Updated on March 17, 2022

Hip-firing is a very important talent in Call of Duty: Mobile, whether you’re aiming to dominate close range battles or fulfil weapon challenges. Here’s how to hip-fire in CoD: Mobile, along with some tips and methods to help you improve your precision.

Call of Duty mobile hip fire settings

Call of Duty: Mobile players can use hip-firing to their advantage on tiny areas and in various camouflage challenges for weapons.

In order to get the maximum accuracy out of hip-fire in Call of Duty: Mobile, you must first apply the proper settings and then use the best attachments.

In order to maximise your hip-firing abilities, we’ve included some helpful hints and methods.

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In CoD: Mobile, how to hip-fire
Hip fire settings for Call of Duty mobile.
Call of Duty: Mobile’s Advanced control scheme is required to hip-fire. Adding a hip fire button to your screen will allow you to hip-fire in CoD: Mobile Season 6 and beyond.

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What time does the Season 7 update for Call of Duty: Mobile begin?

To add the hip button to Call of Duty: Mobile:

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Download and play Call of Duty: Mobile.
Take a look at the settings
In order to access the controls, click on the ‘Controls’ tab.
To change modes, select the one you want, such as MP, BR, or Zombies.
Go to ‘Advanced Mode’ and make your selection.
It’s time to go “Hip Fire.”
As of this update, your primary firing button will default to hip fire, while the smaller one is utilised for ADS fire.
In CoD: Mobile, the best hip-fire attachments are available.

To create a hip-fire loadout, you need weapons that are both fast and accurate. To maximise accuracy and speed of firing, a Laser attachment is the best option.

The best hip-fire RUS-79U loadout
As an illustration, these are the greatest CoD hip-firing attachments for the RUS-79U.

The OWC Marksman uses a MIP Light Flash Guard as its muzzle.
MIP Laser 5mW Wild Hip Fire Laser perk
50-Round Extended Magazine
We chose the MIP Light Flash Guard for this loadout because it minimises hip fire bullet spread by 7.8%. Then, the OWC Marksman barrel enhances its range and recoil control, which is essential to ensuring that the gun stays on target.

AK-117 Season 6 CoD Mobile Loadout Recommendations

To further improve hip-fire accuracy, the Wild Hip-Fire Perk and MIP Laser 5mW are also included in this set. Because of the Perk, you’ll be able to move more quickly and accurately while using your hip fire. A further 17 percent increase in accuracy and a reduction in the sprint to shoot delay can be achieved with the Laser’s use.

The 50 Round Extended Mag, on the other hand, provides significantly more rounds per magazine and eliminates the concern of ADS speed delay.

Confessions of a Hip-Hop Droid:
Season 2 of Shoot House CoD Mobile
In order to increase your success rate in eliminating targets with hip fire, you’ll need to accomplish a few things.

Play on smaller maps
In order to get the most out of hip-firing, the first rule is to only play on small maps like Shipment or Shoot House.

Read on to learn more about the start date of the Season 7 update for Call of Duty: Mobile. Weapons, maps, and more are being added.
Alternatively, if you’re playing on a wider battlefield, stay indoors and only engage in close-quarters combat.

Staying on the go is the best way to avoid
Another thing you can do to increase your chances of a successful hip fire is to strafe-shoot and move around a lot. If you remain still, your adversaries will have an easy time slamming into you. Using hip-fire, you can maintain pinpoint accuracy by strafing side to side while they struggle to track you.

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