Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Coins

Updated on March 10, 2022

Looking for Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Coins? Many people face a similar problem.

No worries! You come to the right place, now getting unlimited coins is easy.

Download this Dragon city mod APK version and enjoy unlimited coins, gems, and gold free.

So what are you waiting for then? Click here to download.

Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Coins:

For playing dragon city need patience,

Without it, you cannot complete this Dragon city mod apk unlimited coins game.

As you have to wait for each and everything. Whether you are breeding your dragon or growing food for it but don’t worry we already had the solution to your problem.

Developers cracked the dragon city and come up with the modified version of the game.

now you can save your time by using unlimited features in this game.

Few things you have to keep in mind related to this game are the followings:

  • The cracked game version is not originally released by the social point developer, therefore, you will not find this gaming version on any official play store.
  • Many people are searching for a modified version of APK on these platforms but all in vain.
  • so stop doing that.
  • The second thing is that there are no cheat codes available for the original game.
  • This game is not like GTA where you can fly your person by entering the code.
  • The last thing that people are concerned about is unlimited gems.
  • You can get unlimited gold and gems in your default version of the game also.
  • All you have to do is to visit the specific site and by entering your gaming username you will get all the required stuff free.
  • We already discussed that in detail.
  • If you don’t know about it then you can visit this post to read about generating free gems and gold.


mod APK version of the dragon city


This cracked version has many things that you can use for your own benefit. Few of them are following.

  • As you know dragon city game is all about dragons. Therefore, in the cracked version, you will get 500 plus


  • With this cracked version of the dragon city, you will get unlimited gold and gems. With these unlimited gold, you can buy anything, you are free to spend as much as you can. You will not only the dragon master but the richest dragon master of all time. With gems you can quickly pass times, you can also unlock premium features.


  • Plants need water to grow, Humans need food to be healthy and become young likewise your dragons also need food to grow. Therefore, it is your responsibility to feed them on time. With this cracked version you will have unlimited food. you can also buy the greenhouse for growing your own food. In the original version, you have to provide limited food to your dragons. But now your dragon will become an adult in no time.


  • Now you don’t have to worry about playing each mission step by step. With the cracked version you will get all the missions unlocked. Play whatever mission you want to play, challenge your friends, or beat the dragon masters around the world. Not only that this cracked version also opens the ancient world for you and you will be free to build your own Guardian Dragon Tower.


  • The default version required certain experiences for unlocking new features and missions. For gaining this experience you have to do certain tasks in which battle is also one of them. You have to win the battle for gaining experience. Which is time taking but with the cracked version you will get unlimited experience and fighting against your enemies will be easy and fun. after winning the battle you will also get a double reward.
  • Dragon City is a fun and addicting game. The developers have been working hard to make this mobile app as realistic as possible, with features that will keep you coming back for more!
    Mall- crawl through forest villages or fight other dragons in order to collect coins which can be used at special shops where powerful weapons are available – if only I had some cash on hand right now…

Excited to get this cracked version? then download it on your handset now but before that make sure you read about the requirements for android and iOS devices.

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Dragon City Mod APK Download:

There are many other websites that are providing this APK modded version but only a few of them are authentic and the rest of them are just trying to scam their visitor.

there are few things that you kept in mind while downloading dragon city from Best Games Apk website.

And the main thing is this WEBSITE is 100% secured as compared to Dounbox.

Whenever you searched for any new game make sure to take the necessary steps.

you have to vigilant to detect the authenticity of the website.

Therefore, whenever you visit any website for downloading the APK version never share your private information.

Don’t sign in to download the version otherwise, your email will be bombarded with marketing messages and this is the main source of credit card fraud.

Also, don’t enter your card information on any website. This version is free to use, so, don’t fall for the trap.

It is very rare to find a game that can be both fun and educational.

Dragon City, an app for mobile devices by the same name available on Google Play Store aims at captivating its players through multiple modes of gameplay with joysticks or touch screens in order provide life-long skills such as problem solving abilities while still providing entertainment value without becoming too challenging so it’s never overwhelming but yet stimulating enough where you won’t want your experience there just once!

The creators behind “Dragon City” have implemented various activities designed around creativity

including stories about oneself created within one’s own mind called “mythologies.”

Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Gems and Money

Dragon City Mod APK Download the Latest Version:

If you want to download the latest version, then click here.

the latest version which is currently available in 9.14.1 or 9.15. the file size will be 100+ MB. Keep in mind the above-mentioned things while


This APK version is specifically for Android users.

For installing this app on your android devices you have to make sure you have enough space left because this game required 1GB of ram and almost 103MB of space for downloading.

If you don’t have the following requirements don’t play this game on your android.

Also, make sure that you have an internet package or internet connection in your home.

downloading the file may take a few minutes.

In this time, you can change your android app settings.

Kindly check the third party installation and then install the game.

The newest update for this fantastic game has been released! With it comes a ton of exciting features and changes that will make you want to sign up right away.

There’s also an awesome new dragon, KMS-18 (Mighty Dragon), who is sure to capture fans’ attention with his aggressiveness in battle; we can’t wait until he joins our ranks tomorrow night when the beta kicks off at 11:59 PM EST on October 28th so head over there if interested or stay here after downloading today’s APK installer file through Google Play Store below–we’ll see y’all then 😀

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Dragon City Mod APK iOS Download:

Many people may be thinking about what’s wrong with Apple operating system

The answer is simple there is nothing wrong with it. The APK version is specifically for android mobile phones.

this android file cannot be used directly on the iOS operating system.

which means you can still play this game indirectly on your Apple devices.

You don’t have to download any iOS version of the game and if any website is offering you such APK then its 100% false because there is no iOS modified version of this game.

But you download the android version and play it on your apple device.

How? here is how.

For downloading dragon city mod APK on your iOS device you first need to download the APK version of the file it may be possible the device may not allow showing such a file on your iOS.


  • First, check whether you have a Cydia store or not. Almost every iPhone has a Cydia store but if in case you don’t have then install the Cydia store. Through this, you don’t need any jailbreaker.


  • Now searched for iAndroid app on your Cydia store and install it. you can also find the app by scrolling down in your Cydia store.


  • At last, all you need is an APK file that you can download through our platform. The source is authentic as we personally download and played this game form this source. So download the APK version and install it.

Before all these steps make sure you did the following things otherwise your game will not be installed on your iOS devices.

  • Make sure you have the latest or at least iPhone 5S, otherwise iAndroid will not be installed on your device or you may face lagging.


  • The latest version of the iOS on your handset is also required. Almost all iOS above 7 or 7 can install this software easily.


  • Last but not least. enable the third-party installation on your handset before downloading any of the above-mentioned apps. otherwise, the iPhone restricts the installation and you may face an error.
  • The world of Dragon City is vast and ever-changing. You can explore this new land with the help of our app, available for both iOS devices or Android smartphones! And if you find yourself lost in between worlds? No worries – just use one of many hidden portals scattered throughout your adventure to warp back home again safely without worry about running out supplies along the way like some other people might have done before…

If you do all of the above-mentioned things properly, only then you will enjoy this free modified version.

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Dragon City Mod APK Everything 8.11.1:

is form 2018 but now you can enjoy the latest 2020 version on your handset.

Through this latest version, you can access 500 plus dragons and dragon quests in real-time.

you can pay for skipping wait.

Here is the download link for Dragon City mod APK 2020.

This Mod APK gives you access to everything, including dragons.

This new app is called the Dragon City Mod and it’s available for download on Google Play Store! This innovative idea will allow users in return give players control over building their very own egg incubation farms while using real money or game currency (in-app purchases) as payment options too if they want…

To do so requires some technical know how but isn’t difficult — more information can be found at https://play.google/store/apps/details?id=com.dragoncitymod

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Discover the hidden gems of Dragon City with this new mod that will give you unlimited coins.

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