Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Everything 2021

Dragon city is one of the best games based on the simulation. The modified version has a lot of new features. Well, we will be talking about dragon city mod apk unlimited everything in 2020. As this game is pretty old. There are a lot of versions that have been released already. The first version of this game was released in the year 2012 and the developers were the social point.

In today’s topic, we will talk about unlimited features in the mod version. In addition to this, we will also check out all the builds that have been released so far. So here is all you need to know about the dragon city mod apk unlimited everything in 2020.


Dragon City Mod Apk Unlimited Everything 2020

Dragon city Mod

Mod is actually a hacked or modified version of anything. In the normal versions, there are certain restrictions that are imposed on the users, whereas, in the modified version, there are limited restrictions. In addition to this, certain features are also provided to users. Well, in the case of Dragon city modified version, there are unlimited gems, gold, coins, powers, and dragons. Well, here are some of the best features in the dragon city mod game. Some of the features of this game are

  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Gold
  • PvP Battles
  • Dragon empowerment
  • Speed up the tasks
  • 100s of dragons
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Unlimited gems

Well, gems are the most important thing in this game. You can hatch eggs and raise the dragon if you have gems. Moreover, with gems, you can also speed up things like you can hatch eggs fast. Similarly, the gems also unlock new dragons. The caged dragons can only be unlocked with the gems. One of the best features of the mod version is that you can get unlimited gems in the mod version

Unlimited gold

One of the prime uses of gold is to purchase a habitat and food for the dragons. These foods make the dragon grow. With unlimited gold, you can feed your dragon at fast speed. Moreover, You can also purchase farms through gold where you can harvest the food for dragons

100s of dragons

There are more than 100 dragons in the modified version as compared to the normal version. You can unlock a number of dragons in the mod version. In addition to this, after unlocking you can battle with other dragons as well.

PvP Combats

Pvp combats refer to players’ vs players’ combats. In these combats, you can fight a battle with other players in real-time. You can make your dragon powerful in the mod version. With the powerful dragon, there are more chances to win the battle in the game.

Speed up the tasks

With the unlimited gems and gold, you can speed up your daily tasks. You can hatch eggs earlier. Similarly, you can also grow food at fast speed if you have unlimited gold and gems.

Empower your dragons

After level 10, the user is given a feature to empower the dragons. By empowering the dragon you can increase the power and also the overall price of your dragon will increase.You can get power stars when you empower your dragons.

Dragon city Events

One of the best things in the dragon city game is that there are certain events every month. The users can play those events and win a good amount of gold and gems. Up till now, there is no news for the upcoming events in the dragon city for July and August. However, we will predict some of them.

Dragon city mod apk June 2020

The best thing in the dragon city game is that they add new dragons through the process of breeding events. For the modified version the events are the same as in the normal version. Usually, there are three to four types of events that occur in the dragon city game. For the month of June until now there are two events that are pending. The first event is Power stone island (Maze) that starts on 28th may and will end on 8th June. Similarly, the second event scheduled for the month of June is Power Stone Island (Puzzle). Moreover, there will a heroic race in the month of June as well.

Dragon City Mod APK
Dragon City Mod APK

Dragon city mod apk July 2020

For the month of July, there is not any news regarding the upcoming even. In last year July, there was a heroic race in the dragon city. If we win in the heroic race there will be chances that we will get a heroic dragon. Heroic dragon is one of the toughest dragons in this game which includes some special dragons , heroic dragons and caged dragons. In addition to the heroic race, there will be some of the events as well. With these events new dragons will be available in the game. Most of the common type of events that occurs every month are Maze, Grid, Progressive, and heroic race.

Dragon city mod apk August 2020

Well, the latest update for the dragon city mod came in the month of May. The version of that game was 9.14.1. It is expected that the next version of this game will be available by the month of August. Every latest version of the program is free from bugs and there are additional features added as well. In addition to the new version, there will be events as well. These events will unlock new dragons and will offer its users with tons of other gifts and gems. Every new version is always free from the bugs. There are minimal errors and very little chance that the application will hang. It is always recommended that if there is a new version of an application available we should install it. That application will have fewer bugs and there will be some additional features as well.

Dragon City mod Apk Android Download

As from the name it suggests apk file. Apk is an executable file for android devices. Just like in our windows we have a file with exe extension which depicts the executable file. The simple version of this game can easily be downloaded from Google Play and Appstore. To download the mod or hacked version you need a computer. First of all, open the website and download the mod version of this game. The second step is to allow the permission to install the file externally on your android devices. After that copy, this applies to your phone and simply click to install. Now you are ready to play this game on your smartphone.

Well, you have got an option where you can install the dragon city mod apk where everything is unlimited in 2020. If yes then, first of all, you need to have an android emulator. It is software that emulates the programs. You can find a number of different emulators on Google. However, one of the best-recommended emulators is BlueStack. You can visit their website and install that software. When the emulator is installed now simply open the apk file in that emulator to install the dragon city mod version. After that, you can play this game on your pc to enjoy.


Dragon city beta apk mod

Well, beta is a type of application that is still under development. It means that the full version of that specific application is not released yet. In the case of the dragon city, there is no beta version. As this game is almost 8 years old the application is developed to a full scale. So don’t worry, the complete version of this application is available on the websites you can download it easily from there.

Dragon City Breed Evolve and Fight mod apk

Well, this whole game is about breed, evolve, and fight. In this game, we make a virtual world of the dragons. The first and the most important task of this game are to buy an egg. Once the eggs are purchased now it’s the time to hatch the eggs. During the process of hatching, the dragon comes out from the egg. The dragon is small in size. To fight the battle you need to grow your dragon. These dragons need food to grow in size. These dragons are feuded with different foods to grow. During this time you need to purchase a habitat and farm in which you place your dragon and grow the food. This food will help you to grow your dragon. Similarly, you can also grow the dragon if you have unlimited gems.

When your dragon has grown to an adult and has evolved to full size. Now you can fight the battles with other dragons. With the win in each fight, you will receive gems and gold. With this, you can purchase other eggs, breed them, and can fight with other dragons. The game is time-consuming if you have limited gems and gold. Therefore, the best option that you had is to download and install the Dragon city mod version. In this way, you can speed up the processes easily without any kind of tension.

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