How many levels does Lego Batman 2 have?

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How do you unlock characters in Lego Batman DS?

If you want to unlock all characters in Mortal Kombat, press X(2), Up, B(3), Down, Y(3), Left and Start together. Press Right two times then R and L at the same time twice each. Finally enter this code: D-Up 2-Down 2 -Y 3 , Select

How do you delete Lego Batman on DS?

On your game cartridge, you’ll find an options screen. You can use this to delete all of the data on that particular cartridge!

How do you unlock characters in Lego Batman Wii?

to unlock Batman’s various vehicles and allies (Alfred, Batgirl, Bruce Wayne), input the corresponding codes below. For example: to unlock Alfred enter ZAQ637. To access Catwoman’s motorcycle type in HPL826 into your cheats menu!

What does extra toggle do in LEGO Batman?

The Extra Toggle unlocks some extra characters within certain levels in the game. The bonus characters are usually just for fun and don’t have any real advantages other than aesthetics.

How do you unlock extras in LEGO Batman?

Want access to more studs? You can buy them in-game using the Red Bricks that are unlocked once you complete a particular mission, or they’re automatically available at the beginning of each level. Toggle these bonuses on and off under ‘Extras’ from your pause menu!

What do red bricks do in LEGO Batman 2?

Each of the 20 Red Bricks found throughout Gotham City add special perks to players’ abilities in LEGO Batman 2. To enable these cheats, go into Extras and select “Red Brick”.

How do you complete the Riddler makes a withdrawal?

Clayface lifts the dumpster out of the way and puts back together a scattered LEGO piece to open up an innocent civilian’s window.

What does score X2 mean in Lego Harry Potter?

When you use Score X2, it doubles the amount of studs that are collected. It stacks with other multipliers and will help to increase your final score in a level more quickly than normal!

What is the max stud multiplier?

The maximum score is 3840 (which sounds crazy. It’s a test to see if you can get over 10 million in one level), outside of double point zones.

What does score x10 do in LEGO Harry Potter?

Cheat codes are a fun way to make video games easier or more interesting. There are many different types of cheat codes, including the following:
-X6 Score – Multiplies player score by 6
-H8x69Y Super Strength  All characters have super strength ability

What do the red bricks do in Harry Potter Lego?

Want to get the most out of your LEGO Dimensions experience? Red bricks make it easy by giving you various multipliers that will speed up how quickly you can collect all those studs. Different types of red brick exist, which is why I recommend trying them all in order to discover what works best for each specific playstyle.

What does score x8 do in LEGO Harry Potter?

I highly recommend using a multiplier in the game. For example, each stud you collect is worth eight times that amount! If you get a blue stud (worth 1000 points), it’ll be 8000 instead. You can also combine multipliers to make them even more powerful – for instance if you have two stars of power and one star will multiply your score by four but two stars would give an 8x multiplier so they could add up to 32x!!

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