Dragon City Mod APK New Update

If you are looking for dragon city mod apk new update, then you come to the right place. The dragon city mod apk updated version is now available for download. To download this incredible strategic, simulation game, click here.

The Dragon city mod apk game is on a trend again and you already know about this but if in case you are a new fan of dragon city or want to know about this game then in this blog you will get each and everything about dragon city mod game version.


Dragon City Mod APK New Update

Dragon City Mod

Dragon City Mod means the modified version of anything. Therefore, dragon city mod means the modified version of the dragon city game. The modded version is not actually launched by the original developer but its an outcome of love from fans and developers.

In dragon city, original version, people faced problems like limited gems, time-consuming missions, weak dragon’s abilities, and so on. To solve the problem of people, different developers sit together and make the modified version of the game. By playing this modified version of the game you will get everything that will make your dragon invincible. The following are some features that you will get in this modified version.

1. Tons of Gems & Gold:

By playing this Dragon city modded APK version you will get tons of unlimited gold and gems. If you already played the default version, then you know the importance of gold and gems in this game. There are many things that you can do with gold and gems some of them are given below.

  • You can access special abilities and can empower your dragon.
  • Gold and gems will be helpful for accessing premium mission.
  • You can buy unlimited food for your dragon with these unlimited gems and gold.
  • Buying a new place for making your own dragon city will also be possible.
  • Unlocking new features and side missions in this game will also be easy.

2. PVP Battlefield:

PVP Battlefield is a battlefield where you can test the ability and strength of your dragon with other players. Those players can be your friends. Winning battle against anyone in this modified version will be easy as with unlimited gems and gold you can get premium features for making your dragons super healthy and stronger.

If you are thinking of fighting against the best players, then fight and win without hesitation. After winning you will also get the double reward which is helpful for getting new dragons.

3. Access all Levels:

Now you don’t have to unlock every level in the game step by step. With this modded version of the dragon city, you will get access to all the levels. Now you can play any level without completing lower levels. The time taking the process of completing missions is no more. Now you can access any level in real-time. Moreover, with tons of gems, gold, and battle ability completing small missions will be easy now.

Dragon city mod apk

4. Access all Dragons:

Do you need a powerful dragon but can’t because you are in a lower level of the game? Don’t worry, with this APK modified version you will get access to all the dragons. Breed any dragon and prepare it for the battle. This modded APK version gives you access to 1000+ dragons.

Again you don’t have to complete the mission to get new dragons. Reviewing your dragon is also unlimited in this dragon city mod version. So, if you are in a mood of entertainment, download the modified version of the dragon city now.

5. Free Premium Stuff:

Dragon City is a game that has a build-in purchase feature for unlocking premium stuff. The price of these products ranges from $1.18 to $162.06. If you want to enjoy premium features, then you have to pay a certain amount.

If you wish to unlock premium stuff but can’t because you don’t have money, then don’t worry. With this modified version of the dragon city, you will get free premium stuff. Now accessing features like the ancient world and guardian tower is easy.

6. Tons of Food:

For making your dragon stronger and getting its full form you need to feed them regularly and food costs too much. But remember you have unlimited gems and gold that can buy unlimited food for your baby dragon. Not only that but you will also have access to the greenhouse which is the best source of unlimited free food. Feed your dragon with healthy food and test its strength on the battlefield.

7. Full Experience Level:

In the dragon city mod APK version you will get unlimited experience. While in the default version you get experience step by step after completing and winning each mission and battle. With this full experience level, now you can also defeat the dragon master. All of these features are only available in a modified version. So, download the dragon city modded version and tell us what you feel about these features.

Dragon City APK Mod:

As this Dragon city apk mod version is not actually officially announced and launched by the original develops, therefore, google play store and apple store cannot allow this gaming version to be available for the general public. Every problem has the solution, therefore, to entertain the die-hard fans of the dragon city, this dragon city mod is available in APK version and if you don’t know about the APK no problem we are here to help you out.

APK is the file format that you can use to install any program in your android devices. All the apps that are on google play are technically in APK format but google play has the automatic services that install trusted apps on your phone. But if you want to install any advance modified app which is not on google play then you have to download and install it manually.

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Dragon City Mod APK Android:

Dragon city mod apk android is currently only available for android users because APK (Android Package Kit) is only supported by android handsets. the original version of the dragon city game is available on the play store which is version 9.14.1 and the size is 109 Mb.

The same version in a modified version is also available on many sites. The downloading detail of this is given in the next heading. Before installing make sure that you have android version 4.0.3 or above and also enable the unknown source installation otherwise the installation will not start.

Dragon City Mod APK New Update

Dragon City Download APK:

You can download the dragon city mod APK file by visiting this link (Download Here)

Before downloading kindly check the system requirements.

System Requirement for Android Users:

for android users the things are easy. You can easily download and install the modified version of this app on your devices all you need is the following:

  • A good internet connection.
  • Your device must have at least 4.0.3 version or above.
  • The unknown source installation should be enabled.
  • Enough space for downloading and installing this app.

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System Requirement for Apple Users:

Life is easy for android users but for iOS users, the installation procedure is a little bit difficult. Because APK files are specifically designed for android mobile devices and it is made by using C++ and C coding language. The IOS is totally a different operating system there for running this android app on the apple operating system you need to full fill the following requirements;

  • You must have a good internet connection.
  • You must have the Cydia Store installed on your apple device.
  • An App iAndroid is required for getting an android user interface on an Apple device.
  • Reasonable space for installation is required.
  • Your Apple devices should have the latest iOS.
  • iAndroid only runs perfectly on iPhone 5 and other latest devices. So you should have at least an iPhone 5.

If you fulfill the following requirements, then you must play the dragon city modded version.

Dragon City Mod APK New Update

System Requirement for PC Lovers:

What if your mobile battery dies and you still want to play this incredible game. The only thing that comes in your mind will be to play this game on your phone while charging. But we need to stop you right there. There are strong chances that your mobile battery may explode if you use it while charging so here is the best alternative. You can play this game on your computer.

The original version of this game can be played on Facebook but this modified version is only available in APK format. So for playing this game, you need to full fill the following requirements.

  • You need a good internet connection.
  • An app bluestacks is required on your PC

Yes, these are the only two requirements that you need. Therefore, the best option after playing this game on mobile devices is a PC. It is also recommended for iPhone users to use their PC or laptops the installation process will be easy as compared to the iPhone

In closing remarks, we can say blindly that dragon city mod APK is more entertaining and time-saving as compared to the default version. You can enjoy this version on your android, iOS, and computer devices. So, download this APK modified version of the dragon city game and give it a try. Moreover, don’t forget to leave your valuable comment below for any suggestions.

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