How do you get Mitra with regenerate 1?

To get a Mitra with the Regenerate 1 skill card, Fuse Eligor and Principality. Then give them the Charge skill you acquired in Sendai Jail

How do you get Queen Mab with technical adept?

I would recommend that anyone who is trying to make a Queen Mab with Technical Adept from Kyoto to fuse Kikuri-hime, which must be level 40. I guarantee you will succeed in fusing the two monsters together and getting your desired result of having both inherit Technical Adept as well.

How do you get the unicorn in Zionga Persona 5?

To fuse a Unicorn with Zionga, you’ll want to use Shiisha (level 35+) and Black Ooze (level 33+). Since the skill reward is Zionga, it will carry over to your new persona fusion.

How do you get divine grace Persona 5 strikers?

The first step to create the new Persona is by fusing two Personas, Orthrus and Lamia. Both of these personas can be found in Sendai Jail dungeon which you must then level up for a specific amount of time until Ame-no-Uzume reaches Level 29 where it’ll learn Divine Grace skill.

How do you get Archangel p5s?

To get an Archangel, first fuse a Succubus and Andras together to make a Hua Po. Then level up the Hua Po until it reaches 14 – at this point, its Amrita Drop skill will activate. Finally, merge the Huo Po with High Pixie; you’ll end up with an Archangel!

What is Amrita drop?

Effect. Amrita Drop cures all non-special ailments for 1 ally in the game Final Fantasy IV .

Amrita Droplets can be found on Mt. Ordeals, and are used to cure any status ailment of an individual except petrification or death due to a special cause like instant kill moves (unless it is from undeads). The effect applies both during battle and outside battles as well when you use Life at save points before Yggdrasil reaches its final stage after being attacked by Golbez’s Shadow Knight twice consecutively.

What are non special ailments?

Persona 5 has two types of ailments: regular and special. Regular non-special ailments include any basic ailment you get in normal battles (burn, freeze, shock). In Persona 5 these can be cured by skills or items that almost every player will have at some point during the game. Special ailments are only inflicted on players by bosses; they cannot be dealt with using a skill or item and must simply wait out their duration until it expires.

Is freeze an ailment Persona 5?

Persona 5 Royal’s Technical damage has been overhauled, and it can be needed during certain fights.

Physical ailments, such as a cold or the flu, happen to everyone. When you have one of these common illnesses and need relief quickly – not in an hour when your doctor can see you- what do you reach for? If conventional medications aren’t helping then why not try something more exotic like…a nuclear freeze gun?! You may be surprised by how effective it is.
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What are status ailments p5?

There are twelve types of status ailments in battle that worsen the performance and effectiveness of characters or enemies. Each type has its own color, effect, duration, and can be removed using skills or items. After battles end all statuses wear off unless specified otherwise by a skill’s description.

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