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Download Dragon City

Many people are looking for an unlimited version of dragon city but only a few platforms are providing the original file. If you are also one of them, download the dragon city mod APK version by clicking the following link. after downloading if you face any problem relating to installing make sure to read about installation requirements and procedure in our platform.

Dragon City Mod APK:

Dragon City is a game that has a large number of players. The game is inspired by the animated movie on dragons. The movie how to train your dragon itself got a lot of public attention so if we say that the success of this game is also based on that movie then we will not be wrong. The game was released in 2012 and the first sequel of this animated movie was released in 2009.

Dragon City has the same concept as was in the movie. You have to train your dragon. You will be responsible for breeding and creating new dragons for building your dragon army. your dragon goes through all the main stages of life. from hatching to baby and from baby to an adult. After getting a mature dragon you have to fight with other dragon masters. and if you lose you lose gems and gold. but if you win you will get a reward and you can unlock a new dragon and mission. The game has to be complete stepwise and therefore it’s a time taking game.

During the training of your dragon, you also have to take care of your dragon health. you have to grow some food for them and have to feed them many times in a day for getting the adult dragon version. All of these things are required to be completed in the original dragon city game. But this game also has some drawbacks the major issue many people faced while playing this game is that it limited the facilities in the game.  Therefore, on the demand of people, some developers make the modified version of this game and named it Dragon city mod and because the file type was APK, therefore, the full name dragon city mod APK becomes viral.

Download Dragon City
Download Dragon City

Dragon City APK:

Dragon city game is available on google play store and apple store therefore if you download the original version you don’t need any APK file. just download the original version from the app stores and enjoy the game.

Dragon City Mod APK:

But if you are looking for the modified version of the game then definitely you need to find the APK version because this game is not available of app stores because it is the cracked version of the original game.

In this modified version you will get unlimited access to gems, gold, and food. not only that but you will get all the missions and dragons unlocked in this game. you will also get unlimited experience and there will be no money required to unlock the premium features of the game. Overall this game is totally opened and there are no restrictions.

Download Dragon City
Download Dragon City

Dragon City Game Download:

Download the dragon city game from here. This dragon city game is totally free to download and there is no paid in feature in this game. you will get access to each thing without paying a single dime. so what are you waiting for? try this unlimited version of the game and make your own dragon city and conquer this dragon arena. The game is originally for android users but you can also play this game on your iOS devices. Laptop and pc users can enjoy this APK version by installing the android system viewer in their computer or laptop. we already discuss that also in detail. follow this link to read about playing dragon city mod APK on your computer.

Dragon City Download:

Dragon city mod APK version is ready to download in your handset. All you need to do is to enable the installation of the third-party file in your application settings. The fun fact about this game is you can invite your Facebook friends and can play with them. With the help of a social icon your friends can connect with you and you both can do a battle to check the abilities of your dragon. You can also help your friends by sending some free gems and gold as a gift.  for installing this game, you must have at least iOS version 7 or above and Android version 5 or above. Also, make sure you have 1GB of Ram for playing this game otherwise the lagging takes away the real fun of this modified version.

Dragon City Hack:

Many people were facing limited resources problems, for instance, you didn’t get enough gold and gems therefore you will struggle and you have to spend things carefully. not only that but because of limited gems, you cannot skip the timers to get your dragon in time. But many people get the solution to both of these problems.

To overcome the time limitation players, try to change the timing in their handset for example if your dragon completes the breeding in 4 hours then the player has to change the time in their handset after making the clock 4 hours ahead you will complete the breeding time. And if you are facing a problem related to the limited gems and gold you have to visit the specific website and after entering your username you will get 9900+ gems, gold, and food. we also discuss this technique in or previous posts.

These are the hacks that people use before the dragon city modified version but now you don’t have to get through all of this. The cracked version of dragon city will do it for you.

This game is certified and checked by our platform. therefore, if you want us to rate this version of the game out of 10 we will give it 10. So, let’s keep the dice rolling and install this monster and if you liked it do comment below and share it with your friends.

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