Updated on March 17, 2022


Activision’s Call of Duty series, adapted for mobile devices, has garnered a lot of interest due to its undeniable quality. When you just upgraded your smartphone, though, you found yourself in a somewhat terrible predicament. In reality, the game asks you to re-enter your username and password, and you can’t recall what they are.

To get back in the game, you’re thinking how to restore your Call of Duty Mobile account. To make matters worse, the game provides a variety of ways to log in, and because you can’t recall which one you used, you’re frightened that you won’t be able to access your saved game data. There’s nothing to be concerned about!

It doesn’t matter what kind of login system is utilised in CoD Mobile, I’ll go over how you can try to fix the problem here. A good probability of making up for lost time is possible if you do not make any blunders, as far as I know. As a result, all I can do is wish you a happy reading experience and the best of success in your future endeavours.

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Once you’ve been briefed on the big picture, suggest that you’re ready to move on. As a result, we’ve broken out how to regain access to your CoD Mobile account into sections for ease of reference.

CoD Mobile progress can be safeguarded by tying it to your Facebook account. Even if you switch to a new device, you can still access your game progress by logging in with the account associated with the most popular social network.


If you’ve previously connected CoD Mobile to Facebook, you’ll know what to do: Once you open the app and arrive at the login screen, just tap the button Accedi con Facebook and, if necessary, press the key Accept / Allow.

You don’t even need to enter your email address or password to access your Facebook profile on Android devices if you already have the Facebook app installed and linked to your account.

A simple solution is to link the Facebook profile to your CoD Mobile account. This will ensure that you don’t lose your progress and that it will be “recovered” whenever you check in.

In any event, Facebook’s access data will be used in this circumstance. My tutorial on how to recover a Facebook account will help you if you can’t recall them. It’s typically only a matter of going to the login page, pressing Forgot Password, and entering your email address or phone number, and then following the steps that show on the screen.

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It’s a game called Call of Duty

What’s your take? Did you already have a Call of Duty account? You can quickly retrieve your data by logging in with the appropriate profile in this situation.

So all you have to do is open CoD Mobile, press the Call of Duty icon, tap the Login or Create button, input your email address and password, and press the Login Now button to complete the process. They’ll be able to get back all of the profile info this way.
Forgotten your Call of Duty account password? Click on the link FORGOT PASSWORD, fill in your email address, and then tap SUBMIT to have it reset for you.

By following these steps, you’ll be sent an email with an invitation to update your Call of Duty profile password. Simply click on the appropriate link and create a new password for your profile to regain access to your game and see your previous achievements.

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