How To Change Username on COD Mobile for FREE

Updated on March 17, 2022

So you’ve picked a poor username for Call of Duty mobile and want to change it? There is nothing to worry about. It’s not easy to change your username. Changing your username can be done for a fee or for free.

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How to Change COD Mobile’s Username for FREE
Click on your name and image in the upper left corner of the Call of Duty Mobile game, as seen below.

Once you’ve clicked on the first tab, select the Notebook icon.

If you do this, an EDIT button will appear next to your UserName. Please click on the pencil icon (Edit) to change your username.

Renaming will be accessible in three days and will cost one Rename Card, according to the message.

Click on the Change button next to your username and enter a new one.

After a few seconds, you will get a notification that reads “You need a Name Changing Card”. Then press the buy button.

7. A notification with the option to purchase 200 CP will now appear. That button should be pressed. Don’t worry, even if it says “buy,” you won’t have to fork over any cash.

A screen with 500 points will appear after that. Change the currency from CP to C credits now. the unearned C credit points.

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You can now change your username for free by clicking the buy button.

It’s time to alter your name, if it hasn’t already. Enter your new Username and click “change” to save. Now that the username has been changed, you can log in.

As far as I know, changing your COD mobile username is free and doesn’t require any COD credits.

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