How many active Neopets players are there?

He estimates that Neopets still has around 100,000 daily active users and 1.5 million monthly players who log in regularly to play the game or visit their friends’ pages on the site.

How many people are online on Neopets?

Generation Y is obsessed with their pet virtual game Neopets. They spend an average of 6 hours and 15 minutes per month on the site, translating it into 10 languages! With 25 million members worldwide, they’re also really good at being social online: according to NeoPets’ “Global Pet Census,” more than 1 in 3 Neopian households have a friend living abroad.

Where is the neopet pound?

The Pound is the place to go if you have pets on your account that are more trouble than they’re worth! You may choose from a list of adoptable pet species and genders, or decide not to keep any at all. The pound can also be used as an alternate form of storage for unwanted pets – it’s like keeping them in prison without having their names show up under “Pets”!

The Pound is located in Neopia Central’s plaza area. It provides three services: firstly, adopting lab rodents; secondly removing certain types of pets off one’s accounts (such as those which cause too much lag); thirdly allowing people with excess neopoints/items store these items safely away by depositing

How do you get Jetsam on Neopets?

Limited edition Jetsams are either gotten from morphing potions, the lab ray, or their special pet day on October 16. They’re Neopia’s mean fighting fish and mostly unfriendly but if you can befriend one then they make powerful allies.

What is the fastest way to make money on NeoPets?

Want to earn Neopoints quickly? Here are the best ways:
Spellseeker. Just start and don’t play, then send your score for a quick 900 NP!
Fashion Fever (literally just press “End Game” without dressing up–send that x3 for an easy 900 NP).
Pakiko is excellent as well because you can get some high scores with minimal effort. And lastly Shenkuu Tanagram has been proven to be among the quickest games in earning NP each day—just make sure not to misspell anything!

How does NeoPets bank work?

Interest is important for people with money to save, especially in Neopia. At the National Bank of Neopia (NBN), you can earn interest on your account if you deposit a certain amount per day or week. The more NP that accumulates within this time frame, the higher rate of interest will be applied; so accumulate as much as possible!

How do you make a Neopets account?

Signing up for Neopets is the first step of creating another pet. When I created my account, they gave me an opportunity to create a new one during sign-up; however, you can also click on Create A Pet whenever it’s convenient and necessary!

How do I feed my neopet?

Feeding your Neopets is simple. To start, head to the store and click on Items. Hover over an item you want to feed a pet, then select that pet from another drop-down menu before pressing “OK”

Once you have the food feeding is easy. Simply go to ‘Shops’, then click on Your Items . Click on the item you want to feed your Neopet with , like in this example: Carrots for Gummy! A small window will open up where it says Feed (Pet Name) ___ Food/Item? Select which Pet Name from our list of pets below we would like first by clicking them or typing their name into either box at top left – just press

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