

Then click on start injection.

After injection, you need to install the applications for a few minutes and in this way, you will get a lot of gems in monster legends.

Unlock monster legends in The Elder Scrolls Online with our free Character Plans.
I’m sure that there are many of you out there who have been waiting for a way to unlock these mighty creatures from ESO, well here it is! We’ve got all sorts available including ones where your character will be able to ride said creature around – perfect if nature isn’t really what catches your fancy this time

around or maybe even just pure combat gameplay without having anyone riding alongside? Either way make sure and check them both because no matter which one suits YOU best we guarantee 100% satisfaction guaranteed 😉

31.Can I play monster legends?

Yes, you can play monster legends.

Do you want a chance at saving the world from certain destruction?

Tired of being bored with your regular old video games and would rather spend some time playing something new, exciting, or just plain crazy as hell! Well now is YOUR CHANCE because Monster Legends lets YOU do things that other people don’t have access too.

So what are waiting for get on over there before it’s gone forever so they say…

32.Is Monster Legends free?

Yes, Monster legends are free.

Is Monster Legends safe to play? How do I know if it’s a scam or not.

You have all kinds of different sites out there advertising themselves as being free, but when you get in there and start playing the game something seems off…

But what could possibly be wrong with this legit looking site right here! Well actually, everything about them is too good to be true – so don’t forget that before trusting any software downloaded from their server for instance (and besides these things happen).

So go ahead; take your time studying up on our tips below then come back again later because we’ll keep adding more information every day until then 🙂

33.How can I use mobile apps in PC without BlueStacks?

To run a mobile app on pc you always need an emulator.

If you don’t want to use BlueStack, you can use the following emulators AMIDuOS, Droid 4x, Winery and Andy

There are many ways to get around BlueStacks without purchasing their software.

One way is through alternative apps that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App store, such as AndyApp which was designed with students in mind and made specifically for Android devices .

Other than these two stores there is also F-Droid Repository where you may find useful open source applications like Peer Guardian VPN – Free Unlimited bandwidth & fast connection
Download now!

34.What is AndY emulator?

It is a free mobile emulator that runs on the windows and mac

Andy emulator is a program that enables you to play games from Nintendo 64 on your computer.

It has been created by modifying existing graphics and sound drivers, which means there’s no need for any compilation or conversion work.
A) Simply download an Andy Programmer File (APF), extract it into the root directory of removable media such as pen drives so they can be accessed anywhere B).

Run “Andy Emulator” through this path: C:X Files>Where X may vary depending upon what device/media you would like to use D).

Installation takes less than five minutes E)! Games load faster than ever before! F ) All tweaking options available in most emulators with ease G ). No smudging textures H

35.Who owns Backflip Studios?

Backfilp studios is owned by Hasbro

Who is the current owner of Backflip Studios?
A little-known property called “Backflip Studios” sat empty for years, its fate unknown.

The building was eventually bought by an anonymous company that kept it quiet before finally announcing their plans to renovate and reopen this popular tourist destination with new tenants in tow!

36.Can you get DragonVale on the computer?

Yes, we can get DragonVale on the computer.

We need to install Bluestack as an emulator.

You can get DragonVale on your computer! It’s possible to log in with Facebook or Google.


It turns out that logging into the game through either of these social media platforms will allow you access it from anywhere in the world, which is pretty great for when friends come over unexpectedly

because they don’t know about our family rules against electronics at dinner time (especially since my kids are always asking them questions).

37.How do you get a star Dragon?

To get a star dragon you have to breed Terra with Electric.

There are 50% chances to get star dragon.

You can get a star dragon by trading for it with someone else.
I’m not entirely sure how your character gets to be so lucky,

but they’ve lucked out! If you’re willing to trade some items or gold in exchange for something valuable- anything at all really – then I might have just what you need on hand right now…

38.How do you breed a heroic dragon on Dragon City?

Heroic Dragons are the most powerful in dragon city.

To breed heroic dragon pure or pure hybrids are breed together, in this way there are chances of breeding pure heroic dragon.

In the event that you’re looking for how to breed a dragon, look no further.

In Dragon City there is an entire breeding map where players can interact with each other and create new breeds of dragons with unique traits or even hybrids!
Breeders are brought together by egg hatches found at special locations around town called Breeding Grounds–which may sound scary but it’s really nothing more than two people getting close while their

eggs hatch in tandem as if they were one creature waiting patiently inside its incubator chamber ready for movement from either parent thereafter.

39.How do you level up fast in Dragon City?

To level up fast in the dragon city you may do the following things Breed more dragons,Use farms more often and Sale and purchase farms.

In order to level up in Dragon City, you must first have enough gems.

You can get these from completing quests and raids or by trading with other players who also own this game app on their phone!
Using the gem-trading feature will allow people that don’t know eachother yet but want access into one another’s cities; allowing them all levels of gameplay at once without having multiple accounts set up for different purposes (and not getting bored).

It takes five thousand gold coins per person just like buying things off an advertisement screen–you might think its expensive until later when everything costs twice as much because there is no limit anymore save how many times your money bounces around between credits/debts etc., so pick whichever floats most comfortably below water

40.How many farms can you have in Dragon City?

There are three farms that you can build in this game

What are the rules for farming in Dragon City?
The question is how many farms can you have.

I’m sure there’s some kind of limit but we’ve never found it and our farm keeps growing with new buildings!

41.How much food does it take to get a dragon to level 15 in Dragon City?

The dragon may require 655340 units of food at the end of level 16

It’s not easy to get a dragon from 15 levels 1-14 in Dragon City, but with enough food and coins you can do it!
The best way for beginners is by purchasing 50 gold pieces at once.

All players start out as an infant babydragon without any armor or weapons so they will need nourishment if their goal was advancement through the game’s many stages…

42.What does empowering do in Dragon City?

Empowering gives the mystical essence of the dragon contained in Dragon Orbs. Whenever a dragon gains a power star, you can empower your dragon.

Emancipating from the hold of oppression to become your own master.
Empowering yourself with knowledge and skills necessary for a sustainable life will make it possible for you, as an individual or member within society, live freely without being held back by those who would

dictate how things should be done – including institutions such as government agencies which may try their best but can only do so much when faced against powerful interests that have stacked up decades worth wealth-power into just one family’s hands

43.How do you delete Dragon City data?

You cannot delete dragon city-data. To start from the beginning again you need another account.

In order to delete your data from the game, enter ” Zinghar” into Google and select “Look Up”. This will show a list with all information about what it means.

Next find where it says “Delete Data” at bottom left side of screen under Download History .

Click on this option then confirm by clicking Okay button when prompted if you wish for everything including progress or stats since last update time deleted as well!

44.How do you sell a dragon?

Ans: The sell option will appear when you will be at level 10.

It will automatically appear.

A dragon is a majestic and powerful creature. So, of course the best way to sell one would be through its power! However in this case we’re talking about selling something that doesn’t actually exist so what can I use? Funny stories from my childhood when people tried their hardest not only with me but also other things such as teaching lessons on money management or simply shoving an expensive meal down your throat without giving anything back…ha-ha sorry couldn’t help myself there but anyways let’s get back onto topic: if you want someone convinced into buying whatever product has caught our eye then just tell them some good old fashioned lies because at least they’ll have fun hearing these tall tales right?!
2) A strong story will convince most

45.What habitat does the love Dragon live in Dragon City?

Love dragons live in Lightning, Plant, and Fire

The love dragon is not a creature of habit.

The Dragon City in which this totem dwells has no set characteristics and can change at any time based on its mood or whims, so there’s really nobody who knows for sure what kind it will be next!

46.How do you breed a gold dragon in DragonVale?

We can get gold dragon by using any two dragon containing Fire and Metal elements at the breeding cave

With the latest update to DragonVale, it is now possible to breed a Gold dragon.

To do so:
“Open your menu and tap Breeding E075 – Breed Optimal Seed”. This should take you into another screen where there will be 3 options on either side of an egg with numbers below them (1-3). You need 2 out those three numbers for this process; however if not than pick which number suits best according

ask yourself what color combination would look good? The lower ones usually correlate better since they won’t interfere as much during breeding attempts

47.How do you get the rainbow dragon in Dragonvale?

We can get rainbow dragon by breeding any two dragons that contain at least four different elements at the breeding cave.

The best way to get the rainbow dragon is by using a code.

The first player who posts on social media with their account linked gets it as soon as its available, they also participate in giveaways and contests for extra dragons!

A person should be sure not only have an active Twitter or Instagram user name but have at least 50 followers before posting anything since this will give them more chances of being chosen when there’s limited space available per day/event etc

48.How do I breed a blue fire dragon?

Blue fire dragon can be breed by fire dragon and any other cold elemental dragon at the breeding cave

To breed a blue fire dragon, you must first have one adult female and two male dragons.

First feed your females 20 tablespoons of food within 2 hours 30 minutes or else she will become sick from lack-of appetite but don’t worry because baby blues can eat as much as an entire bowl’s worth! Once they finish eating make sure all three are well rested before bringing them together in their cave for breeding…

The males aren’t too eager about mating so it may take some time; just keep checking back every five seconds until finally after what feels like forever (but really only 15-minute intervals) there should be

lotsa babies crawling over each other looking very satisfied with themselves: congratulations on successfully bred YOUR VERY FIRST BLUE FIRE DRAGON

49.How do you breed a Hidden Dragon?

You can breed a hidden dragon by breeding Etzel and Hext

To breed a Hidden Dragon one must first produce their desired color of the fish.

Breeders then crossbreed these two different colors to create more variation in variety while maintaining strong bloodlines and traits from parent-offspring relationships between generations that have been

established through careful selection over many years or decades for this particular type breeds itty bitty hidden eggs
It takes patience, love, commitment & creativity but when you find just what works best with certain types there is no limit

50.How do I breed a crystal dragon?

To breed the crystal dragon, you need to breed pure sea and pure metal.

In this way, you can breed a crystal dragon

To breed a crystal dragon, you must find two compatible dragons that are able to mate.

The process of mating requires both parties involved in the act be level 20 or higher and have good enough relationships for them not attack each other during the intercourse session with an Affection meter that has been set at 100%. Breeding takes about 35 hours before anything will happen so plan ahead if planning on doing this!

51.How do you breed rare dragons in Dragonvale?

Well, there are a lot of rare dragons in Dragonvale. You can simply tap on the info button and all information will be given to you.

To breed rare dragons in Dragonvale, you first need to buy eggs from the market.

Next take one of each type and put it into an incubator so they can hatch! The game doesn’t offer many other ways for players with differing levels or breeds of their favorite creatures meet up but looking at how popular this has become among people who love playing games like FarmVille there must be something special about these kinds o monster-hunting fun that draws them back again after all these years

52.How do you breed a worker Hulk?

To breed the worker hulk in dragon city you need to breed Hyperion + Pandalf

I bet you’re wondering how to breed a worker Hulk, right? Well first we need two normal hulks and then wait for three full moons. For best results all four of them should be ovulating at once…
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally brought us an answer as well!

The “Hulk” movie releases June 2nd 2020 with Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner/ superhuman accelerator scientist turned Yonkers citizen who turns into green rage monster when angry or excited – but never both before noon because he needs time between doses in order not die from sunlight exposure like those criminals on TV shows always do (cheap writers).

53.Can you breed Cthulhu?

Yes, we can breed Cthulhu Dragon

“Can you breed Cthulhu?” I ask.
A mixture of excitement and dread fill my stomach as the question leaves me feeling lightheaded with disbelief, but also sick to think on how many people might be disappointed if this doesn’t work out- what will they say then? “I had high hopes for that breeding project” or worse yet: “We tried everything!” However deep down inside we all know there’s only one answer…


This is a general FAQ on the game, “Dragon City Mod APK”.

This way you don’t have to Google search through all of your options and find out what they are.
Frequently Asked Questions: -What’s different about it compared with original version? Well for starters there will be more monsters at night time so villages can stay safe during those dark hours without fear!

You’ll also encounter some cool surprises if you explore deep into these caves below ground level where only legend has spoken….

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