Dragon City Mod Apk – Updated Version, Unlimited Gems

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Dragon city is becoming more popular with the passage of time. And after the release of the modded version of this game, the people are getting insane. Do you know that you can enjoy the Dragon city mod apk unlimited gems features in just one click?

If you are a newly obsessed person with dragon city here are few important things that you need to understand regarding this game modded version. To make this most easier to understand for the beginners we will start with the little intro.


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Dragon City Mod Apk



Dragon City Mod APK

Dragon City Mod Apk is the game that was launched in 2012. it’s a simulation action game in which you have to create the dragon city. In this game, you have to feed and breed your dragons. You will unlock new features and different abilities of your dragon with the passage of time.

The process of making a dragon is time taking. it starts from the hatching of eggs and eventually after feeding the baby you can make get the full dragon. Not only that but you can also fight a battle with your friends online and can get rewards.

The game is all about managing your dragon city and building your dragon army 2020. The people loved this game so much that’s why it gets a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the Apple store and 4.6 out of 5 on GooglePlay.

If you searched for the dragon city original file on google play store, then you will get the dragon city version 9.14.1. The file is around 109 Mb in size. Besides this, you have to unlock different products by giving them a certain amount. which may range from €1.09 to €149.99 per item.

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Details of Dragon City Mod Apk Version ( Updated Version )

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Dragon City Mod Apk For IOS

Many people have issues regarding installing the Dragon city mod apk for iOS Version. Let’s understand iOS. if you are an iPhone user you will get the different operating systems and Apple never allowed third-party apps to be installed on your handset.

That’s why Apple products are very secure. Moreover, there is no iOS mod version of this game available. There are some websites that are claiming to provide you with the iOS version but they will only do one this which is to fill your handset with viruses. The dragon city version is only available for android users. so what will you do if you are a fan of dragon city? Are you willing to sell your Apple product for this moded version?

Yes! Well, don’t worry about selling or exchanging your handset for this gaming version. You don’t have to go through this hard decision because now you can also play android games on your iOS operating system. for this, you have to download three apps.

first, you have to download the Cydia apps than IAndroid App, and then, of course, you have to download the APK version of dragon city.

Dragon City Mod Apk

What is IAndroid?

iAndroid is the app that is used as Android Emulator. With the help of this app, you can enjoy the android user interface on your iOS. But before installing this app on your iPhone make sure you full fill the following requirements.

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  2. Cydia store must be installed on your apple device.
  3. iAndroid is only available for devices that are above the iPhone 5.
  4. Your apple handset should have the latest iOS versions.

How to Install iAndroid?

  1. Install The Cydia Store:

Before installing make sure you have Cydia store. If you don’t know about it then here is a little introduction. Cydia store is the third-party app store that has different free features that you can enjoy on your iPhone without paying for it. With the help of this, you can install third-party apps. Moreover, you can also install android apps on your iOS. So the first step is to download the Cydia store.

  1. Install iAndroid:

The second step is a little bit of time taking. Search for the iAndroid app or just put the source link of the app in the source section of the Cydia store for getting it on your idevice. After getting it you have to allow the third-party installation and your app will be installed. It is advised that iAndroid only runs on the following versions.

[su_note note_color=”#f0fcfb” radius=”6″]iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S,iPhone 6Se, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, iPod Touch[/su_note]

Benefits and Drawbacks Of Installing iAndroid:

By using this app, you can use android apps on your Apple devices. Moreover, it is free to download and easy to use. You don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone. Therefore, it is an effective way of installing and playing android apps on your iPhone.

Besides some benefits, it also has some drawbacks. the number one drawback is it is only available for the above-mentioned iOS versions and idevices. moreover, updates of this product are not available and sometime you may face simulating problems while using this app. and if you are a die-hard iPhone user then definitely it would be difficult for you to make a start with this android user interface.

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How To Play Dragon City On Your iOS:

For playing this game on your iPhone you need to fulfil all of the above requirements. So playing this game on your Apple device need following three steps:

  1. Install iAndroid
  2. Download dragon city mod APK
  3. Install dragon city mod APK

by applying these steps, you can play this game on any of your idevices. Of course, it’s a time taking process but it’s worth it.

Dragon City Mod APK For Android:

Dragon City Mod APK For Android is available in the latest version. You don’t have to go through the long procedure of installing this app on your phone like iPhone users. Follow the link given above and download the APK moded version of the dragon city. Before downloading make sure you have enough space for installing and playing this game on your handset.

Dragon City Mod APK Cheat:

If we talk about the default version of the dragon city Mod Apk Cheat, then it is evident that it is very time taking game. You need to wait for many hours for unlocking one new feature. Therefore, for saving your time now, we have a Dragon city mod APK version. In this hacked version everything is unlocked.

The most important thing that everyone needs in this game is gems and gold you will get that too. Now it’s easy to reach a higher level in a short period of time. let’s have a look at cheats or hacks developer provided us in this game.

Dragon City Mod Apk

1. Unlimited Gems & Gold:

In this modded version of the dragon city game, you will get unlimited gems and gold. If we talk about a real-life example then in real life you also need money to buy food and medicines for your loved one. Therefore in this, for making your baby dragon stronger and healthier you need gems and gold.

It’s not that you have to feed gold and gems to these dragons. but with the help of gems and gold, you can buy food and premium features for your dragons you can also buy a place for your dragons that can be your own dragon city.

Now upgrade the powers of your dragon and enjoy new features with the help of these Gems and Gold 2020. Well if you don’t have the modded version then download the one but in case you are afraid of downloading any third-party app on your pc then you can also enjoy the unlimited gems feature.

2. Player Vs. Player battles:

With the help of unlimited gems and gold now you can feed your dragons with unlimited food. That means, now your dragons will be extra healthy and stronger than ever. Not only that but you can also buy the latest features from the shop without thinking about the gems and gold.

This will not only give your dragon some extra features and power but you can also maximize the level of any dragon. With this great effectiveness now you can win Player Vs. Player Battle in just a few seconds. And after winning you will get the 2x reward which is insane. You will not get the following features in the default version of this game.

3. Unlocked Levels:

Now you don’t have to worry about unlocked new levels. You will get all the levels unlocked in this mod APK version of the dragon city. Feel free to fight against any top-level player and unlock some extra features easily. If we talk about the previous default version then it was time taking.

Before you unlock any new level you have to complete the current level. With limited gems and gold, it becomes difficult and things did not stop there. You have to lose so many times in battle with another player and then you get a chance to win the battle. This much difficulty makes you bore. Thanks to this modded version now you will not get hyper.

Dragon City Mod Apk

4. Unlocked Dragons:

This hack will make your day unlocked dragon. Dragon city is all about building your dragon army. without a great dragon breed, you can’t defeat your opponent. So with the help of this modded version now you will get 100+ free Dragons. The default version of the dragon city is difficult Because you have to unlock every dragon one by one which required time.

But now you can unlock many beautiful and strong dragons at the beginning of the game. So if you are thinking about taking down your opponent who used to destroy you in seconds make sure to give him the toughest time. Besides all this, you can also review your dragon unlimited times which was also limited in the default version of the game.

5. Premium Stuff Unlocked:

Before the dragon city mod apk version, it was only the dream of many players to avail the premium stuff in the game. Now you don’t have to pay for the premium products because with the moded version you will get all the premium products free.

Now you will get the greenhouse for free which is required for growing food for your dragon. Food will not be a problem anymore. Another thing that you can access now is the ancient portal. so if you didn’t install the modded version of this game on your favourite device yet then download it by following the link and unleash the hidden features of the dragon city.

Dragon City Mod APK for Android

Dragon City Mod APK for Android is trending for your android devices.APK versions are only supported by android devices as developers used C and C++ language for developing this app. So if you are an android user you are the lucky one.

Downloading this game will be easy for you but you also have to keep in mind the minimum system requirements for enjoying this modified unlimited version game on your handset.

Dragon City Mod APK Unlimited Gems:

With the help of the dragon city mod apk unlimited gems version, you can enjoy the unlimited version of gems. Who said money can’t buy happiness. Without gems, your game’s progress will be limited. To remove all the anxiety and anger of the players, now the developers give you the happiness of unlimited gems.

You can use these gems to buy anything for your dragon. You can unlock the premium features and abilities for your dragon. So it is evident now that with these tons of gems you can buy your happiness.

Dragon City Mod APK Cheat:

Dragon City Mod Apk Cheat version is not just limited to the unlimited gems. You will get this app full of hacks and cheats. some of them are elaborated below.

1. Unlock Dragons:

With this modded version you will get 1000+ unique dragons. Get a new dragon type through breeding. you don’t have to wait for weeks for unlocking the new dragons. now you can get all the dragons unlocked in this moded APK version. Therefore, download this modified version on your handset and build your dragon city and army. you can also change the skin of your dragons.

2. Limitless Gold and Gems:

Dragon city mod APK for android has unlimited gold and gems. So now you can buy special features and ability of your dragon easily. Access premium missions and empower your dragons with unlimited strength. You can also buy food for your dragon and a place for building your own dragon city.

3. Unlimited Food:

Feeding your dragons will not be the problem anymore. now you will have the tons of food for your lovely dragon army. You can also access the greenhouse facility with the help of which you can grow unlimited food for your dragons. Therefore, with unlimited food, you can grow your dragon in a day and can check its ability on the battlefield.

4. Unlimited Missions:

In the default version of the dragon city, you have to complete the game step by step but now you will get all the missions unlocked. enjoy this unlimited mission version with your friends. You will also get the unlocked advanced features in dragon city mod APK. By installing this version, you can build your own Guardian Dragon Tower and you can also access the Ancient World.

5. Unlimited Experience:

For unlocking new features and gaining experience you also need to win the battle. Which is very difficult in the default version. with the help of this modded version now you will get the unlimited experience. Now it will be easy for you to beat any dragon master. you will also get the double reward after winning the battle.

The APK modded version of this game is recommended to every one of those who are facing difficulty in reaching their goal through the default version. Play smart and save your time by downloading this modded version.

Dragon City Mod:

Dragon city mod is the modified version of dragon city. we discuss in detail the type of mods that developers can use in the games you can read about it here.

This version is not officially launched by the original developers but it is made by other players and fans. In dragon city mod you will enjoy the tons of gold, dragons, food, and experience. This game is currently only available in APK version therefore you cannot play this game on Facebook.

Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon city mod APK:

By summing up we can say that dragon city mod APK is worth downloading. You can play dragon city mod by downloading and installing the APK file on your handset. Installing this app easy on both computers and android version. The iPhone users may face little difficulty installing but don’t lose hope.

Dragon City Mod Apk 9.13.1

Well, there are multiple versions of Dragon City Mod apk 9.13.1 available over the internet. With every new version, there were certain updates. The current modified version that is available on the internet is 9.14.1. However, the best version is 9.13.1, as there are minimal errors in this version. In addition to this, 9.13.1 is the most stable version available on the internet.


1. Is Dragon City Free?

Yes, Dragon City is Free to download and for playing. Although you have to pay for unlocking some premium features in the game.

2. What is the best dragon in Dragon City?

The Origin dragon is the best and strongest dragon in the dragon city right now.

3. Can you get Dragon City on the computer?

Yes, you can Play dragon city on your Laptop or PC. But for enjoying the dragon city moded version on your PC you have to download the Android Emulator software like BlueStacks first.

4. Is Monster legends better than Dragon City?
Monster legends and Dragon city both are different games. Dragon city is all about dragons while monster legends include different other Pokémon. But if we talk about fighting style in both games then monster legends have a better style.

5. How do you get Dragon City mods on Android?
For enjoying dragon city mods on android you have to download the modded APK version of this game on your device

6. Is Dragon City offline?

Yes, you can play dragon city offline. but for fighting battles and getting some updated features you need an internet connection.

7. What is the latest version of Dragon City?

The latest official version of dragon city is version 9.14.1

8. How do you update Dragon City?
If you download dragon city from google play or apple store then your dragon city app will automatically update whenever the updates come.

9. How do you get free gems on Dragon City?
for getting free gems in dragon city you have to visit dcitylive.com. After entering your user name, press the start generator button. Complete the offer and restart your dragon city app and you will get the free gems and gold.

10. How do you get gems in Dragon City 2020?

For getting unlimited gems in Dragon city 2020 you have to download the modded apk version of dragon city.

11. Is Monster Legends an offline game?

Just like Dragon City, Monster Legends can be played offline but for updating features and PvP battles you need an internet connection.

12. How do you fight Ur-Dragon offline?

For playing Ur-Dragon offline. Open the menu and click on the option. form there you can change the gameplay connectivity to offline.

13.Will DragonVale continue?

You can still play DragonVale but it cannot get any update now because the developer of the game Backflip Studios is closed.

14. Where are the 250 gems in Dragon City?
The 250 gems in Dragon city are randomly hidden in an Island named Ragnarok.

15. How do you get gems fast on Dragon City?

For getting gems fast in dragon city. visit dcitylive.com, enter your user name and press start generator. After completing the offer, you will get the free gems.

16. How do you get friends on Dragon City?

For inviting your friends on Dragon City click on the menu in the app and select social icon click invite. from there you can invite your friends on Facebook to play the game with you.

17. What is Dragon City username?

In Dragon City Username is the specific name that you use while playing your game. Each player has a unique user id and user name.

18. How do you get free food on Dragon City?

For getting free food in dragon city you need to install the dragon city modded version apk in your device

19. How do you get free diamonds on Dragonvale?

For getting free diamonds in Dragonvale you can invite your friends in a play and they can send you some free diamonds as a gift.

20. What is the best legendary monster in monster legends?

VoltaiK is the best legendary monster in monster legends. it has an ability to defeat the whole team.

21. Who made monster legends?

Monster Legends is developed and published by social point. the same developer who produces dragon city.

22. What is the max level of dragons in Dragon City?

Dragon city has a max level of 150. The developers may increase the level if they launch any new update.

23. How much food does it take to get a dragon to level 20 Dragon City?

For bringing your dragon to level 20 you need 93,820 of total food.

24. How do you sell things on Dragon City?

In dragon city, you can sell habitat, dragons, farms, food etc. You can use shops for selling your things in Dragon city.

25. How do you breed a blue moon dragon in DragonVale?

Select cold dragon and lightning dragon for getting Blue Moon dragon in DragonVale.

26. How do you enter cheat codes on DragonVale?

Ans: You cannot enter cheat codes on DragonVale, although, you can cheat gems and gold from different websites.

27. How do I get Wyrmlad?

To get Wyrmlad, you have to go through Wyrmlad challenge. In this challenge, you have to collect 5 swords, helmets, Skull, Gloves, and boots. After that, you have to win the battle to get Wyrmlad.

28. How do you breed a legendary monster in monster legends?

Ans: To breed the legendary monsters in the monster legends all information is present on the application. You can download the application and read all the combinations for legendary monsters

29. What is the Monster job portal?

Ans: It is a job portal that helps people to find jobs easily in a stress-free environment.

30. How do you hack monster legends?

Ans: To hack the monster legends go to the website (Bestgamesapk.com) after that search monster legends in the search bar. Then click on start injection. After the injection, you need to install the applications for a few minutes and in this way, you will get a lot of gems in monster legends.

31. Can I play monster legends?

Ans: Yes, you can play monster legends.

32. Is Monster Legends free?

Ans: Yes Monster legends are free.

33. How can I use mobile apps in PC without BlueStacks?

Ans: To run a mobile app on pc you always need an emulator. If you don’t want to use BlueStack, you can use the following emulators

  1. AMIDuOS
  2. Droid 4x
  3. Winroy
  4. Andy

34. What is AndY emulator?

Ans: It is a free mobile emulator that runs on the windows and mac

35. Who owns Backflip Studios?

Ans: Backfill studios is owned by Hasbro

36. Can you get DragonVale on the computer?

Ans: Yes, we can get DragonVale on the computer. We need to install Bluestack as an emulator.

37. How do you get a star Dragon?

Ans: To get a star dragon you have to breed Terra with Electric. There are 50% chances to get star dragon.

38. How do you breed a heroic dragon on Dragon City?

Ans: Heroic Dragons are the most powerful in dragon city. To breed a heroic dragon pure or pure hybrids are breed together, in this way there are chances of breeding pure heroic dragon.

39. How do you level up fast in Dragon City?

Ans: To level up fast in the dragon city you may do the following things

    1. Breed more dragons
    2. Use farms more often
    3. Sale and purchase farms

40. How many farms can you have in Dragon City?

Ans: There are three farms that you can build in this game

41. How much food does it take to get a dragon to level 15 in Dragon City?

Ans: The dragon may require 655340 units of food at the end of level 16

42. What does empowering do in Dragon City?

Ans: Empowering gives the mystical essence of the dragon contained in Dragon Orbs. Whenever a dragon gains a power star, you can empower your dragon.

43. How do you delete Dragon City data?

Ans: You cannot delete dragon city-data. To start from the beginning again you need another account.

44. How do you sell a dragon?

Ans: The sell option will appear when you will be at level 10. It will automatically appear.

45. What habitat does the love Dragon live in Dragon City?

Ans: Love dragons live in Lightning, Plant, and Fire

46. How do you breed a gold dragon in DragonVale?

Ans: We can get gold dragon by using any two dragon containing Fire and Metal elements at the breeding cave

47. How do I breed a blue fire dragon?

Ans: Blue fire dragon can be breed by fire dragon and any other cold elemental dragon at the breeding cave

48. How do you breed a Hidden Dragon?

Ans: You can breed a hidden dragon by breeding Etzel and Hext

49. How do I breed a crystal dragon?

Ans: To breed the crystal dragon, you need to breed pure sea and pure metal. In this way, you can breed a crystal dragon

50. How do you breed rare dragons in Dragonvale?

Ans: Well, there are a lot of rare dragons in Dragonvale. You can simply tap on the info button and all information will be given to you.

51. How do you breed a worker Hulk?

Ans: To breed the worker hulk in dragon city you need to breed Hyperion + Pandalf

52. Can you breed Cthulhu?

Ans: Yes, we can breed Cthulhu Dragon