Everything You Need To Know About Scorestreaks In Call Of Duty: Mobile

Updated on March 17, 2022

Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile are your way of saying thanks for doing well. They provide resources that can make a difference in the outcome of a game. By revealing enemy locations on the map, setting up an automated sentry turret, or dispatching a helicopter to attack the enemy, there are numerous ways to accomplish this. Players must work for their rewards, which aren’t given away for free. To unlock them, you must be at a specific level, while three are available to the player right once. There have been several new scorestreaks since the game’s release. To get them, either complete events or purchase credits from the Credit Store.

At any given time, a player can have up to three Scorestreaks equipped. When a player’s streak hits a specific point total, they are given a Scorestreak as a prize. However, the player’s score is only valid for the duration of the game. Restarting the game from scratch if the player dies would reset their Scorestreak. Death will not reset a Scorestreak for individuals who have the Persistence merit. However, the costs will rise by a factor of two.

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So, there’s no more excuse for being late. There are numerous Scorestreaks in Call of Duty: Mobile, so let’s have a look at them.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that displays opponent locations on the minimap when in use in-game.

The UAV is one of the player’s first Scorestreaks and comes in handy pretty often. For starters, it shows the opponents’ whereabouts on a map. There are a number of ways you can use this information. Second, it does not necessitate a large number of deaths. In this way, it can be accessed at any time. As you can see, it doesn’t disclose your opponent’s height, so you never know if the enemy is above or below you.

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Killer Drone for the Hunt

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deployed by soldiers in order to track down an enemy or vehicle

Manually launching the Hunter Killer Drone, it goes on the hunt for an enemy. The poor person is hit by the bomb, which falls to the ground and subsequently goes off. Note that numerous players can be killed by the blast. In addition, it should be remembered that players can hide behind cover and avoid being hit.


It’s described in-game. Care package with a random Scorestreak will be delivered to your door.

You get what you pay for here. Care packages are dropped from the sky and can be opened to receive a random Scorestreak. Anything from a UAV drone to a VTOL gunship is possible. Players must first drop a flare to indicate the position where the package will be dropped before they can use it. It’s important to keep in mind that the package-carrying helicopter is vulnerable to attack.


Temporarily disables the enemy minimap to prevent them from surveilling you.

In effect, the Counter-UAV blinds the opponent by impairing their ability to see their surroundings. You may want to consider flanking the adversary when it’s active.

The Predator Missile

Remotely operated Predator missile with a cluster bomb payload in-game.

Predator missile is a score streak item that is available right away. First-person perspective of the missile as it descends and explodes is available when engaged. While the player’s character is marked in green, the enemy’s are highlighted in red. Towards optimum damage, go for clusters of foes.

The Gun of the Sentry

Described in-game as a thermal-detection-capable unmanned weapon that can acquire and fire on hostile targets.

Sender guns must be manually positioned. However, as soon as you’ve completed that, you’re free to move on. It immediately identifies and engages in combat against its prey. A Smoke Grenade won’t help because thermal-based targeting doesn’t work with grenades. Ideally, it should be deployed in areas where it can’t be flanked and destroyed, like choke spots.

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