How to Play Zombies in COD Mobile – August 2021 Update

Updated on March 17, 2022

If you’re not sure how to play Zombies in COD Mobile or how to complete missions, have a look at this quick start guide before diving into Undead Siege.

How to Play Zombies in COD Mobile – August 2021 Update

Despite the fact that a nuclear attack on Verdansk killed almost all of the remaining zombies in Call of Duty Warzone, it appears that they have now been transported to Call of Duty Mobile.

The Undead Siege update for Call of Duty Mobile went live last night, bringing a new story-driven Zombies experience to the game, comparable to Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies Outbreak mode.

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How to Play COD Mobile Zombies
First and foremost, you must upgrade your game to the most recent version. On iOS devices, you can do it through the App Store, and on Android devices, you can do it through Google Play.

You should be able to view the Undead Siege in the main menu now that you’ve updated to the current version. When you first start the mode, you’ll be given a tutorial mission with numerous tasks to do.

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Mission to Teach

To begin, you’ll be required to kill a large number of zombies using both melee and ranged weaponry. Then you need go to a designated place and collect various items needed to maintain a portal machine.

You’ll need to deploy some turrets to defend the machine against waves of undead while a German friend works on it.

You will be transferred to a new place where the actual threats will come once you have survived.

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Main Objectives

You’ll now be dumped into an open-world environment, where you and your colleagues must protect the same portal machine over the course of three days and nights.

During the Day phase, you are free to travel the map and acquire resources, but keep in mind that there are zombies lurking around every corner.

After the time restriction has expired, you will enter the Night phase, where you must deal with waves of zombies in order to keep the machine from being destroyed.

For the next three days, the identical scenario will play out. After you’ve made it through the third night, the teleport machine will start working and you’ll be able to leave the infected area. (Thanks a lot, MrDalekJD!)

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