Updated on March 17, 2022

In the near future, The Heat, the sixth season of Call of Duty: Mobile, will be released.

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The new season’s content update was issued this morning. On July 29, at 7 p.m. CT, the Heat will begin their season. Two new maps, modes, weaponry, and more were added with the update. Throughout the month-long season, these new features will be revealed.

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The update is presently available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. CoD: Mobile’s season six patch notes are available in full below.


The Heat is the sixth season’s premiere episode.

Battle Passes for the upcoming season will be available starting July 29 at 7pm CT.


Tiers that are completely free to join

The Swarm Scorestreak is Tier 14.

Tier 21: Fully operational MX9 rifle.

The AK-47 – Epiphany, the Calling Card – Rugged, and more can be obtained as part of the free tier.

Tiers of the Premium Pass

Rosa – Double Agent, ICR-1 – Blood Money, Calling Card – Escape in Style, and a new Charm make up Tier One of the game.

Operator Skins such as Price – The Captain and Domino – Revolutionary, Weapon Blueprints such as the KN-44 – Clout and the MX9 – Stone Serpent, and a variety of other content items, such as Emote – Juggle and Shoot, are just some of the premium highlights.

New Reward Programs for Special Occasions

Rytec AMR is a brand-new firearm.

Sniper Rifle capable of causing significant damage to vehicles when used in BR mode.

One shot at close range with the 25x9mm Thermite 5-R and 25x59mm Explosive 5-R magazines is all it takes to kill an enemy.

A brand-new version of Melee is now available.

The Machete, Wrench, and Katana are three new melee weapons that will be included to CoD: Mobile’s season six.

Scorestreaks have been updated to include the Swarm.

Hunter Killer drones can be summoned to find and destroy adversaries.

The New Ranks

From the start of season six to the completion of season seven, the new ranked series will run for around two months (Sep. 2021). New ranked rewards have arrived, and players’ ranks will be reset.



Maps have been updated.


Players may now experience all of the game’s combat modes on a new, smaller terrain that includes streets, buildings, parks, and alleys (from street battles to sniper duels).

TDM, Domination, Search and Destroy, Hardpoint, 10 vs. 10 TDM, and 10 vs. 10 Domination are some of the available game modes.


Soldiers must be on the lookout for both close and far-off threats, and bunkers are an effective means of defence.

Both Gunfight and Duel modes will include it.

A new mode has been introduced.

Fight Back

Three-on-three combat on a small, cramped map.

The TDM, Domination, and Capture the Flag modes are all included.

Reclaim, Stack, Cage, King, and Pine are some of the maps that come with the game.


A new automobile is being introduced.

Vehicle of the future: Muscle Car

A brand new two-seater car with a streamlined body that allows gamers to race down the highway at breakneck speeds has arrived.

Clan War’s Latest Developments

The clan stores have been updated to provide new prizes. Clan trophies and past performance can now be viewed in detail by players.

Clans can now be renamed by their leaders thanks to the addition of name change cards to the clan marketplace.

There is now a “Recruit” button on the chat board.

Chat channels can also be used by clan leaders to disseminate information about their organisation.

Maps of Clan War now feature a message board for players to communicate. Clan War’s bulletin board can be accessed by clicking the chat bar in the game.

In addition to these changes and optimizations,


adjusting the weight and balance of a weapon


In the absence of any ties: Bullet spread has been tweaked somewhat.

Reduced ADS time with the 25-round OTM Mag.

Increased movement and ADS movement speed for the 30-round OTM Mag.


Improved hip firing accuracy without any attachments.

Reduced vertical and horizontal recoil for the OWC Marksman.

Reduced ADS time: MIP Extended Light Barrel.

The YKM Integral Suppressor reduces the amount of time needed for ADS.

With the 40-round extended magazine, you’ll be able to move faster and reload faster.

With the 48-round extended magazine, you can move faster and reload faster.


Damage to the head is increased by a factor of two.


Increase damage range and reload speed without any attachments. Also, the ADS bullet spread has been somewhat increased.

Adjustment of the operator’s skills

Charged by a Bull

Make it more difficult for the enemy to recover from your attacks.

Adjustment of scoring streaks

Invasion of the Hawk X3

Limit the machine gun’s raising angle.

Reduced the length of time.

slowed the aircraft’s flight rate

Other modifications


Burn damage was reduced by a small amount.

Reduce the speed-reducing effect’s duration.

Reduced the blast radius just a tad.


The damage range and the time it takes to land a hit have been reduced slightly.

a Batted Ball

The damage range and the time it takes to land a hit have been reduced slightly.


Damage has been widened a tad.

Optimizations for map and mode related aspects

Adjustment to Domination mode

Meltdown’s position of point B has been tweaked to improve playability and strike a better balance.

Crash: Changing the hardpoint mode

Crash’s initial hardpoint has been relocated near a helicopter wreckage for improved gameplay.

Shoot the House

Shoot House’s scene colours have been improved.

a raid on the city of Aniyah

Optimizing the impact for use indoors.

Optimized lighting effects and reflections in the interior.


The police car in Coastal has been given a facelift to better match the environment.

Optimizations for other aspects of the user experience


A new missile button and a new movement button have been placed in their proper placements.

putting up a show

In the game’s options, players can choose to separate Lethal and Tactical items into two different buttons.


When Fast Throw Grenade is enabled, pressing and holding the grenade button will enable a new feature that displays the throw trajectory.

Frag grenades will not detonate as soon as the player is dead since the grenade will fall to the ground and explode when its charging time expires.

Operator Competency

The amount of charge remaining will be shown.

When activating the Operator Skill, all of the player’s energy will be returned. When a character dies shortly after activating the Operator Skill, if the skill was not used, a large portion of the player’s energy will be reimbursed. Gravity Spikes are exempt from both refunds.


Scorestreaks can be customised in the loadout, but once gained in-game, they cannot be modified, even if the loadout is changed.

Mini-map icons have been optimised

It is now possible to see enemy altitude information above their red dots in the mini-map, as well as teammate locations and scorestreak information. This is depending on the player’s current location in the game.


Thermite Reload’s performance has been improved, allowing it to inflict burning damage on foes in range.

Efforts to correct errors

When utilising the Arctic.50, the player might abuse the one-click ADS ability to fire incessantly (and the fire rate limit was also violated).

Caught a tree colliding with a wall in Pine

The Terminal map had a problem where a flowerpot could trap a player and they could inflict damage on other players via barriers. This has been fixed.

In Standoff, the fountain’s abnormal display has been rectified.

Suldal Harbor’s missing oil drum has been located and repaired.


A car-related topic

Customized Vehicle operation has been added as a feature.

Allows players to change their favourite vehicle operating mode and the size and position of buttons in each operation mode by creating a separate Vehicle option under Settings

When skating in non-snow locations, slow down the snowboard’s pace.

In a new location

By default, the Wingsuit can be unfolded. If this setting is enabled, the Wingsuit will unfold at a predetermined altitude, and if the setting is disabled, the Wingsuit will need to be unfolded manually.

In the mini map, you may hear the sounds of the game. The player has the option of displaying the sound’s position or direction.

There are two ways to parachut. When the screen is slid to the left or right, the device can be rotated more naturally.

Various other enhancements

In scenes, a new icon appears above the airdrop box.

In scenes, the BR Class machine has a new icon above it.

“Display the direction of the sound source” has been added as an option in the “Setting > Basic > BR Mode” menu.

There is now an option to toggle on or off a sound prompt on the main screen in Settings > Basic > BR Mode.

The map’s three types of supply boxes now include light effects, and the sound effect for opening boxes has been improved.

Legendary and custom loadout weapons with Legendary or Mythic skins on the ground now have the relevant special effects.

Erroneous smoke trail on foot when parachuteing is now correctly displayed.

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