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Over 4 million Vikings need you!
The kindest souls work beyond the walls of your family in the new capital. A bonfire of souls, Frosta, burns in its centre and it gives hope to everyone who manages to reach this place. If you want to help them out and bring back order to Midgard, then you have no other choice but to become a legend!

“This game has been built with the players in mind. We are dedicated to working with our community for years after initial launch.”
“The existing features are just a start – this is a long-term project that we intend to fully support for many years after release. We want Frostborn to be a game that you can play with your friends for many years to come – without having to worry about how much money you have spent on the game. Our aim is to build a game that is well worth its price and one that we will be proud of in years to come.”

Key Features:

• A new enchanter class, who can craft magical items! Tear the enemies apart with magic or support your comrades with healing and defensive spells! Choose from 4 types of magic depending on your preferences: Summoning, Elementalism or Control Magic. Interact with objects all over the world – open chests, light lanterns, boil water and revive players! Read more here:

• Craft your own armor! The armor system has been expanded with 5 new types of materials and over 30 new sets of gear to craft. Forge a unique set of armor that fits your style and playstyle.

• A new Hibernation System. Build a campfire and take a short rest to get additional stat bonuses. Camp at different locations to make your character more resistant to the harsh climate of these lands.

• A more streamlined and user-friendly interface, as well as easier navigation between the game’s menus and windows.

• 3 new environments – open fields, pine forests and murky swamps await you!

• New quests! The crypt is no longer the only place to find adventure, bandit camps on the edge of forests are waiting for you, too.

• New enemies – animals, orcs, bandits and Valkyries.

• More than 80 new weapons and armor pieces. Find them in chests or craft them using new materials.

• New artifacts! Read ancient Nord books and find the legendary artifacts within the grimoires they describe. Hunt for powerful runes that will make almost any artifact more powerful! And don’t forget – your enemies might have their own set of runes…

• Over a dozen new types of armors and weapons – fighter, bowman, mage, assassin, hunter, guardian, berserker and more!

• Unique talismans that boost your stats and allow you to summon the ancient dead! Talismans are dropped by bosses or found in artifacts. These talismans can be used to call other players (includes Raids).

• New game mechanics: you can craft your own weapons and armor as well as set traps in the field. Read more about it here: http://blog.frostborn.

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